SP means Suppressive Person or Parent

       PTSness is caused by the preclear's effort to prove the SP wrong or
make the SP guilty for harming the preclear, terminatedly, forever and
with prejudice.  It arises from the effort to cause the SP to fold up
and die or throw himself in hell forever.

       The SP is a restimulator for the preclear's Nemesis One, that
person, place or thing that the preclear thinks could never, should
never, and would never have existed, if the preclear had anything to do
with it.

       Nemesis One is SO dangerous to the preclear in the preclear's own
estimation, that the preclear can not be dangerous enough back in
return, and thus the preclear throws his all into destroying this opp
term, including kamikaze, knowing full well he can never succeed.

       By breaking his eternal bond, and hence sense of class (friendship)
with the terminal, and trying to separate this terminal permanently out
of the reticulum of existence, the preclear ends up separating HIMSELF
out of that reticulum, and thus goes down tone.

       "If I can't make you not be a part of the Cosmic All, I refuse to
be part of the Cosmic All!"

       He thinks he would be happy if only he could destroy this other
terminal forever, but it is in fact a permanent loss to his own self
esteem that he can't salvage his Nemesis One and return that terminal to
a teammate in good standing.

       Every time anyone gives up auditing another, no matter how
culpable, one has admitted one's own failure as an auditor and
salvager of beings.

       Nemesis One arises from the core present time GPM that the preclear
is operating and gives him reason to get up in the morning to fight (to
the death), E/P only one left standing.

       Depression is knowing you can't win, but cowardice keeps him from

       There is no depression where there is a willingness to kamikaze.

       Depression is must kill, can't kill, in the sense of not being
allowed to kill or being in an indecision about it, or being in a
decision to both kill AND not kill at the same time.

       One audits this by addressing murderous rage, or the intent to make
suffer forever, or both.

       This produces an AND, the desire to cause death forever AND hell
forever on someone is clearly in logical conflict, AND THIS is what
destroys the preclear's tone in present time, causing PTSness.

       This is not an indecision, should I kill or should I torture, this
is a DECISION, I will kill AND I will torture.

       The preclear pays the price of insanity because he can't do both at
the same time, so he is self defeating one goal or the other.

       Only an AND can make someone nuts or bring them out of
serenity forever, as it is the AND lasting forever that causes
the lowering of tone.

       Who or what do you still want to murder, kill or cause the
death of FOREVER?

       Who or what do you still want to send to hell FOREVER?

       Numb is refused/withheld apology.

       Good humor is resolution of debonding forever, redemption on both

       Debonding from an opposition terminal, a team mate on the other
side of the game, is like choosing up sides as a kid, and then taking it
seriously and trying to off members of the other team.

       It has become a game the preclear feels he MUST play but doesn't
WANT to play.

       Good people may enjoy going after evil people, but surely they
would never CREATE AND PUT EVIL PEOPLE THERE, just to give themselves a
game to play.

       Every bad person a good person puts down forever, leaves a bad
taste in the good person's mouth FOREVER.

       More perfect heavens have been ruined by this one thing alone.

      Thus good people never put the other side there, they really DO NOT
WANT to create evil people to fight, and thus good people always lose in
the end, as you can't beat what you aren't putting there, the INVITE to
the game is out, and thus responsibility for condition is a stranger to

       The preclear first loses sight that he invited the other side in,
then he loses sight that the other side invited him in too, and that he
invited himself in.

       Bang dead preclear.

       A being playing a game he knows he created and or joined willingly
and with fair chosen intent, will always be able to play better than
someone who thinks he had nothing to do with being in the game.  The
COMING IN is gone, so he is playing while trying to GET OUT.

       Playing becomes a substitute for getting out of the game, and THAT

      A being who is in the game because he WANTS to be, paid for the
privilege dearly, can never become PTS.

      Case in general consists or motivator/overt lockups, or DED/DEDEX
lockups, that are held in place by JUSTIFICATION AND REGRET/RESTRAINT,
and cemented in place by desire for sympathy from golden allies.

      Villain, Victim, Hero.

      He does something he regrets, so he justifies it to make it right,
but he knows it is wrong, so he restrains himself from doing it again.
But its right, so he HAS to do it again, but its wrong so he had better
not.  This AND causes the locked up pair to remain in a state of
constant dramatization and vibration between the two, and thus creation.

      Assess on a meter the frequency of that vibration in Hz.

      The time reversal on DED/DEDEX lockups is even worse.

      "I am justified offing your cat 2 years ago, because you just offed
mine yesterday."

       Every time he dramatizes the motivator caused by a villain, he
calls it up to act it out of valence against someone, and when it fails
or he regrets it, he falls back into valence where HE suffers the
original injury (victim).

