There are 4 goals that are particularly deadly to a thetan wanting
to go OT.  The human engages in these goals without suspecting them,

      If one breaks their dramatization while trying to go clear or OT,
without spotting and clearing the wreckage, the result will be
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually disasterous.

      The 4 goals are:

       To Look For    - To Not Look For
       To Seek        - To Not Seek
       To Search For  - To Not Search For
       To Try to Find - To Not Try to Find

      To dramatize means to bring seriousness, importance, permanence,
pain and *EFFORT* (force) to a goal.

      Beings are GodSouls.

      They have a God side (the OT) operating above 'apparencies are
reality' using postulates and considerations to create and change
things.  Actual cause flows from the static to the apparent kinetic.

      They also have a Soul side (the preclear) operating below
'apparencies are reality' at Spirit of Play or lower, using EFFORT to
create and change things.  Apparent cause flows between apparent objects
in the kinetic world that are actually created by the static in real

      The static is scalar or zero dimensional.

      The apparent kinetic is a scalar display of multidimensionality.

      That's why we call them the static scalar, and the kinetic manifold.

      Manifold means many dimensional, at least more than zero!

      The being is A VIEW POINT OF DIMENSION.  - LRH

      The being is the static viewing the kinetic.

      The being's conscious panoply is what the kinetic manifold
looks like from the scalar static's point of view.

      The scalar static can change its view point any time it wants
merely by conceiving it.  That's how a scalar static moves around
inside the kinetic, as there is no actual space to move around in.

      And certainly not by force :)

      How a something without dimension can view holographic displays of
apparent dimension, we will leave up to advanced physics and information
theory for the moment, but that is what is going on.

      The kinetic that you see around you is certainly actual, as a
hologram in your consciousness, but there are things about it that are
not actual, such as out-there-ness, out-then-ness, solidity, and cross
cause between two different kinetic objects.

      Cross cause is direct causation between two different kinetic
objects, each is the effect of the other.

      Cross cause claims to bypass the static.

      Cross cause does not exist, never has existed and never will exist,
cross cause is an apparency only.

      Cross cause is called virtualization of cause, the static is the
virtualizer and causes the virtualization of cause between two or more
different kinetic objects.

      Thus force, which is the representation of cause in the kinetic
world, is a virtualization and is in fact utterly without effect.

      When the bat hits the ball, the bat has NOTHING to do with the ball

      Or simply consider a ball bouncing off a solid wall.

      The ball bounces off the wall, not because the wall has direct
cause against the ball, but because the static directly causes both wall
and ball to act AS IF they have direct cause between them.  Thus
external cause between kinetic objects (force) is an illusion of

      The Soul side being believes in the actuality of force cause
between kinetic objects and even himself.

      The God side being knows force cause is a joke.


      To a Soul side human, looking for things makes sense, looking for
peace, serenity, security, safety, friendship, love, mates, work, money,
help, survival, redemption, and where he put something last etc.

      To a God side being however, looking for anything PRE POSTULATES
that he doesn't have it!  For a being who creates in the mere conception
of things, thinking you do not have something and then looking for it is

      This is why in dreams if you want girls and you go looking for them
you won't find them.  But if you sit down right where you are, the girls
will come out of the wood work.

      To consider you do not have something, you have to conceive it
first, how can you conceive it and not have it?

      A God side being has to turn himself into a Soul side being to
engage in that trick at all.

      Rather than PUTTING IT THERE, he is going around looking at places
going 'Nope, not here, nope not here...'

      He can do that forever, and er uh, has been.

      Seeking physical things via effort is the basic game that Soul side
being's play, but seeking spiritual things such as understandings of
self, good feelings, and peace, must never become a game of the Soul
side being, because for one, if its a game, maybe he can lose it, and
for two, peace and spiritual understandings can never be created or
changed by EFFORT or FORCE.

      Dig it and don't leave it.

      Effort and force are the only cause the Soul Side being has in the
kinetic world.

      Happiness, peace, self respect, serentiy, aren't of the kinetic
world, they are of the static world, get it?

      The kinetic world = Sabe (SA-BAY)

      The static world = Dura.

      Thus seeking peace and happiness is a major joke, and a death trap
of magnitude.

      How much motion and moving masses around are you going to engage in
to make happiness?

      The static can create endless warm beauty and happiness forever for
free merely by thinking about it.

      The kinetic can create squat because his every thought is an EFFORT
to create.

      He can't make a mockup for the same reason, he is using mental
effort to create the mockup.  He never asks how me makes the effort!

      Pure postulate.

      So the cycle of aberration goes like this.

