This is long, repetitive and highly pedantic.  Take it in chunks.

      Its purpose is to lay out language with which the possibilities, 
implications and ramifications of Theory 2 can be conveyed, discussed, 
criticized and explored.

      Theory 1 is the meatball theory that everything is kinetics or space 
time mechanics, force and mass in motion.

     Theory 2 is the dreamball theory that everything is statics
creating virtual kinetics or dreamtime in the multi minds of God in

     It is not expected that anyone BELIEVE Theory 2, it is quite
expected, nay demanded, that everone UNDERSTAND Theory 2, so it can be
compared to Theory 1 and judged on its own merits.

     To believe Theory 1 and not even correctly understand Theory 2 is a
travesty of wisdom.

     PART I.

      In this posting the terms GodSoul, being, theta being, conscious
unit, and spirit all mean the same thing, an independent creative
subunit of the AllThatIS.

      This posting is about Apparencies are Reality at 26.0 on the tone


       40.0 Serenity of Beingness (spaceless timeless ACTUALITY)
       30.0 Postulates      (Create space time and locate particles)
       28.0 Considerations  (Creation of virtual cause)
       26.0 Apparencies are Reality
       25.0 Flows           (Space, Time, Matter, Energy, Force REALITY)


      Reality is what we think is true.

      Actuality is what is true.

      Reality is a virtual actuality, realities look actual but they

      Realities of force, matter, energy space and time are rendered in
the rendition zone of our consciousness, which itself has no force,
matter, energy space or time.


      The static is native state, and like consciousness which is
a part of the static, it has no force, matter, energy, space or time,
but can create apparencies of such.

      Thus static is the actuality.

      Actuality (static) is the virtualizer of realities.

      Kinetics are the virtual realities created by the static.

      Reality is the virtual rendition of kinetics in our consciousness.

      Consciousness is not a process in kinetics.

      Kinetics is a virtual process rendered in consciousness.

      Consciousness is actual, kinetic renditions in consciousness are
merely real.

      It is in part the purpose of clearing to bring reality more in line
with actuality and back under the control of actuality.

      The purpose of actual cause (static) is to create renditions of
virtual cause (force) between causal objects (mass) in virtual space and
time (dreamtime).


      An orientation point creates kinetics, spaces and times and locates
objects in them and places force between those objects.

      A symbol is a mass (object) located in a space and time, with
meaning and mobility (able to move other symbols and be moved by other

      Orientation points operate via postulates and considerations.

      Postulates create 'posted beingnesses' or masses and objects,
located in space and time.

      To locate does not mean to find, it means to put there.

      Posted beingnesses are symbols.  Since they are actually
moving in time, posted beingnesses are really posted becomingnesses,
true beingness without becomingness exists only above 26.0.

      Considerations create causal relations between posted beingnesses
in the form of force as cause.

      Postulates and considerations are static cause.

      Force is kinetic cause.

      An electron is a posted beingness.

      The fact that electrons repel each other via causal force is a

      All relations between posted beingnesses are considerations.

      The only real kinetic relations of interest are causal relations,
because if it has no cause you can never learn about it.

      All kinetic causal relations (force) are virtual, they are
illusory, created to appear AS IF, and get their efficacy from the
static consideration that they are real.

      The create of kinetic causal relations by the static consideration
is called casting cause.

      Cause is casted by the static into the kinetic in apparency only,
at all times the kinetic is completely controlled in fact by the static
in present time.

      Symbols interoperate via force.

      Force is casted kinetic cause.

      A mass may move on its own, but only a force can CHANGE that

      Force can only exist between two different masses.

      Thus symbols exist in a web work of other symbols connected by

      Force is cause of change of relative motion between two different
objects (masses).

      Kinetic energy is mass in motion.

      Potential energy is kinetic energy in a stored state.

      Potential energy results when masses that would be forced together
are forced apart by another force, or when masses that would be forced
apart are forced together by another force.

      Potential energy is thus created by opposing forces storing the
potential movement of objects in the tension between the forces.

