One day God was playing dice with the Devil in the dark of the
void, and He invented the universe.

      The devil looked at it and said 'It needs something more', and
threw in special relativity.

      Not sure how much you been studying Quantum Mechanics and Special
Relativity but a mature understanding of both is something along the
lines of 'This is ridiculous'.

      There is a third point on that triangle and it is Perfect

      Thus the question is can three absurdities, QM, SP and PC add up to
a non absurdity?

      Perfect Cerainty forms the ground of understanding because it is
the only one of the 3 that can be directly perceived and which can not
be questioned.

      Descartes said "I doubt I am, therefore I am, because a nothing
could not wonder whether it was a nothing or a something."

      Occam's Razor said do not multiply factors unnecesarily, and
Occam's Shaprening Strap said "Do not suppose anything that you can
prove with certainty can never be proven."

      Now the perfect certainty thing is based on the idea that learning
with certainty across a difference of two different objects is

      For example one can never learn with certainty about A by looking
at B.

      If A leaves a causal imprint on B, then B might be able to surmise
things about the nature of A because of the effect that B noticed in
itself.  That's called a data imprint left by A on B.

      But anything B could conclude from studying the imprint in itself,
is a THEORY about A based on indirect perception of A by B, not a
perfect certainty based on direct perception of A about itself.

      It is easy to understand indirect perception or observation,
it is any event of learning about something else (A), by observing
the effect it allegedly had in yourself (B).

      Notice that *ALL* learning or data transfer in the physical
universe is via indirect perception.

      How likely then is direct observation?

      That would be A learning about itself, but not by being
a causal effect of itself!

      Indirect perception is learning by being an effect.

      Direct perception is learning by looking at CAUSE!

      How likely is that?

      Thus an object can only learn by direct perception about itself, we
call this self luminous perfect certainty, otherwise known as conscious.

      Now the above is explosive because if 'learning across a
difference' can not lead to perfect certainty, then neither can learning
across a distance, nor learning between two different objects, even if
they sit right on top of each other.

      Notice that actual space time distance between two objects, makes

      That means if God and Soul are two different objects, then neither
can ever know anything about the other with perfect certainty, including
their existence.

      If God and Soul are two different objects, then God and Soul must
forever remain a theory to each other.

      Secondly, since the alleged physical universe is made of space and
time dimensions, which INHERENTLY created 'two different object' at
every point in both space and time, it is clear that a machine can't be
certain of anything including its own existence.

      A machine is defined as any system of parts interacting via cause
and effect across a space time distance.

      Since effect does not prove cause with certainty, a machine can
that can only learn by being an effect, can never learn about the nature
of the cause, because it can never prove that cause even exists.

      Thus certainty of cause (personal agency) can only be attained by A
seeing cause itself via direct perception, and even then not by being an
effect of itself and computing back from the effect to the possibility
of a cause, as that is just more indirect perception of itself by

      So we have multidimensional machines that can only theorize and can
never know anything about anything with certainty, including their own

      And we have zero dimensional consciousness which is self aware, and
self luminous, it can see and it can see that it sees, and it can sense
personal agency directly, thus having certainty of the fact cause within
itself exists.

      I AM, I WANT, I KNOW and I DO.

      How likely is that?

      Worse machines run on force and mass in motion.

      Consciousness runs on motivation and will.

      Love and shame can not of force and mass be made.

      Pain can not be reduced to force and mass.

      A machine can say Ouch!

      But a machine can never FEEL Ouch.

      Only a consciousness can feel Ouch and give a damn.

      Pain is not an IF THEN statement in computer code, it doesn't
work that way.

      Further cause in the physical universe takes TIME to travel, so
even if a machine were fitted with 10 video cameras all aimed at itself
by the time the image from a video camera hit the machine's core, the
image would be of the machine microseconds before, NOT NOW.

      Check mate.

      Thus at best a machine can only know how it WAS, it can never
know how it IS NOW.

      Since how the machine WAS is LONG GONE by the time the image gets
to its 'core', the machine can not possibly see ITSELF, because that
self no longer exists being in the past, and thus when the image finally
hits its core, the machine must be looking NOW at a symbolic image or
representation of itself as it was THEN when the image was first made.

      Thus the machine is limited to knowing about itself THEN by looking
NOW at a SYMBOL of how it was THEN, and that is knowing about an earlier
A by looking at a later B, which can provide only theory, never a
perfect directly observed certainty.

      Consciousness can SEE ITSELF NOW, we know this becaause it can SEE
its own color forms as they are by looking at THEM NOW, not by looking
at a symobol for them, for how they were in the past.

      If consciousness were looking at its color forms as they were
THEN, it couldn't see them at all as they would no longer exist
since time has moved forward.

      Don't confuse seeing ANOTHER object which exists now withi is
similar an object which existed then, and assume the object that is SEEN
NOW *IS* the object that was in the past.

      One can only see with direct perception objects that are in present
time (conscious renditions) even if they are being USED to represent
theoreticaly objects out there in space and time, meaning not here now.

