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       Answer to private letter below.

       Yes, but you WANT a dual mate.

       Remember when you solo you are usually auditing other entities, en
masse, but pracatice making space and time is always good.  But it is
the TWO WAY COMMUICATION BETWEEN beings that makes the bank come apart

       The process may break the bank open, but two way comm blows it
apart from there and clears out the rubble.

       You do not want to be clear and alone.

       So going clearer TOGETHER with someone else makes it much more
powerful by many orders of magnitude.

       Trying to solo too much creates an ARC break of not being able to
find another to audit or to audit with.

       Running this on another or many others would probably produce
amazing changes in YOU, even if no one runs it on you.

       Go out and find a bum in the street, or a child, or someone in dire
distress or even a cat or a dog or your own body and run it on them.

       5 complete cycles of this process can change a whole person's life
and they won't even know why.  So it doesn't have to be formal, just
enough to plant the seed.

    "Get the idea of space in front of you."
    "Get the idea of space behind you."

       You can't get them to do it without doing it yourself, so auditing
others IS auditing yourself.

       Auditing is co activity, life co activity, the purpose of auditing
is to clear co activity, what's IN that space in front, behind, top and
bottom of you are terminals for co activity, you see?

       So trying to run auditing 'solo' is self deprecating.

       Solo is mostly for auditing discarnate others, zillions of them in
your surrounding space and in the make up of your body.

       Even running the process on your body, would do better than
'running it on yourself'.

       But go ahead mockup some space and times for a while alone, but
then start putting some coactivity in them and run it on them.

       Casting others into casting space and time for themselves is an
amazing process, it will produce almost OT 1 type gains.

       "Spot a person.  Get the idea he is getting the idea of space in
front of him.  Get the idea he is getting the idea of space in back of
him.  Finish the entire cycle of commands.  Then spot another person and
do the same."

       When you spot a person, PUT HIM THERE.  YOU BE CAUSE OF HIM

       When you get the idea of him getting the idea of space  etc,
of him doing this.  That's OT VII, ability to project intention
onto others to be, do or have things.

       It doesn't matter at all if he actually does it, just get the idea
he is, you can't cast onto others without having some affect on them,
and tremendous affect on yourself long term.

       Projection of intention is not a matter of forcing someone else to
be, do, have or know something, its a matter of creating in the
conception of things.

       OT's cause by conception, not by force of will.

       If you got sparks flying out of your eyes at your target,
that's *WAY* too much force and power, you will probably burn your
own eyes out before he feels the effect.

       And if he does feel the effect, he is more likely to spark back at
you than complete the auditing command.

       That's why we always run auditing with "get the idea of," see?

       Pure conception and zero force.


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> Excellent , I am practicing the first half on this process during my errands
> in the neigborhood.
> I found your LIFE REPAIR process.  Is it possible to do this process SOLO ?
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 11:21 AM, Homer Wilson Smith
>  wrote:
>           Run to a win.
>           Get the idea of space in front of you.
>           Get the idea of space behind you.
>           Get the idea of space to the right of you.
>           Get the idea of space to the left of you.
>           Get the idea of space above you.
>           Get the idea of space below you.
>           Run to a win.
>           Get the idea of a future.
>           Get the idea of a past.
>           Get the idea of a present.
>           Homer
Sat Feb 21 12:45:42 EST 2015

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