In a universe consisting of

       1.) Source
       2.) Existence
       3.) *CONDITIONS*

       once the being descends to conditions, he is no longer able to
create things in the mere conception of things.

       He has to suffer conditions on how and what he does, in order to
get to where he is going.

       In order to survive, he has to DO something SPECIFIC.  You see?

       This begins the level of games, which consists of purposes,
freedoms and barriers.

       Purposes are havingness, things that the preclear wants, but which
he has now relegated to having to DO something to get them.

       In other words he has to create A, B, C, and D in order to get to
E, he can't just create E directly in the mere conception of E.

       This places time and chase between A and E and gives him a game,
which if he postulates it seriously, he can lose or fail.

       He goes out hunting, and comes back with squat.

       Eventually he starves to death.

       Below conditions then, havingness becomes a function of doingness,
and doingness is computed from wantingness and knowingness.

       For the scientologese impaired, we say that having comes from
doing, which is computed from wanting and knowing.

       In otherwords, he computes what to do from what he wants to have,
and what he knows about how to get it.

       If he doesn't know, he has to learn, which is a whole other sub
cycle of doingness before he can get on with his original goal.

       Learning is the process of study which is the doingness, resulting
in having more knowing than he had before.

       The being thus becomes a question answer machine, seeking the
answer to what should he do, from what he wants, and what he knows.

       We write this as


       The 3 basic questions of his question answer machine are

       What do I want?

       What do I know?

       What should I do (to get what I want)?

       Since doing is action, namely effort/force and mass/energy in
motion, if his question answer machine is working well your preclear
will be in a state of happy high action.

       If his question asking process is failing routinely on him, then he
will be in glum, watching and waiting for his ship to sink.

       Serious games are merely games he can lose.

       Maybe lose some for a while, maybe some forever.

       How much he can lose them and how serious those losses are may be
open to question but, as always, it is only a matter of what he has
postulated and created for himself in this particular arena or playing

       A space time game stream.

       The most serious games, are those whose loss means a loss of the
ability to have any more games ever again.

       Once you starve to death, no more hunting.  You get it?

       Once the preclear is into forevers and nevers, he is well on his
way out as a spirit.

       Thus it behooves us to understand the worst possible levels of
serious games, play and loss.

       When a new preclear walks in the door, his greatest problem is a
massive lack of understanding of how bad off he really is, he has lost
sight of the purposes, freedoms, and barriers, and of his original
design intent in the games he is having problems with.

      And if he gets a clue too fast, he can fall over dead within 24
hours, mostly from fear itself.

      So upfront auditing can and should be simply a personal awareness
inventory so he can see again the pickle he is really in, on a gradient
scale he can withstand.

      The first thing we note is he is scared out of his wits, stuck in a
must run, can't run, called despair.

      A little lower is terror and horror, which is waiting to be eaten,
and a little lower is numb, being eaten.

      The bank is a record of every time he failed to survive, it is
every possible way to die or go unconscious across trillions of years.

      The bank is basically a lot of muck thrown into his question answer
engine, he can't get answers any more and he can't even get the
questions either!

      Thus one has to be very careful about how one approaches these
problems of life because it is very tempting simply to ask him some
questions and try to get some answers.

      But he is completely unable to ask a question any more, without
having his bank ask it for him, and there are no straight lines in the

      So the first thing we notice is your preclear has two basic flows
on fear.

      He is afraid OF things.

      He is afraid FOR things.

      And he can be afraid of and for the same thing!

      Mommy comes to mind.

      For example, without question, he is afraid of his body, and he is
afraid for his body.

      So to get a personal inventory of everything that causes him fear,
it is very tempting simply to ask him

       "What are you afraid of?"
       "What are you afraid for?"

      But this throws him directly into his question answer engine and
his bank will happily slam answers out to you that merely give him a
whopping headache and more losses on the game of finding out,

       It doesn't help that he is deadly afraid of finding out!

       He is also afraid to death of finding out what he is
so afraid of!

      That's a fear feedback loop, don't you see, that can make his heart
race and explode.

       The LAST thing his bank wants to know about is his bank!

       One might consider that it would soften the blow, to balance the
questions with their opposite:

       "What are you NOT afraid of?"
       "What are you NOT afraid for?"

      That will give him some cognitions and solace, but will still cause
the question answer engine to crunch around hard, with all its muck
caught between the gears, and do him little good in the end.

      Further more the above processes audit him at the level of CREATED,
namely the past.

      They may look like they are asking about the present, but mommy
goes into the deep past and so the reason he is afraid of or for mommy
is more a matter of the past than it is of the present.

      He believes that he is suffering in the present because of what he
has done in the past, everything in present time is karma to him.

      What is ACTUALLY wrong with him is his concept of the future, so
auditing the future is much more lucrative than auditing the past, but
he considers his future is ruined because of the past.

      In fact the only thing that connects his future to his past, is his
own present time CAUSE in the present.

      Adore calls this cause 'present time operational wizardry', meaning
not even he knows how he is doing it.

      But long before he can finally see HOW he is connecting the future
to the past, he first must see THAT he is doing this, and on what

      So, we never deal with how, we deal with WHAT.

      But we never get to WHAT by asking WHAT!

      Dig it and don't leave it.

      What is the worst of all bank questions, what is cause
around here and why is it such an asshole!?

      Since *HE* is cause in present time, you can see how such a
question might run him into trouble as every answer he might get is a
wrong why.

      Wrong whys create Eternal Glum.

      So your job as an auditor is to address his cause in the present
that connects his future to his past, no matter what the past or future
were or are, and once that cause stops doing its thing, his future will
straighten out on its own.

      For one we do not want to audit with questions, and for two we do
not want to audit the past per se, so we can rewrite the above processes
into a very powerful set of COMMANDS that produce the desired result.

       "Get the idea of not being afraid of something."
       "Get the idea of being afraid of something."

       "Get the idea of not being afraid for something."
       "Get the idea of being afraid for something."

      Of course you can put "Tell me about it" in between each command,
if you are a mind to, but he will, he will.  Better to leave the tell me
about it out of it.

       Once you get near the right item he will start blabbing about the
thing until its all gone.

       Then you approach the entire warp core of the question answer
engine by auditing its primary items, wanting, doing, knowing and

       "Get the idea of not having something.
       "Get the idea of having something"

       "Get the idea of not doing something."
       "Get the idea of doing something."

       "Get the idea of not knowing something."
       "Get the idea of knowing something."

       "Get the idea of not wanting something."
       "Get the idea of wanting something."

      Across many days of this, either solo or dual, the responsibility
for his own case will surface, and you can then start into cleaning it

      Once his FEAR OF FEAR is gone, he will be free to feel emotions
again and get at what they are about rather than having emotions about
having emotion.

      But without the personal inventory done, his personal integrity
will be out, he WON'T KNOW THAT HE DOESN'T KNOW, and that will stop most
other auditing cold.

      E/P is knows his question answer engine can be repaired, and knows
how to proceed to do it.

      Life repair is available at this point but not done.


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