>> Mankind has created hundreds, perhaps thousands of "Gods" over the
>> centuries. Which is the ACTUAL one? I know - it's always the one YOU believe
>> in, right? And if no Gods that allegedly exist satisfy your desire for
>> something comforting you can believe in, you can always create your own!

     I should be clear here, Theory 2 does NOT postulate a separate God 
Creator outside of the sum total number of GodSouls called the HIGH US.

     In otherwords, all souls ARE GOD in carnation.

     God is *MADE* of incarnatable Souls, nothing more, nothing less.

     The term GOD therefore loses its significance when compared to other 
religions, there is no Big Daddy or creator in the sky looking over us, or 
waiting to punish us or judge us.

     Although there may be GodSouls elected by the rest of us to
positions of power and oversight.

     Here's another way to look at it and to build out Theory 2 yourself.

     In order to be happy for eternity, the AllThatIS would have to be in 
perfect accord with what you want as a being.

     Otherwise you the being would be unhappy with the nature of the 
ALLThatIS forever once you saw that discrepancy.

     Thus we *ASSUME* out of malice aforethought that the AllThatIS is in 
fact in perfect accord with our desires for it.

     Thus we LOOK TO WHAT WE WANT to determine what the AllThatIS must
be like.

     The caveat is we must look at what we REALLY want, and not the 
bullshit we pretend to want because we can't have what we really want.

     So that game is not for the immature and most people don't have the 
balls to admit what they really want.

     But no one can judge that except the person themselves.

     And yes the end result is a comforting view of actuality.

     Eternal Omni Awesome Peace, forever for free.  - Adore

     Thus we are admonisthed to look to our heart to find out what is
true, for what we really want must BE true.
Mon Jan 21 17:05:15 EST 2013