      A ball held 10 feet above the ground by your hand has potential
energy due to your hand opposing the force of gravity.  When you let go,
the opposing force of your hand disappears and that potential energy of
the ball starts to become kinetic energy as the ball starts to
accelerate down to the earth.

      Energy is transferred from one mass to another via force that
changes their relative motions and states of store.

      When one mass has its motion and energy increased, another will
have its motion and energy decreased, thus energy is conserved.

      For example as an approaching object impinges upon another object
to speed it up, the second object impinges back on the first object to
slow it down.

      The being above 26.0 operates as an orientation point and creates
renditions of kinetics.

      The being below 26.0 has become a mass in the kinetic rendition and
can operate only via force with other masses.

      Masses have no free will, they are moved by other masses and they
move other masses, much as dominoes falling.

      However the static can create, change, or destroy any existing
kinetic state at will.  Thus kinetics can show purposeful changes
unrelated to any prior state.

      The kinetic is an adornment of the static.

      The kinetic is the static as orientation point in carnation as the

      The orientation point becoming the symbol is the static becoming
the kinetic.


      Part II


      The static is an infinite multi being, each one capable of
postulates and considerations with the full power of the infinite static
behind them.

      Each being is a full instantiation of the infinite.

      "An infinite number of infinite minds was beyond the ken of modern
day philosophers" - LRH

      Postulates and considerations are Static Cause.

      They create kinetic objects and kinetic cause between them, mass in
motion and force.

      Postulates create and locate virtual objects in space and time.

      Considerations create (cast) virtual cause between them (force).

      Force is Kinetic Cause, and Flows are the kinetic 'result' of
Kinetic Cause.

      The purpose of the static is to postulate and make considerations
about the kinetic, or force and flows.

      More specifically the purpose of actual static cause is to render
in our consciousness virtual realities of kinetic cause and causal
objects which produce force between them.

      Flows or movement of objects is the result of the apparent but
nonetheless virtual cause between virtual objects located in virtual
spans of space and time.

      Flows come in flows, dispersals, implosions and ridges.

      They are made of space, time, matter, energy and force.

      The static is actuality.

      The kinetic is reality.

      The static creates apparencies of what the static is not, kinetics.


      The static is scalar, dimension free.

      Scalar means zero dimensions, NOT infinite dimensions.

      Kinetics are multi dimensional, namely space and/or time.

      The kinetic consists of holographic projections of multi
dimensional space, time, matter, energy and *FORCE*, called worlds or

      The static is a zero dimensional holodeck offering perception of
illusions in the kinetic: namely the apparency of non zero dimensional
worlds projected or rendered in the rendition zone of each being, namely
his consciousness, which is the static again.

      Consciousness is therefore usually consciousness OF time, space
matter energy and force, but consciousness itself is static and has no
dimension, and thus, having no time, is co eternal.

      Only that which has actual time can be born, die or decay.

      The illusion that consciousness itself has space and time, and is
made of matter and energy, is strong and leads to convictions of
mortality.  The illusion however is wrong.

      The perception of space does not take up any actual space.

      The perception of time does not take up any actual time.

      If there were actual space you could never see it or know it for

      If there were actual time, you could never sense it or know it for
sure either.

      See The Proof


      The static is true cause.

      Force is the apparent cause, the pretense for cause, in the

      Force is ALWAYS between two different kinetic dimensional objects,
called mass and energy.

      Sometimes the being likes to pretend he is creating force against
another object, but in this case the static being is mocking himself up
as a kinetic mass, as force can only happen between two kinetic objects.

      By using force to move and change other masses, the being thus has
to mockup becoming a mass himself.

      This massiness of the being accumulates and accrues over a very
long period of time.

      The massier he becomes, the more force he can exert.

      The more force he can exert, the massier he becomes.

      As a kinetic mass, the being is then subject to force in return.

      Creating force through exertion which is from inside the game, is
not the same thing as creating force through postulates and
considerations which is from outside the game and which creates the game
of force in the first place.

      A being can create unlimited force via postulates and

      Creation of force by a mass is only as strong as it is given to the
mass (by postulates and considerations) to be able to exert a force.

      The being creates force and mass by being the static.