      The regret (trying to turn back time) sends him BACK DOWN THE TIME
stuck in it or before it.

      Someone doing this in present time, dramatizing and failing because
of justification and regret, about 100 times a second, is in chronic
murderous rage (out of valence) and pain (in valence).  This causes his
tone to float to the average between anger (out of valence) and death
(in valence), and THAT IS PTSNESS.

      But these kinds of things are only serious enough if the preclear
is operating debonding FOREVER from the villain, death forever or hell
forever, with 'feel sorry for me FOREVER' thrown in.

      You can do anything you like for a while to a friend, but do
something forever to someone you have debonded with forever, and the
hell forever or death forever you wish off on them becomes yours.

      You can't cause something to another without being it first, then
handing it to them to suffer.  If they refuse it, or you stop mid
stroke, guess who ends up BEING IT.

       Every hell a being is in, he once called up to wish off on another,
and stopped midstroke, either because the other didn't accept it, or
because he regretted doing it.

      The existence of past overts and motivators MAY lead into the
conflict that most needs to be audited, but someone deeply in the tar,
amber, obsidian glass and crazy glue of a lockup will not have contact
with his past.

      The pictures he will see will all be motivators, and his overts
will be GONE.

      He will also be avoiding in present time,the terminals and
situations that put him into kamikaze mode, by living in New York, while
his Nemesis One lives in California.  He will have all kinds of (bogus)
reasons to not live in California, but if you mention that California
might fall into the ocean soon, he will be there the next day to help
kick people into ocean.

      But if you poke around IN HIS PRESENT TIME, he will eventually be
able to spot those people, places and things that cause him to pull his
guns and shoot first and ask questions second.

      This is because his Nemesis One is always faster than him.

      So he knows he is dead if his Nemesis One even spots him, so the
Nemesis One has to be done in as fast as possible once spotted.

      This makes sense because down deep he suspects his Nemesis One MADE
HIM, just to torment and make him want to die, and thus always exists
'before him.'

      Thus in his mind his Nemesis One always sees him coming, and thus
can out wit him every time.  That's because his Nemesis One is CAUSING
him to hunt his enemy down through eternal torment.

      How do you kill your creator?

      This kind of trigger happy craziness on the part of the preclear,
leads to collateral damage (shoots the wrong guy), regret, indecisions
(to shoot or not to shoot), and then decisions to BOTH DRAMATIZE AND
RESTRAIN (to shoot AND to not shoot), which leads to insanity, and
moving down to the next goal in the GPM chain.

      There is a moment of total insanity at the end of every GPM
pointing to the next one in line as a solution.

      The preclear feels he will go insane if he remembers his past lives
or exteriorizes, because HE WAS mostly insane when he chose this life.
which was a last ditch effort to survive by dying out forever as a
mortal.  He has had it with death by friendly fire from his own guns.

      "Mockup something so evil, it makes you want to make nothing out of

      "Mockup something worse than death than forever and hell forever."

      It doesn't matter if the preclear in front of you is a noodle or an
OT, he is sick because of his desire to make other's sick, dead and
dying, preferably forever.

      Both sides of any lockup need to be audited, motivator and overt,
DED and DEDEX, back and forth, back and forth.

      Sorry, trying to run out all flow 1's before approaching flow 2's
is nuts.

      Hubbard himself said in the 60's that allowing the preclear TO EVEN
TALK ABOUT THE MOTIVATOR was simply allowing the preclear to commit
another overt.

      But truth is the preclear is putting both sides there, and then
denying the hell out of it.  So both sides are HIS charge, and he needs
to run both sides in equal flow, INCLUDING FLOWS 3 and 4, to make the
thing release.

      Hubbard was right, but its going to be a while before you or I are
going to be able to run out what we are doing or intend to do without at
the same time running out where we got the idea from.

      Your preclear is suffering from the sum totality of everything that
ever happened, is happening or will happen that he would never, should
never, or could ever PUT THERE knowingly and willingly.

      That's most of creation by the way, so you have your work cut out
for you.

      Oh and all this nonsense about overruning a preclear with one too
many questions means you are auditing a noodle, whose hunger for
motivators to justify and make nothing of overts knows no bounds.

      And yes at some point the preclear starts putting both sides of
every conflict there, thus he can no longer get trapped in blame or
guilt, all the regret is gone from the case, justification and restraint
are both no more, but this ain't human, and you might want to think
twice what a God-side being is like, because someone who can put both
sides of any conflict there, is likely to support the underdog in any
game rather than the 'good guys'.

      The GAME is more important to an OT than winning.

      There is NOTHING more dangerous to a human than an OT, as they are
as likely to side with the volcano than the village at its base.


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