People often use the word forever to mean forever in time, a
temporal immortality.

      In this post, forever means forever ouside of time, an extemporal
eternality instead.

      Eternality is like unimpingable dreamless sleep for as long as you
want, followed by forays into space and time game streams at will.

      People who still want to be dead forever at the end of this life
are running away from a hell forever born of being stuck in a temporal

      It has nothing to do with GOD per se, except that all beings are
God incarnation.

      It simply has to do with the being has gotten himself stuck in an
immortal, in time, chinese finger trap of magnitude, and thus wants to
die forever, even if it is a pretense that has to be recreated everytime
he does die in a body.

      The being is seeking the relief of believing he WILL die forever
one day, never to be seen again, just as the Christians are seeking the
relief of believing they WILL live forever in time if they make the

      Nothing lives forever in time period.  Time exists only in finite
whiles, so all must end one day.

      So the answer to both the mortal meatballs, and the immortal
snowballs in hell is to help them recover their awaerness of
*ETERNALITY* which then frees them from being stuck in time in either
mortal dead forever or immortal hell forever.

      Mortality is enforced unmanifestation forever.

      Immortality is enforced manifestation forever.

      Eternality is freedom to manifest and unmanifest at will.

      Mortality forces a one way trip to the grave.

      Immortality forces a one way trip to the ovens.

      Only Eternality allows free cycling between unmanifest and manifest
across an infinite number of finite time streams or whiles.


      Run with another:

      "Get the idea of being dead forever.         Mortal

      "Get the idea of being alive forever.        Immortal

      "Get the idea of manifesting and unmanifesting forever."   Eternal

      E/P: No longer a nit wit.

Tue Dec 30 00:15:03 EST 2014