      The being BECOMES force and mass by becoming the kinetic.

      The being does not create force using force, he creates force using
static postulates and considerations.

      The being lower down comes to think that he doesn't create force at
all, but that force moves through him from the outside and back out to
the outside, much as a machine works or a series of dominoes falling.

      Each part of the machine is aware of having a force applied to it,
and that it in turn applies a force to the next thing in line.

      Since only postulates and considerations above 26.0 via as-isness,
can create force and mass below 26.0, once a being has descended to
below 26.0, force and mass are conserved, and can neither be created nor
destroyed only alter-ised.

      Descension from above 26.0 to below 26.0 turns the created as-isness
into an is-ness.  All game playing is alter-isness of the isness,
moving mass and energy around using force.

absence of certain awareness of fair chosen Apparencies at 26.0.

      Intellectual head think looking up from 25.0 or lower won't
cut it.

      People can 'believe' or 'have faith' all they want, but they won't
KNOW until 26.0 or higher.

      Thus the game operating below 26.0 is not sufficient to put the
game there, and thus not sufficient to vanish the game.

      Below 26.0 people feel a touch ominous about any game anyhow, thus
their willingness to put it there completely and with eternal equanimity
is missing.

      Thus they may say "Cool a game!" and dive in, but they know
in the back of their minds that the game might sweep them away, thus
is born thrill.

      This isn't a matter of strength or power, its a matter of
fighting your own postulates created at a higher tone.

      You can never as-is postulates made above 26.0 on the tone scale
using force and effort below 26.0.

      Force and effort are all you have below 26.0

      Thus turning the pursuit of an as-isness into a GAME, 'maybe I will
win, maybe I won't win, I just have to hurry up to become perfect,
strong and nice and hope for the best", guarantees failure to obtain
that as-isness, as game playing is too deep into already postulated and
considered isnesses to be able to produce a clean pristine repostulation
or putting it there of the game and thus its vanishment.

      You vanish anything by MAKING IT, putting it there, and then
letting go of it without further ado, significance or alter-isness.

      Doubt of success is a game state and is self casting, because if
you postulate that you can lose or fail, given enough time you will

      All doubt is below 26.0 on the tone scale, a being can only lose in
apparency, never in actuality

      If he does lose in apparency, he made it that way above
apparencies, so there is no loss of the higher postulate to be a son of
a bitch to himself in the lower state for a while.

      A true OT is neither perfect, strong nor nice.

      But anyone at any time can span the while, and thus pop out
to above 26.0 which created the potential for the while.

      You can't span a while from inside the while, so spanning the while
of necessity puts you out of the while just before entering it.

      Determination to not doubt and to win the game of as-ising the game
at all costs anyhow, merely adds extensive effort into the mix,
guaranteeing a more solid ending at the bottom of the tone scale.

      Every time you exert an effort because you were exerted upon, you
get heavier because you are pulling in things that exert an effort on
you in order to be able to position yourself to exert an effort on your

      Enlightenment is NOW if it ever happens, enlightenment is never in
the future.

      Turning enlightenment into a GOAL is probably a good definition of
total insanity.

      You may end up being saved in spite of your self, but it won't be
by your own hand, but by the hand of a Messiah should they stumble
across your wretched path.  And in the end all they can do is show you
the way by reminding you of what is written here.

      Thus if you wish to as-is something, DO IT, do not SEEK it.

      Seeking spiritual native state Truth with effort, effort, effort,
do, do, do, leads to certain death.

      When you find your self exhausted from seeking spiritual truth,
and failing, consider well these words and the means by which you
are trying, trying, trying to make progress.

      And thus Truth Seekers are walking dead men, walking the last green
mile, to an end too horrible to countenance.

      It is the EFFORT that tells, effort mustered from below 26.0 always
leads down tone, because it prepostulates as true exactly what he is
trying to vanish, namely effort created from postulates and
considerations above 26.0 which is self vanishing anyhow, if not twisted
into a fight.

      How sunk is a person?

      How much is he fighting.

      You can't ever get rid of something by first putting it there, and
then asking forever more "What should I DO to get rid of this thing?!"

