> What I wonder about that I hope you can shed light on is:
> The original "Dianetics" that I read had no e-meter involved, but rather
> an elaborate means of "Reverie" using the file clerk, etc...  This
> method of auditing made a lot of sense to me and even though it claimed
> it was not Hypnosis and explained the differences, it all made sense to
> me.  Then enter the e-meter and sitting at a table...
> I have a bit of trouble understanding how this is the same process with
> the same results achieved.  I do understand what the e-meter measures
> and how easily troubles can be identified, but it seems very different.
> I cannot see how access to the file clerk is made, anymore.
> Please help me see what evades me on this matter, if you would not mind
> and have the time.

      Structure monitors function.

      That means for every observable function or action of something,
there must be some underlying 'structure' to account for it.

     That structure may be some space time gizmo, machine, or system of
parts interacting via cause and effect across a space time distance, or
it may be some zero dimensional scalar operating actuality such as

     The problem with any scientific investigation of function is that
the function is observable but the structure often is not, or is
completely unknown at the time of first discovery.

     Thus one builds THEORETICAL models to account for the observed
function.  The models constructed are fantasy but may then lead to
predictable outcomes of new functions that allow one for example to do
things with the original function not otherwise obvious.

     In clearing we have anatomy and approach.

     Anatomy is a theoretic model for how and why the preclear is
aberrated.  From this model we can then possibly surmise an approach to
clear the aberrations.

     If you know 'why or how' something is broke, you can often figure
out how to fix it, or at least prevent it in the future.

     The approach works until it doesn't work, or some new approach is
found accidentally at which point the model is changed to accommodate
the new approach.  Or maybe the model is upgraded first and a new
approach derived from it.

     At some point during 1952 Hubbard wrote Advanced Procedure and
Axioms wherein he reported that the preclear is aberrating himself via a
computation, known as the service facsimile computation.

     Thus the preclear is holding to himself everything that he is
suffering from and no longer knows it.

     The service fac computation involves injustice, blame, guilt and
refusal to 'put it there' or take responsibility for all sides of the

     Early approach, 1950's, was to get the preclear to look at WHAT he
was holding in place, modeled on the theoretical time track recordings
of pain and unconsciousness, and later approach became to get the
preclear to look at WHY he as holding all this stuff in place, at which
point WHAT the exact nature of the time track was became moot.

     Some kind of theoretical model of a time track has continued
through the history of auditing to modern time, the heavy facsimiles
called engrams, the secondaries of death, departure and reversal, and
the locks that restimulate them are all part of present day 'anatomy'
and they are all theoretical but work well if used with understanding.

     Basic understanding is that emotion is unencysted through full
feeling of the incident over and over again, and then doing the same to
earlier similar incidents where were not run at the time they happened,
back to basic on the chain where the basic postulates of question
asking, irresponsibility and failure to 'put it there' lie.

     Fully running out the death of a loved one, or the impending death
of everyone you love, produces nothing less than a miracle of spiritual
case gain as the whole idea of loss and unique preciousness is
rearranged.  It isn't possible to do this and remain a meatball.

     Running repeater holders, deniers, forgetters, groupers, derailers,
bouncers and call backs works when it works.

     The senior datum is the preclear always has full visio, audio, and
other sensations at the exact point where he is stuck, if no where else.

     The problem then is not getting the preclear to MOVE to where he is
stuck, but to get to look AT where he is stuck and feel around for the
thoughts, emotions, efforts, words, sounds and sights of that exact
moment.  The action phrases IN the incident will apply TO THE INCIDENT
and block data until the exact action phrase is located, often by simply
listening to the preclear complain about how he can't, won't or
shouldn't run it etc.

     One also needs to understand very advanced Theory 2 scientology,
which says that all MEST is beings mocking up particles, atoms,
molecules etc.  This includes the time track and all its pictures, which
is actually a christmas tree of living elemental conscious units each
one responsible for mocking up a moment of time and keeping it in
restimulation or not depending on the moment involved.

     The time track, its creation and function is not at all a MEST
phenomenon, but a living phenomenon.

     Again this is a model of the time track, but it is probably more
correct than the old one of mere pictures being recorded in some who
knows what medium etc.

     The point is that being alive and consisting of living elements,
the time track can be commanded by the intention of the auditor, and by
the preclear if he is willing to audit the exact place he is stuck at.

