FACEBOOK: Meatballs and Dreamballs
     The problem here is people have an excluded middle on the nature of
God.  On one side there is the vile God of Christian-inanity, God made
you, God is a God of behavior, God loves you SO much He created hell
forever in case you don't love him back.  They thrill at the idea of
others going to hell forever because that is how much they hate their
errant brothers and sisters.  Those that do not so thrill, are sickened
by the idea of it, but God is God, and you can't fight God.  They hate
their God instead.  On the other side are the meatballs who think they
are FDA approved Grade A Boeuf, live once, die once and that's it bud.
They believe that consciousness, and self awareness and love and pain
are all chemistry bubbling away at 98.6F.  Rather than caring sentient
will being primary cause, cold dead and uncaring FORCE is cause.  That's
fine, the belief in death forever is a coward's solution to the belief
in Hell forever.  Love and shame can not of force and mass be made.
However there is a third option which is that WE ALL ARE GOD
INCARNATION.  We are not made, we are co eternal, we created the dream
world of the physical universe as a mass co shared hallucination in
order to play games together, some of them very rough like this one.  As
such there is no death forever and no hell forever, we judge ourselves,
and only because we regret judging others.  When we die, we wake up from
the present game, the self imposed amnesia disappears, and we then
decide when and were to incarnate again, not necessarily in serial time
order to any existing ongoing story or history.  I am told that only
about 30 percent of Earth's population are spirits advanced enough to
incarnate under their own control, the rest are animal beings, playing a
very long serial game from life time to life time.  You can tell these
animal beings by their absolute inability to discuss THEIR DESIRES for
spirituality sensibly and by how they hide behind science when they in
fact haven't a clue what science is although they are sure they do.
Dreamtime machines can only measure dreamtime events, thus there is no
evidence within the dream that it is a dream.  Only external dream
events can show that the dream of the physical universe is a dream in
consciousness which is timeless and spaceless and came before all
created things in space time.  The meatballs argue and argue and argue,
and eventually you see that's the way they want it to be, because at the
end of the day, their arguments make no sense, except to assert over and
over that THEY have no experiential evidence of the dream, let alone any
AN INCARNATION IN THE FIRST PLACE.  What they call the wisdom of science
is actually being spiritually as shallow as a dry river bed.  Their fate
is merely to be reborn as animals, including human bodies which the rest
of us incarnate on as riders, until they awaken their desire to be
sovereign co eternal beings again.  Thus it behoves the rest of us, the
dreamballs, to treat our bodies well, as they have their own life whose
worst crime is to fear hell forever more than death forever.