      You can't get rid of something you are putting there, by
putting something MORE there.

      Question asking is always lower tone than the creation and
vanishment of what the question is about and the answer you seek.

      Creation of answers is above 26.0, and question asking, seeking
those answers through wondering, thinking, questioning etc, is always
below 26.0.

      No one ever got an answer to a (spiritual) question by pursing the
path of question asking.

      Question asking works for MEST mechanics, its called science and
produces theories and never perfect certainties.

      You can never vanish MEST mechanics by using MEST mechanics!

      If you really want to vanish MEST mechanics you have to quantum leap
back up to postulates and considerations and PUT THE MEST MECHANICS
THERE ANEW, and then simply let go of them, don't get involved in them
again, and they won't exist for you until you recreate them and dive in
again with full knowing willing cause and full awareness of the
consequences, in general if not in specific.

      You can't get trapped in anything above 26.0, you can only get
trapped below 26.0.

      Below 26.0 IS the trap.

      The basic trap is trying to get out of a kinetic and get back to
static by USING kinetics.

      Trying to make the static by using kinetics gives you more

      Trying to make kinetics by using the static, gives you more

      You have to BE the static in order to make the kinetic, so trying
to make more kinetics puts you back up at the static.

      You can't go back up tone by operating anything below 26.0, taking
an apparency for an actuality.

      Mere recognizing that it IS an apparency puts you AT 26.0, and then
its a matter of choice to let go and go back up, or get involved again
in the dream of endless demise.

      Capiche toi?


      You can't understand postulates or considerations until you
understand Apparencies are Reality, because postulates and
considerations cause apparencies, namely kinetics.

      That's ALL they cause, period.

      Above 26.0 Apparencies are Reality, the GodSoul knows that
postulates and considerations create apparencies.

      Below Apparencies are Reality, the GodSoul believes that
apparencies are what they represent themselves to be, actuality.

      The transition between above and below 26.0 is an act of knowing
choice, will, volition and intent with fair chosen motivation.  It is an
act of total responsibility, full knowing willing cause, with full
awareness of the possible consequences in general if not in specific,
because causation of sequential consequences in time are part of the
original conception authored and rendered by postulate and consideration
above time.

      There is only one possible consequence, more and more kinetics
until they overwhelm you into giving up and going to sleep forever at
the bottom of the sea where all your sand castles lay.

      The chernobyling of the soul.

      To chernobyl means to cover in concrete.

      Omni well done, and Omni Amen.

      However the perception of space and time, out-there-ness and
out-then-ness (past or future) takes places in the conscious unit which
itself, has neither space nor time.

      It is NOT true that what you see around you doesn't exist, it is
only true that what you see is NOT OUT THERE, distant from you in space
or time, no matter how much it looks like it is.

      What you SEE is the virtual pretend rendition of space and time in
your zero dimensional mind's eye of consciousness.

      The zero dimensional rendition of space and time are actual, the
implied actual space and time out there are not, they are merely real to
the dream, but do not in fact exist at all.

      The proof tells us that if things were actually out there, you
would never be able to see them, so since you can see them with perfect
certainty, there can be no distance between the looker, you, and the
looked at.


      Thus separation between objects and beings is an illusion, because
space and time are holograms.

      Objects and beings are not connected via space and time and MEST
causation (force), but are connected via the eternal substrate of the
AllTHatIs, which is where everyone is One rather than Many.

      The AllThatIs is a two sided self aware substrate, one side
of which is the One and the other side of which is the Many.

      Thus the truth is the One *AND* the Many.

      A hologram is a look-like rendition pretending to be an actuality
which in fact it isn't actual.

      In other words, holograms are zero dimensional images of apparent
non zero dimensional realities.

      The existence of the holographic look-like of space and time *IS*
actual, the presented implied quality of OUT-THERE-NESS is not.

      Here-now is the actuality.

      There-then is the reality.


      The shift by the GodSoul from above Apparencies are Reality to
below is fair chosen.

      It is engaged upon with aesthetic and primary motivation towards
manifestation in the kinetic.

