At its base, ownership means rights of control.

      It helps to have the ability to control too, but ownership means
rights of control.

      If I have the right to control something, others have the duty to
let me control it.

      Duties and rights are fair chosen, they are negotiated between
parties to mutual satisfaction.

      In the absence of others, rights and duties have no meaning.

      For every right there is a duty and for every duty there is a

      You have a right to have duties, and you have a duty to have

      Social justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and

      Above is standard Adore stuff...

      Ownership of a cognition means that you have the rights of control
over what to do with that cog, including talking about it with others or
forgetting it entirely.

      Ownership can be taken away in at least two ways.

      First simply by lack of fair exchange, even if the giving party
doesn't put any limitations on what you can do with the cog, the cat
that you still owe them in fair exchange, means the cog isn't quite

      You buy a car with a promise to pay at a later date.  Sure the car
is yours to drive, but if you don't pay, they can come take the car
back, so the car isn't really fully yours until the debt of havingness
is paid.

      In the same way a preclear feels that the Master, auditor and C/S
have a lien of sorts on his case gain, until he can fully exchange for

      Knowing he is getting something for free will kill a session, but
paying money is only a token, and for preclears that realize this,
paying money is not enough.


      Second ownership can be given away by agreement.

      You go down to Alan Walter's Dallas Knowledgism Center and you sign
up to receive your Codes auditing.  But before they will give it to you,
you must sign a non disclosure agreement, not only for the Codes that
you find about yourself, but also the tech they used to find them.

      Thus the final result, your understanding of your most basic Codes,
do not belong to you to do with as you see fit.

      And your actions in life are constrained by the enforced agreements
you had to make to get the auditing.

      You notice how in the Church NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THEIR CASE,

      That's by agreement, but it's enforced by threat of expulsion, from
the 'only game going'.

      I remember vividly once at Flag I was suicidal and holding my head
in my hands in my head at the Fort Harrison, really at the end of my
last thread of string, and this high toned guy came up to me and tried
to help.

      A few minutes later, get got up to leave after having said to me:


      One problem with cogs that come from others is they may not
be totally right, but only right enough to work for them.  Thus
such a cog may actually drive you down town if it doesn't match
your reality.

      For example replace the word UNETHICAL with ANY in the cog above
and you might see something closer to the truth but way out of range of
our average truth seeker.

      Anyhow I looked at what the guy said, and tried to apply it TO
ABSOLUTELY NO AVAIL, and over the years it has molted in to something
different in my space having to do with ANDS, namely two opposing
solutions at the same time, but the point is the next day I saw the guy
in Ethics talking about his egregious violation of the agreement to not
sharing cogs or reality with anyone else.

      Later someone came up to me and told me that what he had done was
NOT OK, their favorite term for being conscious and originating a
communication of worth, and that I shouldn't solicit, nor allow others,
to help me by giving me cogs.

      I never forgot that lesson, OWNERSHIP OF COGS BELONGS TO THE GIVER
or the facilitator NOT THE RECEIVER.  At that moment I decided never to
allow my understandings of life to be owned by anyone for any reason, no
matter what the consequences.

      So if I give you a cog, it's YOURS.

      It's not that help is bad, its that help with strings is bad.

      I mean just how low does your pride level have to be that you will
sell a part of your soul in self constraints just to get your pride

      Certainly it might make sense in some things to have trademark
secrets and non disclosure agreements.

      And certainly you were not FORCED to get your Codes from the
Knowledgism group, maybe you could have gotten them elsewhere.

      And in any case, need does not bestow right, so just because you
NEED your codes to function again in the spiritual world, doesn't mean
anyone else has a duty to give them to you, nor help you get them
yourself, and so they are free to attach whatever strings or indentured
servitude for the rest of time they wish, to the delivery of the
services you want, need and request of them.

      This is simple good business sense.

      And its a great way to own people, to get them to do your bidding,
and keep them from giving away the secrets of your tech so that your
income doesn't crash because suddenly just anyone can produces a cleared

       How does that make you feel?


Tue Jan 17 13:56:58 EST 2017