DEAD FOREVER  by William Campbell

    (Response to private mail)

    Xenu certainly has an earlier similar :)  It's small time compared to 
the loss of the proof.

    Also Xenu didn't necessarily happen to me and thee, but to the clusters 
floating everywhere.

    Anyhow, Hubbard was version 0.1 alpha spaghetti code.

    The last 3 years have provided me with stuff that actually moves
the mountain in me, but it gets more and more outrageous.

    It is also getting harder and harder to get up and move around, a 
problem both in motivation and pure counter force.

    But I am feeling better, in hell though I be, not physically dying
any more, and I can feel emotion now where before I was dead as a door 
nail.  It's mostly sorrow, but that's better than concrete and rebar.

    I am done with the first book of dead forever, perhaps I am beyond
enjoying someone's writing quality, its the story I am interested in,
he weaves the Xenu story into an existing real life scenario, and shows
how it may have developed back in those times.

    Right or not, it rings a bell, there are clearly two kinds
of people on Earth, the dead and the dead squared.

    The dead want to know, the others decidedly do not.

    The dead seek a near life experience, the others can't wait to be
gone for good.

    Campbell's claim is that the universe was taken over by the zots 
(zombie robots), status quo society, hive minds a long time ago, and only 
a few planets and peoples remained free to mis behave, dance, laugh, fuck, 
get drunk, give the police state the finger, and enjoy themselves.

    At that time they knew they were in an immortal time stream but were 
losing the ability to take on new bodies easily, so keeping the one you 
had as long as you could, was becoming more and more a priority.

     If you could imagine a Taliban in black suits and ties, you might get 
a zot pretty close.  He calls them Bob's, because they wear Black On 

     Hubbard's claim was that it was over population that drove Xenu to 
invent the dead forever implant, the story so far says it was merely the 
desire to get rid of the over population of recalcitrant un re-educatable 

    SOL (Shit Outta Luck) was chosen as the sun to send them to because it 
is so distant from anything, and the implant made very sure everyone 
either believed in death forever or hell forever and crazy Gods, and no 
one was able to control their rebirth cycle after the implant.

    My problem with any of this, beyond the 10 kilotons of force in my face 
is the amnesia.  Degradation doesn't even cover the surface of the state I 
am in.  Which is why I know there is an earlier bigger incident than mere 
wars for men's minds, an incident in which we made ourselves vulnerable to 
such a ludicrosity in the first place.

    The implant as I have been able to audit it so far has 4 items in it,

    It's a descending staircase, one lives through it and then goes out 
the bottom 'forever' in time.

    Alive Forever
    Heaven Forever
    Hell Forever
    Dead Forever

    The final stages lead a being to forget how to take on another body or 
be unable or unwilling to, and so after they die here, they float into a 
huge tar pit of sick dead and dying beings, a growing sargasso sea of the 
spirit, that surrounds Earth and eventually they form NOTS clusters well 
on their way out the tubes to the garbage pail at the end of time :)

    Some attach to other people's bodies and time tracks, and park them 
selves IN that peron's time track down in the past where they are out of 
sight of present time, causing occlusions of the past, hoping and praying 
that the host being gives up his interest in the past, and never gets his 
time tracked cleared so they can hide and die there forever :)

    Clearing a time track involves clearing the bugs out of it, the 
clusters parked in its past, and the occlusions which they cause, and once 
the past starts showing up again, it can be cleared directly until the 
time track is no more.

    And if you can even understand the above two sentences without
going cross eyed, you been in scientology way too long...


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