      1.) Postulate that you don't BE, DO, HAVE or KNOW something.

      2.) Postulate that you desire to BE, DO, HAVE or KNOW something.

       3.) Postulate question asking "WHAT SHOULD I DO TO OBTAIN IT?"

      4.) Compute, compute, compute until he computes a DO to match the

      5.) Strenuous do, do, do, or effort to look for, seek, search for,
or try to find it.

      6.) Failure

      7.) Deathly sickness, 24x7.

      On a preclear who is ready to take on the God side of his being,
who is ready to take on the static as cause and the kinetic as effect,
who is ready to feel just fine thank you no matter how many of his
friends are crucified along the side of the road he walks, begging to
die and not being able to, we can start to run out these deadly
dramatizations of temporal caring or giving a damn as follows.

       The E/P is Eternal Fair Chosen, not the Temporal "Who or what is
cause around here, and why is it such an asshole?!

       Run, get the idea of:

       Not Looking for (something or someone)
           Looking for

       Not Searching for
           Searching for

       Not Trying to Find
           Trying to Find

       Not Seeking for
           Seeking for

       Run to taste, but you want the EFFORT, EMOTION, THOUGHT and sense

       He needs to spot the 'not putting it there', every time he looks to
see if it is there, whatever it is he is looking for.

       And he needs to spot the AND between the ITEM AND NOT ITEM.

       He wants to find but is terrified out of his wits about finding.

      He complains about not being able to have, but he would shit bricks
of gold if he had what he wanted.

      He wants power and size, but just a LITTLE bit of power and size.

      He can have all the power and size he can handle and a lot more,
but he can't have just that LITTLE BIT.  The plane of his soul
is either on the ground or its flying, there is no inbetween.

      He can't be just a little bit of a God.  For somethings there is no

      And he needs to spot the QUESTION ASKING 'Where should I look
next?', 'What should I DO?', 'What if I don't find it?' etc.

      Run each pair by its self back and forth, this should take about 20
to 30 minutes per pair.

      Or on a very advanced preclear run them all in a circle.  The
preclear will tell you which one is THE ONE that is killing him, and it
may not be on the above list.  Then run that one flat as a one sided

      I am making no effort to describe HOW TO RUN THESE ITEMS, other
than simply 'Get the idea of', because every auditor will have their own
orthodoxy to follow, they know how to run things, and how to handle
results and items that come up.  No two auditors will run it exactly the

      As long as the preclear is 'getting the idea of looking for
something or someone', the process will run pretty much regardless of
what the auditor does barring auditor code breaks and auditing high
crimes which won't hurt the preclear any for long, but will hurt the
auditor because the preclear just won't come back for more.

      Notice the NOT IS on looking for things is run by the first command
of the sequence.  You DO NOT want to know WHAT he is not looking for,
you just want him to OPERATE NOT LOOKING FOR IT and continue to not know
what it is.

      Thus you would never run "What are you trying to NOT find/see/know?",

      Asking him what it is, makes him try to find it, rather than
duplicate NOT trying to find it.

      If he is trying to not know something to save his life, believe
me he won't respond to what are you trying to not know.

      Always run the not know as not know,

      "Get the idea of not knowing something and not knowing what it
is you are not knowing!"

      Running pure not-isness on a preclear can be hard because
he is always trying to look through it to find WHAT he is
not-ising, and is it really so bad etc.

      Once he gets a glimpse of what he is not ising, he will stop that
nonsense and be very happy to recover his ability to not is something
and not know what it is, and not know he is not ising it and get back to
work for a while, until he stabilizes out.

      WHAT he is not-ising any how will come down to

      Something he is responsible for.
      Something he is not repsonsible for.

      Now we have a big problem with auditing much of which is based on
question asking, and looking for items.  This is in part why most
WhatsIt/Itsa auditing restimulates more case than it is worth.

       Sorry Ron, many clears can't run engrams, and many humans can't run
questions or even spotting, which is just more looking for.

       The WHOLE BEING AND HIS ENTIRE BANK is convulsed up in looking for
things, and NOT looking for things, and you ask him to 'locate a moment
of pain and unconsciousness'.

       Do you see how stupid and deadly this is?

      "Hurry up and try harder to look for (item)".

      Every question you ask the preclear or command to spot, fires up
his ENTIRE BANK to answer it.

      Again your preclear will have told you during the first process
which one of these is most interesting to him, or he will have given you
a similar item not on the above list.


       We have gone over this about 50 times by now, so its time we went
over it again.