      A machine is dark inside, as it can never see anything because its
all gone by the time the messenger wave gets to whatever might be there
to see.

      At best a machine could see the symbolic messenger wave, but alas
it can't even see that, it can only change state as a result of it.  And
since no state contains data that a CHANGE of state occurred, no mere
state NOW can indicate with certainty that any change of state happened
at all, and thus no certainty there even was a messenger wave.

      Learing comes from a CHANGE IN STATE, if there is not
certainty of a change in state, there can be no learning with
certainty about what allegedly caused the change in state.

      So from the above we can conclude the following bare minimum

      Consciousness exists and has agency.

      Consciousness creates renditions of space and time and matter and
energy in its own self aware substrate, but these renditions do not
themselves take up any dimensional space or time, or else consciousness
could not see these renditions with perfect certainty, which it clearly

      These conscious renditions of space and time and matter and energy
which we see around us, IMPLY that external space and time etc actually
exist.  How could we see space or even get the idea of space if there
were no space?

      However that is causally inside out.

      Surely God did not need to see a tree before he could conceive of a
tree or create one.

      Thus we arrive at at least two theories.

      THEORY 1

      Matter, Energy, Space and Time are actual, and that consciousness
is a process in the brain.  In other words consciousness arose out of
the physical universe and represents it to us through our conscious
renditions made of conscious color form controlled and directed by our
physical senses.  Everything is a machine learning about itself and the
universe by being an effect of incoming causal messenger waves.

      Sounds reasonable (although emotionally horrible), but misses the
one little point of perfect certainty of consciousness of itself and its
color form renditions.

      That indicates that consciousness is scalar or zero dimensional.

      Scalar does not mean a 3 dimensional {0x0x0} point, but a {} that
has no geometricity at all.

      THEORY 2.

      Scalar or zero dimensional consciousness exists and likes to
dream dreams of space, time, matter and energy.

      It's a static dreaming of kinetics.

      It casts APPARENT cause into the kinetics, but in fact
the static scale maintains cause at all time over the kinetics
to make it seem like the kinetics has cause over itself.

      This is called virtualization of cause.

      In a dream, a dream ball bounces off the dream wall, but
NOT because the dream wall has anything to do with it.

      The conscious scalar static creates conscious renditions of these
things in its own substrate as Creator using direct causal agency over
itself, and then CHOOSES to forget it did so and thus becomes the
Creature dreaming a nightmare about space and time, until it wakes up at
death of the dream body it has assigned itself.

      But what about others?

      Well we are faced with the possibility that the Static Scalar
Creator is a multi being, a Multi I AM superconsciousness, that can and
does incarnate parts of itself as individual consciousnesses in order to
play with each other.

      Thus certainty of each other's existence is not possible while
being a Creature because all learning is via the outward hallucination
of space and time which tells us squat.  But from the Creator viewpoint,
each I-AM is capable of seeing its multi I-am facility, and can take full
responsibility for all of them.

      We call that the HIGH US.

      That's an infinite number of infinite minds.

      A One *AND* a Many.

      How likely is that?

      The Many while dreaming think they commmunicate with each other via
the outward dream, and the many dreams are synchronized perfectly
because there IS only one outward objective universe, so of course
everyone sees the same thing, albeit from different angles.

      In actuality each one of the Many has its own private rendition,
and they are synchronized via the One that connects them all above space
and time.

      Thus the entire universe display in each consciousness is
synchronized instantly across the entire universe, but not by any cause
traveling THROUGH the dream universe.

      How likely is that?

      But then how likely is the existence of perfect certainty?

      Since one can never learn with certainty about A by looking at B,
it is clear one can never learn with certainty about the alleged
external physical universe by looking at our own conscious renditions
(hallucinations) of them.

      Thus *IF* the external objective physical universe actually exists,
we can never prove this with certainty because all we can ever see is
our own conscious self luminous rendition of it.

      Thus Occam's Sharpening strap says we shouldn't even bother
assuming the external universe is there, because even if it were, we
could never prove it with certainty.

      Thus it bears upon us to study Theory 2 at least as much
as Theory 1.

      We are not talking about Faith here, Faith is a waste of time,
unless it is faith in one's self to be able to deal with an Eternal

      There is no super God watching over us, as WE ARE THAT GOD in

      All life is God in carnation, both heaven and hell are empty,
because everyone of this small chunck of the HIGH US is HERE NOW.

      All physical universe forms are avatars for the conscious unit that
controls it, from bodies down to individual quarks.

      And there is nothing wrong with science per se, the scientific
method works for both the virtual reality called the physical universe
using dream tools to measure dream quarks, but it also works in the
realm of perfect certainty, where in outwardly we can only know
ourselves, but inwardly we might be able to know everyone else also.

      One full exteriorization where you can read the number taped to the
back of your head changes everything.

      You don't even have to have done this yourself, just ASSUME it has
been done from all the reports of crazy people, and then try to build a
causal world view in which such a thing could happen.

      One ends with Theory2 in spades.

      And possibilbly even a prediction about how to attain a full
exteriorzation yourself and why it has been so hard and hidden.


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