> Can you please explain what " Once the NOTS gate is opened"

     Ron talks about the channel that is better left shut while trying to 
clear the person of his own reactive mind.  This is why the Church is so 
nuts on not allowing anyone to talk about or audit entities before OT 3.

     After the channel into the entity bank is opened by whatever means, 
the preclear becomes entity aware whether clear or not himself, and thus 
must audit entities along with himself.  Since auditing entities MUST be 
solo beyond the initial foray, the preclear needs to know how to be a solo 
auditor, but that happens after clear not before, so a preclear who is 
suddenly auditing entities becomes a major problem, as his auditor and C/S 
are usually also entity unaware and don't want to be.

      The Church's solution of denial to the preclear and everyone else
about what is going on, eventually ending on a PTS type 3 declare, sees
imaginary beings around him, is unworkable, not to say hypocritical.

      Many PTS/SP declares were open channel cases with no one to talk to
about them nor train them on how to bust apart the clusters.

      Find their 'eyes' and hold them, then pointing at them directly and
accusatively, say:

      "You are a BT/Cluster/Demon!
      What are you?  What am I?
      Who are you?   Who am I?
      How many are you? (count up to the 100 trillions and beyond if 
necessary.)  How many am I?  (Don't bother to get an answer on this one, 
its too high.)
      (When you get the right approximate range of number on them, they 
will go eyes wide, and start to come apart, fall into a color puddle on 
the ground, blow up into pixie dust, or become friendly and offer to help 
you.  Take it.  Most BT's are in the low number range, 10 to 20, just 
asking them the question alone will start them puddling, heavy clusters 
can to up into the millions and trillions, demons are usally off the 
counting scale.  The higher the number the more intelligent they are and 
can hold up in a conversation with you. )

      You are real people!
      You can be free."

      Anybody in a sleep dream is a BT/Cluster/Demon, audit them in the 
dream IF they are annoying you, other wise let them be your friend. 
Don't ask their name or phone number if you want them to hang around as 
the simple friendly ones will puddle accidentally and you will regret 
ruining their mockup.

> And "How total God Hood" can be achieved?

      The purpose of the creator is to become the creature.

      The way to become the creator is to BE the creator becoming
the creature.

      The way in is the way out.

      That's because you have to BE out in order to come in.

      Thus practice coming in puts you out, and you can
change your mind and just not stay in but go back to sleep
in native state instead.

      Total God Hood is not desireable, optimum game play and action are,
thus the purpose of clearing is to attain just enough creatorship so
the preclear can tune his own game again to a fun level.

      The below comment refers to the fact that a solo auditor must
audit from the point of view of cause, by using 'put it there'

      The dianetic case audits from the point of view of an effect trying 
to become cause by being a better effect (of an auditor).

      A preclear can not dianetically clear himself, but an open channel
case can, but then he is auditing OTHERS (entities) and not himself.
Thus he blows his own bank in the process because his bank is MADE
of those other entities who are being his pictures, not the pictures
themselves which Dianetics tells him his bank is made of.

      Dianetics audits the incident in the picture, NOTS audits the
entity that is holding the picture in creation.

      You aren't supposed to have any of those entities/pictures that
make up your own bank by the time you start auditing entities and not
pictures.  So a person who naturally understands that EVERYTHING is
and entity of one kind or another in carnation has a hard time of it
with tech that won't give him permission to audit what he needs to audit
with how it needs to be audited.

      "Grant it life." will scare the hell of a preclear who is not
yet clear nor entity aware.

      From the Axioms: "Things persist to the degree that they are not
granted life."

      "I am in a living body who is made out of dead things (atoms, 
molecules) etc." is in part why it is so hard to gain a stable 

      No part of living consciousness is made out of dead things including 
space and time :)


homer said in a previous letter:
> > No. Its bullshit. Once the NOTS gate is opened, nothing but
> > total God Hood will handle the no see, no know, no feel, no think, case.
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