     This was all unknown or unreported in early Dianetics, but the
'file clerk' and various somatic strips for each sense, and demon
circuits etc, were all a kind of anthropomorphization of the structures
that allowed for the functions required of them, namely to move on the
time track.  You could for example ask of the file clerk for the next
incident necessary to run to resolve the case, and the incident would
appear to the preclear just like that, it would work.

     Did the preclear 'move on his time track to that incident?'

     Does it matter?

     Move is a real bad term for moving on the time track, because move
conjures up ideas of space and linear travel as if the time track is
stretched out in space.  It isn't, and 'moving' on the time track is
caused by refocusing on a different cross section of it, in zero
dimensional scalar consciousness.

     Given that the time track is a living constellation of attentive
elemental entities, it is no surprise that this early model of file
clerk worked.  Hubbard said very clearly, "it works, I have no idea why,
go figure."

     So now the meter comes along, and the meter can tell you way in
advance if the auditor and the file clerk are getting along and working
together.  Pity the poor preclear whose file clerk always gives out
wrong answers.

     Remember the bank obeys the auditor, not the preclear because the
preclear is buried in the bank and is more likely to dramatize bank at
his bank in trying to push it around than audit it properly.  You can't
use one part of the bank to move to another :)

     The meter will show reads on incidents found properly, rising TA as
the incidents erase until basic is found when the TA cascades back down

     Now enter Dianetics today.

     At this point depending on the file clerk to present incidents was
replaced with getting the preclear to LIST attitudes, emotions,
sensations and pains that he was bothered by, and running them in order
of greatest read.

     "The file clerk will now hand us the next incident necessary to
run" was replaced with "Locate an incident of another causing you grief"

     Then the meter was used to know when to go earlier similar, and
again the file clerk was not asked for the next earlier incident, but
the preclear was told "Locate an earlier similar incident".

     Hubbard claims that the auditor is always talking to the bank via
the preclear, but its unclear in the preclear's reality who or what is
locating these incidents etc.

     Many preclears when commanded to "Move through to the end of the
incident", try to move the bank themselves, not realizing that an engram
so when the auditor commands it to and BECAUSE the auditor commands it

     These kinds of confusions happen early on in dianetic running
particularly when the preclear isn't really up to running engrams

     In the end it doesn't matter HOW you run the bank, file clerk,
listing, e-meter etc, if all incidents are full erased, you get a clear.
Ease of use and repeatability amongst poorly trained auditors of low
reality favor the e-meter over the file clerk.  Like a wild horse the
file clerk elementals will not respond well to someone who isn't a horse

     Done properly and when ready for it, dianetics is kind of like
sitting back and watching the picture show, letting the auditor run the
bank back and forth until chains and the whole thing is clear.

     Its like going to the hair dressers, you pay good money to sit back
and enjoy having your brain washed.

     If the preclear is sitting there trying to move through the
incident himself, or worse is running vague nothings or ideas of things,
it isn't being done right and it won't be fun, and the gains will be
questionable although non zero, sometimes even negative.

     A preclear can have a charged track but not be stuck in any
particular valence or place in it, meaning he is pretty well
destimulated and F/Ning at session start.  Thus the auditor can move him
around to the next thing that needs to be run and everyone has fun, as
the bank and all of its elementals are cooperative as hell about going

     But if the preclear is stuck on the track, his TA high, he can only
reach other incidents on his track by REACHING TO THEM, and then he
snaps back to where he is stuck anyhow, and nothing gets run properly.

     This kind of person can't be moved on the track and really needs to
be audited directly where he is no matter how black it is.  This can be
difficult, because DIANETICS R3R per se won't do it.

     He can't locate, he can't go to, he can't move through, he can't
tell you what happened etc.

     But you can pester him with the meter for the holders, deniers,
forgetters, groupers, bouncers, call backs, and shutoffs that are
keeping him pinned down.

     Remember he isn't pinned to his time track, HE IS PINNING THAT

     As I remember R3R asks the preclear 'What do you see?', well he may
have more attention on audio or taste, smell, touch or emotion, so
really it needs to be "What are you experiencing?"

     Further 'move through to the end of the incident" is terrible, it
is much better to run as 'experience through to the end of the

     You see, minor adjustments to approach can produce significant
gains in auditing quality and efficiency, but based on what?  Some model
or another of what is there.  The model mostly serves for the student to
hang his study of approach on, the pro doesn't need the model any more,
he just knows what works and to hell with why.

      He merely looks at the elementals and they scramble to comply.

      I hope that helped.


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