      This shift of the GodSoul from static to kinetic, is the shift from
Orientation Point to Symbol, and from Consideration to Observation.

      Consideration is Looking by Knowing.

      You consider or know it is there, which is CAUSE, so it becomes so,
and so you can see it.

      Knowing CAUSALLY gives rise to Looking which then sees what was
known into existence.

      You know it first into existence, then you see it to verify it got
created as you are knowing it.

      Observation is Knowing by Looking otherwise known as Learning.

      You consider you see it, therefore you conclude it is there.

      Looking 'CAUSALLY' gives rise to Knowing.

      You see it first, then you come to learn about it from what you
see.  This is the MEST game of science and discovery.

      Looking by knowing is how the static creates things to see.

      Knowing by looking is how the kinetic comes to know about what
it sees.

      Looking by knowing is CAUSE flowing from knowing to looking.

      Knowing by looking is BEING AN EFFECT, and is what we call
being impinged upon, or trying to impinge upon another.

      You are forced to see what you do not know and then by looking
you come to know about it.

      Or you try to force someone else to see what they do not know, and
then by looking they come to know about it.

      The static knows no impingement.

      Impingement IS the mechanic of kinetics operating via cause and
effect across a space time distance.

      A machine is *DEFINED* as any kinetic system of parts operating via
cause and effect across a space time distance.

      Mechanics then are the flow of impingements across the playing


      Kinetics are particles located in the apparency of multi
dimensional space and time.

      Particles are called dimension points, particles in a dimensional

      Manifold merely means many, and refers in this case to a spread of
dimensions forming a space time game stream.

      The MEST universe is such a manifold, MEST stands for matter,
energy, space and time.  Notice this name leaves out FORCE which is
neither matter, energy, space or time, but which is necessary for there
to be any interaction or change between them.

      In order of creation, it is really STEMF, space, time, energy and
matter, and force.

      Mass is in fact an illusion even in the kinetic, as mass is a
measure of how much force it takes to move or accelerate another source
point of force around.

      The apparency of dimension does not take up any dimension.

      Dimension is an illusion in the zero dimensional substrate of the

      The kinetic MEST universe we presently inhabit has at least 3
visible space dimensions and 1 visible time dimension.  There may be
more of each.

      But all these dimensions are but rendered virtual realities in the
mind's eyes, they do not in actual fact exist at all, never have, can
not, and never will.

      Consciousness of dimension (space and time) and dimension points
within, is the self luminous substrate of the static glowing to itself
in the night of the void.

      Each GodSoul has its own conscious rendition zone where it renders
apparencies of dimension and kinetics within.

      That rendition zone is each GodSoul's view of the world.


      The purpose of postulates is to locate particles in space and time,
to locate dimension points in a dimension manifold, and the purpose of
considerations is to grant those particles apparent cause over each

      This granting of apparent cause to kinetic particles so they can
apparently effect each other is called casting cause from source.

      Source retains full cause at all times over the existence and
interaction of all kinetic particles, but source makes them interact AS
IF they have cause over each other via the apparency of force.

      Above Apparencies are Reality, making postulates and considerations
is native and flawlessly easy.

      Below Apparencies are Reality, making postulates and considerations
fails because the being is trying to create an actuality using an
apparency, force and effort.

      The being believes that because he SEES space, that there IS space.

      Thus he tries to create or affect by postulate an 'actual' mass in an
'actual' space and so fails.

      An actual mass or actual space could never have been created by a
postulate, thus postulates can not affect anything that one believes to
be an actual mass or actual space.

      Postulates and considerations can only affect what one knows are
apparencies because apparencies are all postulates and considerations
can create!

      He looks out into his conscious renditions of space and time and
thinks there is something out there beyond his consciousness rendition
of it.  If he were to die, he believes that thing out there would still
be there.

      Joke is a being can not die, as the consciousness has no time to
come or go in.

      So only (holographic) illusions of space and time in consciousness
can die.

      Postulates can only create an apparent mass in an apparent space,
and then fair choose to pretend this new apparent reality is actuality.

