Word Clear:

>    Willingness
>    Change
>    Problem
>    To serve
>    Purpose
>    To solve
>    Help
>    Creation
>    Responsibility

       The process:

       1.) "Spot a condition."

       2.) "Get the idea the condition might serve a purpose."

       3.) "Get the idea YOU are trying to solve the condition."

       NEVER EVER USE 'WHAT' questions on this process.

       Don't even figure out what these conditions or purposes might be.

       They will appear eventually on their own.

      Never ask what is under the blackness, make the blackness until it
vanishes and what is under reappears.

      On 1.)

      You could use 'Tell me a condition', but some conditions are
ineffable, and some preclears hate talking.

      The same goes for the other 2 commands.

      On 2.)

      It isn't necessary to FIND a purpose, but purposes should be
considered on all flows and all dynamics, both constructive and

      The end purpose of a disability or an unwanted condition might be
something on the order of trying to handle too much incoming
seriousness, overwhelming the triage decision process of the preclear's
mind try to deal with the incoming.

      If one is too busy running around turning off the alarms going
off, one has no time to deal with why the alarms are sounding.  The mind
stops cold and handles nothing in this case as the mind is too busy
dealing with the ALARMS rather than what the alarms indicate.

      The being enters a state of "don't want to play this game anymore"
and now must suffer conditions to get others to agree that he CAN'T play
this game of overwhelming triage, and won't play becomes can't play for

      The computation as to why he can't play is the service fac Hubbard
talks about which holds back the 'confusion' which is simply too many
interrupts of seriousness coming in on him, so his triage and handle
process breaks down into exhaustion and can't move at all.

      The preclear simply can't keep up with the need to help
and deal with seriousness, in himself and in others, and the conditions
form to make it OK and sensible to not worry about enough of them
so he can at least handle some of them.

      Each dynamic will be found to be partitioned into untriagable
areas where he no longer needs to look or deal or even know about
the seriousness going on in them, they are no long part of his world,
no longer part of his dynamics.

      He knows if he opens up those areas of harm and help again,
he won't be able to help who or what he can, and things will
get worse by admitting that they already ARE worse.

      One must run the motivator side and the overt side, against others
and against self.

      The motivator and overt must be run absolutely in balance, if you
do not run the motivator, you won't find the overt, and if you don't run
the overt, the motivator will never run out.

      The motivator is as bad as the overt is as bad as the motivator is
bad as the overt.

       Some conditions are incidental consequences and not directly
intended, but result from other things that are.  Blocking out your
visual cortex will probably cause headaches :)

       On 3.)

       Lastly the preclear should consider not just what he IS doing to
solve the condition, but what he HAS tried to do and maybe WILL try to
do to solve the condition.


       Conditions are problems are conditions are problems.

      Problems are what you want to change but can't, must change - can't
change, or must not change - can't stop from changing, all of which lead
to loss and seriousness of survival or survival potential of yourself or
your allies.

      Conditions/problems can be used to solve prior conditions/problems.

      People consider having a serious condition/problem to be a serious
disability because they "can't" solve them, thus they are using further
disabilities to 'solve' earlier disabilities.

      They then make motions to solve the later disability, but the later
disability is a SOLUTION to an earlier disability, so their efforts to
get rid of the later disability will be alloyed with efforts to put it
there because it is useful to them to solve or allay or ameliorate the
earlier disability.

      They have considered that having an ability can be a disability
because the ability brought regret through 'unintended' ruin and
disaster, thus they have sought to use their ability to create
disabilities to solve the problem of having an ability they no longer

      Once the preclear see this, the thing will to some extent start to
come apart on its own, because the preclear will no long be buying into
his own hype and hard sell on what a poor dear innocent victim he is.

      This may come as quite a surprise to him because below oblivion he
has NO CLUE why he is suffering.  It will however be a welcome surprise
as it opens the door to self reconciliation, humor, pride, trust and
confidence in his own responsibility again.

      The source of all suffering is Artful Dodge.  - Adore

      Dealing by dodging dealing.

      But the preclear will still have the brakes on getting better
because the original condition/problem/disaster was OUTRAGEOUS and your
preclear has some qualms, dread and trepidation about rage and fear of

> What does the clearing of those particular words have to do with the
> command, "Spot a condition", et al?

      The basic 5 are the basic 5 points of clearing, they are:

       Change, problems, help, responsibility and creation.

       The preclear has to be willing to change, particularly in time, to
unstick himself from the safe solution on the track that he is using to
keep himself down and come to present time where clear OTness is natural.

      The preclear has adorned himself with and is WEARTING his most
detested incident as his present time becomingness, which includes
forever self torment.

      The core computation is he CAN'T/WON'T take responsibility for
his mess.

      M.E.S.S means magnificent examples of shames and shambles.

      He has gone from pity -> accoutable -> shame -> blame -> regret,
his effort to turn back time fails, his sense of taking responsibility
for what 'went down', he says I will never recover from his, never live
it down, never be ABLE to be responsible for this, whatever, and he
sinks FOREVER down towards oblivion and below.

      He has totally lost sight of eternal inspiration, agony and
amusement as the drive intelligence behind his ludicrous demise.

      He finds that seriousness was a joke, but now he can't shake
off the seriousness of having fallen for seriousness when it
wasn't true.

      His sense of seriousness comes from a sense that there is
something seriously unintelligent about this universe, its too stupid
to be worthwhile living let alone suffering.

