OK, tell your Trommie friends to try this.

      Get get a good full color detailed book on human anatomy, something
with a detailed drawing of the central nervous system, every nerve,
where it starts, where it goes and what it controls, outgo and income.

      Then start mocking up each and every nerve and your self as the
whole nervous system without a body or a spine, just pretend you are a
brain and the nervous system, without any physical armor, like spine,
bone, or muscle or skin.

      If there are places you can't see or get dull ness or blackness,
concentrate along the center of the nerves that go through the area, you
want LINES of deadness not just points of deadness.

      Pain off away from a nerve is often caused where the nerve is,
masses in the front of the face are often caused by terrible deadness in
the center of the spine in the BACK of the neck you see?

      Tensions in the center of the back can cause pains way down in your

      Tensions in one area are caused by deadness in another.

      Where you FEEL the pain or phenomenon is not where it is
originating, find the DEAD spot and watch all the fireworks blow off
everywhere else.

      This is part of the trap, paying attention to the pain locks one
into making the remote dead area more dead, so the pain continues.  Its a
MECHANICAL feed back loop, one is actually hurting the nerve feeding the area
that hurts, but the NERVE damage ain't there.

      Nerves run the whole body and be damaged anywhere along the route,
but will report in as 'pain at the end point' of the nerve.

      Stupid preclears will often create physical symptoms at the end
pain points to prove their point.

      Mock up your full nervous system, voluntary and involuntary, until
there are no more black or dull spots and the nerve system can be seen
as flows of energy without stoppage up and down the spine, limbs and
inside the head.

      If parts of your spine look like they are broken like a pencil and
no longer line up properly, run the are until its straight and clean
again, and stop breaking with dumb dramatizations through out the day.

      Mostly question asking about what to DO to survive, with intent to
murder along the way.


      That's enough to turn a beautiful body into an ugly body almost over


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