       Notice the NOT form is always run first following the laws of NO
and SOME.  Get the NO off first before you go after the SOME.  If you
are running solo on a meter and the needle goes dry, you have gotten out
of sync, repeat last command again, or double each one until needle
starts to read again.


       or worst case

       NO SOME NO SOME (dry) SOME NO NO SOME SOME NO (reading again)

      The word process below refers to what the bank is doing in flowing
back and forth, NOT what the auditor is doing to the preclear.

      The auditor, in running a process on a preclear, must sync with the
process in the bank that the auditor is trying to run out.

      Remember the process within the preclear is cycling between NO and
SOME whether or not the auditor is, thus it is the auditor's job to find
the sync and stay in sync as best he can to keep the needle reading.

       If the internal process inside the preclear changes beat, the
auditor's NO and SOME will go out of sync.

       If SOME doesn't read because the internal process went to NO, the
auditor had better NOT call NO, because the process will have gone back
to SOME by that time.

      So if SOME doesn't read because the process is NO, the auditor
calls SOME AGAIN in the faith that the process will be waiting for him
at SOME also when the call is completed.

       The process can change beat, or get delayed in changing state
because a prior NO or SOME wasn't fully discharged so the process may
get stuck in NO momentarily while the auditor went on to SOME.  When
some doesn't read, and the auditor goes back to NO, the process may have
already changed to SOME thus jerking the auditor around.

      That's why when some doesn't read you call SOME again.

      If NO reads, DO NOT then echo "NO item?", because the process may
have moved to SOME already.  This is why echo metering is a high crime.

      NO NO SOME SOME NO NO SOME SOME will eventually get the process and
the auditor in sync again, even if the bank process is acting like a
drunk bucking bronco.

      It is such a joy to get in sync with the bank and just watch the
needle rise and fall smoothly with each call like a great day at the
beach watching the waves come in regular rhythm.

      The following is an example of a process starting off in sync,
going out of sync, and then being brought back into sync by the auditor,
duplicating the last command.

      This is way too complex for dual auditing, because the preclear is
way too slow on answers to keep in sync with the bank process, which is
why dual auditing can be so painful, and why solo auditing becomes a
necessity at some point, but you will notice the preclear answering the
wrong question every now and then, and that means THAT is his sync

       For example, get the idea of

       Nothing there.
       Something there.

       You ask for nothing there, preclear gives you something there.

      Proper thing to do is to ask for nothing there again, because if
you ask for more something there, the preclear will again be back to
nothing there.  Auditor's have to keep up with the preclear, not the
other way around.

      The ?  at the end of NO or SOME means the auditor has given the
auditing question, or command.  Stay away from questions, the question
mark is only a symbol for the auditor's call.

      Auditor's calls should always be a command if possible, get the
idea of, or spot if necessary, but not what is it?

      Question type auditing *KILLS*, ruins cases and ARC breaks the

      We are trying to RUN OUT Questions and question asking of all
kinds, we do not do this by asking questions!

      Run 'Get the idea of asking a question".

       Or run "Spot a question."

       NEVER EVER EVER run "What question is there or are you asking?"

       Unless its a churchie.

       The following is on get the idea of

       Nothing there.
       Something there.

       Process    Auditor   Meter
       State      Call      Read
       NO         NO?       read
       SOME       SOME?     read
       NO         NO?       read
       SOME       SOME?     read
       SOME       NO?       dry  Process state lagging, auditor moving on.
       NO         SOME?     dry
       SOME       NO?       dry
       NO         NO?       read Auditor calls NO twice, nails it.
       SOME       SOME?     read

      This is very simple really, if the bank ticks, the auditor must
tick.  If the bank tocks, the auditor must tock.

      Or else the poor preclear will be building ridges until the cows
come home, and get the idea the meter doens't read or doesn't work.

      Oh yeah, when the TA is high, its high for a REASON.

      If the process and the auditor get out of sync, the auditor must
get back into sync by doing what he did last again.

      Sometimes if the bank is really smashed and not running smoothly
the bank process can go into an indeterminate state for a few commands.
Thus you repeat NO NO SOME SOME NO NO SOME SOME until it gets back into
sync and starts reading and running again.

       Process    Auditor   Meter
       State      Call      Read
       NO         NO?       read
       SOME       SOME?     read
       NO         NO?       read
       SOME       SOME?     read
       ?          NO?       dry  Bank process starts to misbehave
       ?          NO?       dry
       ?          SOME?     dry
       ?          SOME?     dry
       SOME       NO?       dry  Bank starts to behave again.
       NO         NO?       read Sync finally established again.
       SOME       SOME?     read
       NO         NO?       read
       SOME       SOME?     read


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