> So scientologists having ARC with their environment have in fact
a virtualized actuality?


      All space time is a virtual reality in the imagination mind of God,
an infinite Multi Being.

      Each being in the fair chosen group has his own personal private 
rendition screen called his consciousness, of the virtual reality but they 
are synced with other players so that the illusion of one reality shared 
amongst all becomes possible.

      The AllThatIS creates multi player arcade games consisting of
virtual projections of space, time, matter, energy and force, some of
which is used by each player as avatars (their body) to present
themselves to other players.

      Every being has an avatar through which it virtualizes cause as 
force, and recieves cause as force.  All particles and functional 
organizations of particles from quarks on up are avatars for the beings 
that control them.

      This includes but is not limited to, quarks, atoms, molecules,
cells, organs, bodies, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes.

      Although the human body is used as an avatar by the thetan running 
it, this is like a cowboy riding a horse.  The body itself is made of 
trillions upon trillions of GE and atomic avatars and run every aspect of 
its life.  The body does not do well with the cowboy thetan stuck in its 
head 24x7.

      Considering space time actual lowers ARC to death or below, as it
creates the illusion that consciousness is MADE of things (parts) in
space time, and thus all beings must die forever one day.  when the
necessary constituency and arrangement of parts is destroyed.

      The idea that life is a process in dead things, molecules, atoms
etc, is a nightmare insanity of magnitude.

      This is called Theory 1, temporal conscsiousness arose out of 
precesses in MEST.

      Considering space time virtual, a dream in the mind of an eternally
sleeping Multi Being (God), raises ARC to life and above, as it restores
the possibility of awareness of eternality, and thus deathlessness
without immortal suffering in time.

      This is called Theory 2, dreams of MEST arose out of eternal
consciousness.  All of life is God in carnation.

      Heaven and Hells are virtual and thus limited in scope, certainly 
they can not last forever in time as time exists only in finite whiles, 
and God wouldn't stick a forever in time on himself even if he could.

      Beings like to pretend otherwise for the sake of the game, it's an
acquired taste.

      Eternal peace is actual, forever for free.

      "Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire NOT be sovereign FOR A 
WHILE." - Adore

      Majesty is the sovereign move from game creator to game player.

      The only real problem any thetan has is how to as-is regret.

      He wants his kitty back, he wishes he had done something the night
before when premonition touched him, and he has tried to turn time back
ever since with all his being, while considering time and the kitty's
avatar to be actual.

      This results in a negative ARC experience whose reality and
intensity convinces him of the truth its actuality.

      "Doubt is self casting." - Adore

      At some point it becomes hard to tell the difference between the
sound of crying and laughing, the love is so great.

      The sheer depth alone of our desire, sorrow and love is evidence of
our native Divinity.


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