      "Wit is intelligence, Wit is laughter, Wit's End is the End
of Intelligent Laughter."  - Adore

      But he is afraid of his unhuman side, the side that chose
to become human.

      Who are what would chose to become human?

      He can't imagine and can't bring himself to want to be such a
thing, so he can't muster any resonsibility to put that choice there and
the descent into being human, and so he can't un put it there by letting

      He is terrified if he let's go of what he has already created he
will be free again to do something else untoward, like mock himself up
as a _______, whatever his most detested item or self image is, that he
must never ever be again no matter what, amen.

      The preclear has to admit to problems and consider they are
solvable by PUTTING THEM THERE AGAIN and then letting go.

      His primary mistake and cosmic buffoonery was to put theer,
that he couldn't put something there, and thus he got stuck with it
forever more.

      He has to put there, that he can't put something there, and then
let go of that, if he wants to be recover being able to put anything
there and vanish it no matter who originally put it there or not.

      He is trying to TAKE responsibility for something he considers
unconscionable, and he fails the take, from his own considerations that
no one should have, could have, would have put it there in the first
place, even if putting it there one more time again would get rid of it

      Since no one is now creating it with knowing willing responsibility
and full awareness of the consequences, it will persist on its own
forever to the end of time.

      The preclear has to understand help, in order to get any and give
any.  Help isn't just saving someone from drowning, it is team action on
any dynamic to pull off a creation beyond one's own capability.

      Responsibility for the condition, and thus being able and willing
to put it there, allows one to let go of it and unput it there, also to
appreciate the aesthetic and humor to the condition, which is WHY he put
it there in the first place.

      The computation of a service fac is on the order of:

      "The way to survive is to be a little bit deader..." or some such
thing.  I do not have my wording or terminals yet, its a GPM issue.

      "The source of all suffering is artful dodge, but it is all well
arted." - Adore

      Remember a being waking up from Unexistence as a Spirit wakes up
into infinite wall to wall Criminality, his own and others.

      Word clear criminality as morally bankrupt, and monstrosity and

      If adoration is willingness to operate, then abomination is what?

      Better to go back to sleep, you see?  :)

      Creation is the top of the ladder, which is what it is all about.

      The other words, solve, serve, and purpose are merely words in the

      Each item has its opposite dicom.

      Find them and note them down.

      One is stuck in the hugeness of the bad side, because one is
failing to admit to the hugeness of the good side.

      That's in part why one runs infinite evil by running infinite
decency etc.  As long as the evil is bigger than the decency, the
preclear will dig graves for himself to avoid it all.

> Did you get your E/P  (reviv)?

      Hell no, not yet, this is going to be a long run for me, as I am a
dead thetan from way back.  It is running the entire bridge from Source
to Unexistence, which includes the entire OT band of personal creation
and disaster.

       I am getting lots and lots of nasty but little revivs in my dreams,
but the main blocked perception remains.

       Once the surface personablity is run off the case, petty human
likes and dislikes, the preclear finds himself sitting on a block
of concrete because he has forever Chernobled the core of his case.

       The human case goes leaving the immortal case as bed rock,
and the immortal case is made of endless fear of not knowing and
fear of knowing, and forevers in time that no one could confront.

       Better to have a mortal body and forget it all because the
jail sentence always ends.

      People can't remember their past lives because they don't want
anyone else remembering THEM.

      Most detested incident includes most detested terminals and
identities, the greatest regrets and collateral damage from overts, and
the most considerations about never *EVER* creating/destroying again.

      Basic dicom on that is Danger/Safety.

      At the top, Able = Safety and Unable = Danger.

      Below Spirit of Play, this becomes reversed.

      The computation is that Able = Danger and Unable = Safety.

      This is the schmoo effect, he is trying to survive by not being
completely able to survive, have to have a serious handicap in order to
get the world to leave you alone.  Or maybe even help once in a while.

      How sick do you have to be before people will actually try to help
you get better?  But get too much better and what do they do,
they try to make you sick!

      So the saftey zone of ability is the schmoo zone, where you are not
so unable you can't survive at all, but not so able that you become a
danger to everyone else lest you DO something like change the world.

      After creating too many disasters, accidentally and intentionally,
he gets into rue and resenting his abilities, and so he seeks safety by
becoming less and less able, rather than MORE able or back towards
native state.

      By NOT putting it there, namely the disasters that were
'unintentionally' created, he gets stuck with them, and thus seeks to
hide from them by going lower into hysteria, shock, catatonia oblivion
...  -> Unexistence.

      The Divine Soul actually BELIEVES his own nightmares, its very sad
to see, to watch a soul looking forward to a future where the only
answer to not wanting to live is to do himself in forever for free.

      It is all a pretense for show, but the consequences are deadly
serious as intended.

      We are still running it an hour a day 6 days a week, and the
results are there, compared to ALL the other auditing *I* ever got, but
I am a well trained preclear and auditor, and S.  and I have a good
understanding of each other and high agreement as to where we want to go
with it.

      E/P would be no more unwanted conditions, except wanted unwanted

      A higher E/P would be recontacting the motivation and PURPOSE of
coming in, for that would put the preclear out before he came in, and he
could then come in while still alive under complete control, and
continue with his purpose that was originally intended, creating all the
handicaps he needs to get by but not forgetting who or what is doing
this to him, namely him and why.  So the beauty would remain to his
movement through time, in time, powered by his core up in eternity.

       That good enough for a bridge?


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