This in response to the exchange below.

    It's subtle.

    *WHY* do you want out of here?

    If it is from lack of admiration for being here, THAT sticks you.

    If you resent ever having been here, no appreciation for ludicrous 
demise, if you hope never to come back, and damn the day you ever came in, 
then of course you are stuck, because lack of responsibility as knowing 
willing cause IS what makes anything persist including your condition in 
it.  You can only control what you are willing to put there.  Once the 
willingness and appreciation to HAVE it is in place, it won't last more 
than a few seconds or until the next time you get distracted from it.

    If you can contact the aesthetic to coming in, then you WILL be out, 
and will be able to choose to not come in again, or come in again slightly
rearranged so its more fun.

    Coming in gets you out because you have to be out in order to come in.

    So the only way to get stuck here and stay in, is to hate being here 
and want to get out forever more.  That's an alteris on the original ARC 
with coming in for a while.

    You can get out, but only if you are riding on the aesthetic of being 
in.  Wanting out is not the problem, its cursing being in, wanting to 
never have come in, wanting to be out in a place that never would come in, 
ever again forever and ever amen.

    If one fully appreciates the worthwhileness of the entire while of 
being in, then of course one IS out, because as soon as one came in, one 
HAD to make it all look horrible to make sure it stayed around.  Its too 
easy to wake up out of dreams if you love them to pieces.

    If you hate them desperately, why you can stay around forever.

    So infinite heaven has to be altered into an infinite hell in order for 
anything to persist in time for more than a few self fading seconds.

    The main way of doing this is to consider a forever onto a while, 
either good or bad, must always be, must never be etc.


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On Wed, 8 Jan 2014, M wrote:

> Hi Homer,
> Thanks for the sage advice.
> So, essentially, saying "I want out of here." embeds you more *in* here.
> Cheers,
> M
> On 07/01/14 23:17, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>>    Sorry, I never heard of the book.
>>    The way out is the way in.
>>    Figure out how and why you came in, and practice coming in,
>> and you will BE out, because coming in, postulates you are out.
>>    Being in and trying to get out, postulates you are in, so you are.
>>    Homer
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>>> Hi Homer,
>>> I don't know if you remember me, I was a denizen of alt.clearing years
>>> ago along with such luminaries as yourself, Enid Vien and many others.
>>> Recently (after a four month stay in hospital) I have experienced a
>>> certain resurgence of interest in things clearing/auditing related and I
>>> am interested in getting hold of a copy of 'The Little Purple Book of
>>> How to Escape from this Universe'.
>>> I was trying to get it from
>>> but I
>>> have had difficulty obtaining it, though I note that some of your
>>> Electra/ADORE material is there.
>>> So can you help me out, please? Perhaps point me in the right direction
>>> to get it?
>>> Clearly the mailing list addresses at
>>> are
>>> ancient and inactive.
>>> Many thanks and wishing you the very best.
>>> Cheers,
>>> M
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