Scarcity is the absence of things within easy each.

      A being who can create in the mere conception of things, has no

      Native state knows no scarcity.

      But native state beings like to engage in games.

      Games place time and chase between conception and havingness,
combined with conditions upon attainment, namely doing the right thing.

      Thus all games are games of scarcity.

      In order to get food he must hunt.

      If food were not scarce, he wouldn't have to do anything, the food
would be there at all times for him.

      There are gradient scales of scarcity.

      The first level is he has to go out and hunt in order to bring in
food.  Having food has become a game, and he has to win the game each
day in order to eat.

      If he continues to win the game to his satisfaction he may consider
that food is not scarce, but in fact it is much scarcer than if he could
create food in the mere conception of it.

      Games can be fun at this level, as fun is high action chase towards
a goal with reasonable expectation of winning.

      The next level of scarcity would be if sometimes he fails to bring
home food because he can't find any or can't catch it.

      This can be less fun, because he NEEDS TO WIN in order to play the
game each day.  Every day he fails to get food means the next day's play
will be slightly less energetic, competent and accurate.

      If he has high stores of food, he can weather a few failures, but
eventually if his stores get too low, he will start to worry and sag in

      Fun is also high morale and feelings of self confidence and self
sufficiency to his own survival and the survival of those he cares
about.  As successes wane, morale suffers, worry sets in, and worry and
fun are opposed.

      The last level of scarcity is he starves to death because he fails
too often.

      Now a being in good shape can create games of scarcity and chase
in the mere conception of things, and if he loses the fun in one such
game, he can create others anew.

      But down lower, stuck in a body, worried about being mortal,
certain games, like eating, become paramount to WIN rather than merely
play, because if he doesn't win the game of eating, he will die, and so
he won't be able to conceive of or play any other games ever again.

      Thus games of scarcity become themselves SCARCE.

      When a being has a serious scarcity of games in general, he will
tend to hold onto the game he still has at all costs.

      That means he will take to NOT WINNING games in order to keep the
game around.  He has to make sure that he doesn't lose it either too
because every time he wins or loses a game, he is out of game, and if
games are hard to come by, he will begin to panic because there are no
more games to play.

      Thus GAMES have become scarce to him.

      So if you find your preclear stuck in a scarcity of something, it
can be anything, underlying that scarcity is a scarcity of scarcities,
that he can chase after.

      If (games of) scarcities are not scarce, he can always move on to
another game if one becomes hopeless.


      Chase is desirable.

      If he has too much of something there is no chase.

      If he has too little of something there is no chase either.

      You might think if a preclear complains about having a scarcity of
money or girl friends or whatever, that the way to remedy this scarcity
is to have him mockup girl friends until he can have girl friends again.

      Near native state that might work, but not near the bottom.

      In fact the way to get him to solve the scarcity of girl friends is
to have him mockup scarcities of things including girls until he can
create SCARCITIES again in the mere conception of things.

      Then he can say, oh to hell with girls, I want BOATS, and chase
after them instead.

      Now he is worried about not having boats, but girls will be all
over him begging him to get a boat, because GIRLS have a scarcity on
partying on boats.

      You see?

      This whole universe is ass backwards, and everything your preclear
says about what is wrong with him is ass backwards with it.

      You solve his future by solving his present time scarcities, by
getting him to mock up OTHER FUTURES with OTHER present time scarcities.

      The future is chase.

      Chase is chase after scarcity.

      To rehabilitate any being you need to make sure that *CHASE* itself
isn't scarce or your preclear will give up chasing, and that's death.

      Fun is optimum high action chase.

      Glum is stuck in glue "Which way do I go, which way do I go?"

      If his future is glum, he has developed a scarcity of chase, a
scarcity of scarcities to chase after.

      By getting him to mockup new futures of scarcities and chases, he
will let go of his present future of scarcities that aren't getting him

      This is much harder when the scarcity is FOOD, because not all
chases are of equivalent importance, its easy to replace girls with
boats in order to rehab girls, but what are you going to do to
replace FOOD?

      Nonetheless somewhere some OTHER chase is in ruins that can
be fixed that will fix the problems he is having with money, jobs,
food etc, unless of course he is stuck in a dust bowl, or nuclear
waste land, at which point you might want to rehabilitate his ability
to chase new bodies on new planets.

      So this can go very high very fast if things are dire for him.

      Anyhow rehabilitating chase goes a long ways towards straightening
out a normal life in a normal environment, as his own aberrations are
keeping him down more than the radiation clouds are.


      A meatball is someone who thinks he lives but once and dies forever
and that's it bud.  Meatballs are terrified of living in a hell forever,
the pretense of death is their way out.

      A dreamball is someone who thinks his consciousness is eternal, and
that involvement in temporal games and heavens and hells last only a

      The meatball is shutting down his life preparing to be no more.

      The dreamball is opening up his life, preparing to be forever,
above time and in time, as long as he wishes, as many times as he

      On the surface the meatball is afraid of not having a future, but
underneath he is afraid of HAVING a future because he seems to have lost
control over it.

      So while the meatball pretends to feel the final safety of no
future, the dreamball suffers wild eyed vertigo looking out on an
infinite future.

      An infinite future is not in one infinite while in time, but is an
infinite number of finite whiles in time with eternal rest in between

      Eternal happiness comes from an operational balance of work
and rest.

      Each future while is a cycle of scarcities and chase towards wanted
goals in time.

      One gets stuck in any particular while to the degree that one fails
to span the duration of the while, and the responsibility for invoking
it, and fails to conceive of new whiles in the future, lest they go bad

      Dare to love.

      He does not need endless amounts of more time in the present time
while, oh no, this while is WAY over run, he is still playing games he
could have won eons go but was afraid there would be no more games.

      So this while is rife with trying not to win AND trying not to lose
at the same time, every game that is left running.

      No, you need to get him to start conceiving and mocking up entire
new whiles from beginning to end, and then he will start to feel good
about whiles again, they become WORTH WHILE to him again, and then he
won't get stuck in time the way he has been in this one.

      A while that is not worth while is a waste of time :)


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