>>  To postulate means to posit (post) as true.
> Says who?

      To postulate comes from TO REQUEST, in this case it is used to mean
a creative request in the sense of God saying 'Let there be light'.  It
is also a DEMAND that something BECOME true by virtue of the demand.
These are created truths in created realities.

      Thus one is talking about CREATIVE postulates.

      In mathematics postulates are self evident truths, or 'truths' that
are created or asserted without proof, or invented or fabricated out of
whole cloth, which then form the basis of the rest of the newly created
mathematical system.

      So when a thetan makes a postulate in the dark of the void, he has
then CREATED a truth out of whole cloth that then limits and guides what
he can create next.

      These created truths are not absolute truths about actuality, but
are virtual truths about a created virtual reality like an arcade game,
and thus can be posted, retracted, changed or erased, as can any
arbitrarily created but self consistent mathematical system.

      Any game or fictional story is built on opening postulates and then

      These have nothing to do with actuality, but everything to do with
self created realities.

      If one takes basic Christianty, "and from the WORD came everything
that came", this is merely saying that all of God's creative thoughts
about the physical universe, and how it should be and behave are simply
God's postulations on the matter.

       What HE thinks about the *CREATED* universe then becomes true
in that rendering of it.

       Same for the HIGH US and the virtual world of space and time
that we dream in as we all ARE God in carnation.


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