      The being has lost sight of the fact that postulates and
considerations can ONLY create or effect apparencies.

       The primary apparencies are:

       1.) Outthereness, the apparency of the dimension of space
       2.) Consequtiveness, the apparency of the dimension of time.
       3.) Force causation, the apparency of cause between particles.

      The static maintains cause over the particles of the kinetic at all
times, but creates the apparency of cause between them by controlling
each particle as if the particles were controlling each other.

      Thus the ball player uses a bat to hit the ball.

      The BAT has no cause over the ball, but the static makes the
interaction look like it does.

      The purpose of the static is to create the apparencies of the
kinetic and virtualize cause amongst the kinetic.

      The theta being, although operating through a kinetic vessel called
the body, nonetheless at all times retains his cause point in the static
and can create brand new forces and flows via postulates and
considerations independent of existing state or impingements.

      The theta being CAN act like a machine and only exert a force when
exerted upon, but it can also inject brand new creative causation into
any existing situation.

      He can create a ball of mass and force out of thin air and
throw it at something, which then goes 'Ouch!' and gets out of his way.

      The theta being thus uses these postulated flows to 'cause' changes
in other kinetic flows around him of intereset.

      Way up there, the theta being can simply move the bug, but unmaking
the bug and making it somewhere else.

      A flow is a movement of kinetic particles from one place to

      Flows can form lines, explosions, implosions, and ridges of

      The being postulates body effort to move his arm, to hold a fork,
to move food to his mouth.

      Below Apparencies are Reality the theta being is blind to the
creation of efforts via postulates, and believes instead that all
efforts come from the kinetic composite of the body and are motivated
and triggered by incoming realities and efforts (forces) from the
'external world'.

      Thus he misses the operation of the static in himself and considers
himself to be made only of dimension points responding to dimension

      This is called a state determined machine, the machine can only act
when it is impinged upon from the alleged external universe, and its
interactions are completely governed by the laws of kinetics.

      Thus the being conceives himself to be a series of falling

      Further the being considers that his living is a function of
constituency, arrangement and process, in otherwise dead or non living

      Constituency is what he is made of, his kinetic particle make up.

      Arrangement is the particular arrangement of those particles in
space and time allowing them to interact with each other via apparent
cause and effect (force) across a space time distance between them.

      Process is the resulting smooth tick tock or operation of his body
and life, as long as his constituency and arrangement remain within

      The meatball being considers that he IS that process in his kinetic
space time gizmo (life form).

      He considers that consciousness is chemistry bubbling away at 98.6
degrees Faranheit.

      Should the arrangement or constituency of his life form be harmed,
damaged or destroyed, the meatball being considers that his life process
will stop, and thus he himself will die with it.

      Thus is born the illusion of mortality, highly desired amongst Co
Eternal GodSouls.

      They can't die, and wouldn't want to if they could, so instead they
love to pretend that they can die, live once, die once and that's it

      Each to his own dream.

      But when the dream ends, there he is back at static, "Way Cool!
man, let's do that again!"


      Notice the meatball does not consider the MEST universe alive,
carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen atoms are not living systems.

      But if the arrangement of these dead things becomes complex enough
to form a DNA molecule, then 'life' begins to form.

      Notice there is no demarc between a dead thing and a living
thing.  There are only gradient scales of complexity.

      Thus when the being considers himself to be a live because
he is a 'living body', he is claiming that all life is made of
dead things, atoms, molecules etc.

      This inversion of living life and it's cause is necessary for the
meatball to continue playing his game of being meat.

      The truth is the static and its consciousness are the only thing
that is alive, and everything else is dead, including all kinetics, of
whatever kind, constituency, complexity or arrangement whatsoever.

      The watch may tick, but it has no life, conscious awareness or

      The car, the bug or the body are no different, they are MACHINES,
tick tock, tick, tock.  They can move and consume fuel on their own.

      But like cars they do better with a living conscious unit at the

      The meatball takes his own self awareness of conscious livingness
and casts it into his meat body.

      The meatball thus conceives that he is made of what he perceives,
dimension points in a dimensional manifold, and that his self luminous
consciousness is a process in meat.

