> But if you carefully read "Advanced Procedures and Axioms" and evaluate each
> datum as you read it,

     Consider advanced procedure a compendium of present time state of the 
art technology at that moment of time it was published, which then also 
included the Axiohms done much earlier with out correction.

     DATE, DATE, DATE, when was APA published, when were the dianetic 
axioms first published, when were the Scn axioms first published?

     Menken: Consistency is the hob goblin of little minds...

> This is what, I would say, for the lack of a better way to express it,  
> bothers me  as for quality of text and data.

     I would say probably right, your expectations do not match the 
historic context in which all this was first created.

     The theory changed and molted as time and experience went on, no 
theory of antomy is right, just workable according to the approach it 
engenders to fix the anatomy of the problem.

     Hubbard was just a guy, when and if you get the red volumes he totally 
reverses on a whole lot of things, its only on the tapes does he admit the 
inconsistences, like engrams are entities holding a picture in force.  He 
admits that once all the Dianetic Engrams are gone, 50 percent of the 
entities are gone because the engrams were being created by the entites. 
Thus what's real is engrams of force and data, but what's actual are 
living conscious units, small thetans, blowing mockups of force and mass 
your way.  Since things persist as long as they aren't granted life, 
conscious life, not mest life, the bank never erases except by luck by 
running engrams as force and mass.  Ask the entity what he wants for 
dinner is more productive to get the engram to top being pushed in your 
face by the guy.

     Thus Dianetics could be run as NOTS if the preclear had the confront 
to see that every stitch of his existence is an interweave of LIFE, and 
not force and mass, and that life is not biological life, real life has 
nothing whatsoever to do with 6th dynamic force and mass.

     Real life is spirit 7th dynamic and above.  6th dynamic is dream time.

> > How does being endangered make you safe?
> > How does being safe make you dangerous?
> > How does being safe make you endangered?
>  Here above you give questions to run.

     Yes, its a standard way to present, with the caveat that most preclears 
can't handle questions.  Run by creative conception brings the questions up.

> > Don't run with questions/answers, run with "Get the idea of being
> > safe, dangerous, endangered, etc."
>  Here you say,  don't run with questions.
> Please explain?

      Some people can answer questions and get the right answer, mostly
above Grade III.  Who or what can be listed to a correct item.

      Below that give it up.

      'When did you know a dog?'

      'Spot a dog'.

      'Get the idea of dog.

      Its a gradient scale from remembering to creating.  Trying to
remember into the black cloud of forgetfulness just doesn't work,
its an effort vs effort game which the preclear will lose.

      Get the preclear creating dogs left and right, and he will damn
well remember the one that he's crazy about long ago, you see?

      He's creating NOT KNOW on top of overts.  So you are wasting your time 
asking 'what have you done', he doesn't the fuck know.

      Asking 'what are you not knowing' doesn't work because its not
a duplication of the not know!

      He isn't asking a question, he's not knowing!

      YOu don't want him to ask a question about the not knowing, you
want him to duplicatge his not know and not know he is doing so!

      Telling him to 'Not knowing something and don't know what it is, and not 
know you are not knowing it!" works wildly.

      The not-is will start to blow off and his whole bank will start
to appear in front of him, all of it all at once.

      For example there is a soopersecret power process run as questions:

      Tell me a condition.
      What purpose did it serve?
      What you are doing to handle that condition?

      Try running that some day and you will get NOWHERE, unless you
are very high tone.

      But run it this way and you can run it forever, and the forgotten
conditions will show and the preclear won't get bogged down in 'I can't...'

      Get the idea of having a condition.
      Get the idea that condition might serve a purpose.
      Get the idea you are trying to do something about the condition.

      No tell me, no question asking, no who how what where when why which, no 
trying to remember, just simple creative commands.

      Any and all auditing can, should be and sometimes must be
converted from "What's It?" -> "It's a..." to  "Get the idea of."

      Rather than run what question are you asking? run Get the idea
of having a question.

      Rather than "What wrong indication has there been", run "Get the idea of a 
wrong indication.

      Rather  than run 'What have you forgotten', run 'Forget something!'

      He won't be able to remember the wrong indication, but he can out
create in present time, at which point it will come forward.

      "The way out from under suppressions of invention, it to invent
suppressions of invention until you are out from under the one you are in." 

> But, you are contradicting what you said at first, (run present life, what
> PC has attention on)  which I commented on to generate this comm.
> Please explain?

      OK, but not present LIFE, the present across all dynamics some of 
which is eternally timeless.  His case is a totall ball of charge made up 
moments of unconfronted unwillingness in the past, the present and the 
future, and the co eternal NOW, it may be mostly about the future but it 
is all going on now.

      His GOALS (future) stick him to using that charge to defend and
make wrong, to win by losing, gaining sympathy and help, etc.

      But his goals may be from his actual past, which he, being
even earlier, he sees as his future.

      He wants to be a Star Captain, but has despaired on ever being one. 
Well that's a joke you see because 100,000,000 years ago he WAS a star 
captain, and 200,000,000 years go he thought he would never be one.

      So from his point of view, his past is considered to be his future.

      If you feel I am really outright contradicting myself, put the
two sentences together for me. show me.

      Also literalness of interpretation is indication of lowness of tone, so 
try to understand what I am trying to say, and don't go flying with what I 
actually say.

      Another thing, you are doing very well with all this, certainly 
better than most. but all of the stuff I am going over here has been 
written over and over and over again over the past 5 years in the 

      This isn't new, and it's all there, nothing is hidden, nothing.

      If you were to be so stupid as to read it all in time order from 1995 to 
the present you will see questions being used to audit like nobody's business. 
But I eventually realized that would never work for me.  So after about 2007 
say I started to heavily get into auditing COMMANDS and NO/SOME and ANDS and 
PUTTING IT THERE and WHILE-ING IT.  It starts to really get interesting around 
2012 or so.

      The bank is made of mis handled questions and wrong answers,
thus the bank is the LAST thing you want to ask a question of,
including "What question am I ..." type questions.

      Even running 'What question do I have?' doesn't work, because ITS A 

      Every question you ask retims the entire bank!

      The idea is to stop dramatizing asking questions entirely,
native state knows no need to answer questions.

      And its a serious trap to think you have to answer a question to
stop asking it.

      But WHATS IT? is the worst question of all except maybe WHY IS IT? 
and ALL of Scn is based and defined on the WHATS IT? - IT'S A cycle.

      So Scn guaranteedly restims the bank, but only by luck is the
preclear able to answer any of them, usually each auditing command
becomes a loss, because HE CAN'T ANSWER THE AUDITING QUESTION.

      So they run 3000 hours of CCH's on him, then declear him suppressive
so they have to ask him any more quesitons he can't answer, and he leaves
all relieved that he doesn't have to try to answer any more questions
ever again.

      Instead of 3000 hours of CCH's, just run this instead:

      "Tell me about your future."

      Oh no, having a future is out gradient for him, you see, expecially 
one can he PUT IT THERE for a WHILE, so he will gladly pass the book back 
and forth to you on CCH's until the cows come home.

      And in truth I would run,

      Get the idea of a future.
      Get the idea of a present.
      Get the idea of a past.

      For anyone anywhere anywhen.

      All he has to do is do it, and say OK.  If he wants
to TELL YOU ABOUT IT, that's fine, but the auditing doesn't
demand it.

      Believe me he will tell you about it after a few commands
and never shut up again.

Thu Jul 16 21:56:05 EDT 2015