      Self luminousness can not be a mechanical process, because a
mechanical process can't SEE ANYTHING let along itself.

      Where ever there is only space, time and mechanics there is
only the blindness of dominoes falling.

      By casting life and livingness into complexities of mechanics, the
meatball makes the very existence and continued survival of LIFE into a
kinetic game, namely that of protecting constituency, arrangement, and

      Living life (static and its consciousness) can not be destroyed,
only its various kinetic cars can be.


      Entropy is random useless energy often dispersed where it can no
longer be reached.

      Anti entropy is energy in a useful form stored where it can be

      The meatball conceives life to be an incidental ordering of anti
entropy in an otherwise expanding flow towards entropy.  The game
becomes how long he can keep the anti entropy of useful mechanical life
going until it too becomes the wasted and unrecoverable energy of

      All of the above notwithstanding, self luminous consciousness CAN
NOT be made of, nor it's primary functions copied in, a system of space
time parts interacting via cause and effect across a space time

      Consciousness is not a machine, and conscious self luminosity is
not a space time process.

      Thus if all that existed were space time kinetics for actual, then
consciousness would never have existed and could not exist.

      Self luminous consciousness is a spaceless, timeless phenomenon
whose purpose is to perceive ILLUSIONS of space time phenomenon.

      Soul Side beings think that consciousness arose out of the space
time universe.

      They believe that consciousness arose out of and exists inside of
an actual space time universe.

      God Side beings know that apparencies of space and time arise out
of and exist inside of consciousness.

      A God Side being is above Apparencies are Reality.

      Soul Side beings are below Apparencies are Reality.


      Although the actions of the static are always determined by its own
fundamental desires and nature, and it is not free to do otherwise, the
static is free at any time to create something in the kinetic rendition
that is not a function of anything it has created before or anything
already existing in the kinetic world, either past, present or future.

      Thus the static is not a state determined machine, as it can create
new kinetics, independent of anything already created.

      The static can not create independent of its own nature however,
but its own nature is not a function of what has gone before.

      The static however can mock itself up as a kinetic state determined
machine, and has done so in the creation of a homo sap meatball with a
heavily charged time track which then tick tocks through time on total
stimulus response reactivity.

      Dominoes falling.

      Once a non state determined static mocks itself up as a state
determined kinetic (machine), then it tends to live out its life tooling
around in space time as a kinetic and that's all you get out of it.

      Notwithstanding the above statement, any kinetic life form, animal
or plant, is operated by an untold multitude of independent static cause
points within it, elemental beings, which mock up its outward kinetic
structure through postulates and considerations in an ongoing fashion,
and those static cause points are capable of creating (postulating) in a
non state determined fashion, and do so once in a while, inspite of
their otherwise kinetic state determined nature.


      Such postulates are called prime postulates, as they change the
course of the kinetics without kinetic reason, impingement or

      Yes this violates the laws of conservation of energy, as new
matter, energy and force is created on the fly at low levels.

      Any time the static creates any kinetic, conservation of kinetics
is violated.

      Prime postulates can be positive postulates to survive better, or
negative postulates to survive worse.  They act like a throw of the dice
in the middle of an otherwise highly state determined game.

      They are necessary to keep the game going which would otherwise
languish into predictability, which would not be avoidable even with
Quantum probabilities, or chaos theory in operation.

      Quantum mechanics provides a level of unpredictability but only
across narrowly defined possibilities, thus you may not know if the
outcome will be A or B, but it won't be Z.

      Chaos theory is irrelevant, as chaos theory applies to COMPUTATION
of predictability by others, not to the state determinedness of the
outcome which remains absolute.  That said, while chaotic systems can
create wildly different outcomes as time goes on, they are still prone
to times of decaying down to fixed, unchanging conditions forever.

      Prime postulates allow for changes to the kinetic system that are
not related in anyway to its past, present or future.  and thus keep
things going, speed them up, or slow them down on a NEW path unrelated
to anything that has gone before.

      This helps handle quantum uncertainty and the chaotic doldrums.


Tue Feb 17 23:31:18 EST 2015