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>      You have done this?  If not, then go to the physics department.
> Find someone who looks at it all from above, rather than from within.
> There are surely some there who do.  It would be interesting to see what
> they think.

      I have been at Cornell here for 40 years, thousands of
conversations etc.

      I talk to everyone I meet, try to take them to their frontiers of
thought.  Most have a hard ceiling above which they will not go.

      Many are religious, they think there is some mystery to it etc, but
they freak if I start talking too close to scalar and fair chosen choice
to forget a fair chosen choice.

      They have lost sight of their eternality and they fear immortality
more than mortality, they fear hell forever more than death forever, so
they choose the pretense of death forever in a (virtual) meatbody rather
than face the monsters of hell they left behind them and had become.

      The whole proof is on the net and has been for years.


      Some of Adore is on the net too: http://www.adore.com

      I had a single page of the proof pinned up in the math student
lounge for YEARS and got not one single comment.

      They considered me the local weirdo and intellectual trouble maker.

      The few I managed to take it up with, giggled nervously and quickly
changed the subject, probably as too ludicrous or galling to consider.

      I ran it as an ad in the Cornell Daily Sun for YEARS requesting
interested parties to contact me about it.  Not one call.

      I have shown it to a few friends like Jane, Bunny and Patty Perrin
who simply got it, but most others like Crackers just freaked out about
it and finally started ordering me to not talk about it.  I have had
math professors do the same, and even high level Scientologists who
ought to know better.

      I mostly get nutcackes, "I doubt everything!  I even doubt that I
doubt everything!  At least I am being consistent, I think."

      You know Wind Between The Ears kinds of people who belong in Godel
Jail for life.

      Respectable world reknown quantum mechanics experts tell me 'Oh we
know we can't be certain of anything!' 'Besides what is existence
anyhow, no one can define it.'

      Since I AM and I KNOW it, I just wonder what their PhD's are about
except a long sojourn in Academentia.

      I will be making youtube videos in the near future going over the
whole thing in detail, but its 40 years of work to organize.

      Lot's of people on the net are very close to the subject, they know
the world is a dream, google for the holographic universe, and the scifi
Dead Forever triology.

      But they don't have a clue what perfect certainty is and the
problems with it, and they have never gotten a single finger on EXACTLY
what it is with consciousness that makes it consciousness.

      Consciousness IS the facility of perfect certainty.

      How can there be perfect certainty?

      Zero Emission Visuals, ZEV, flies right over their heads.

      Artificial Intelligence assholes think that because a circuit says
'Ow!' it must feel pain, they claim that obfuscation through more
complexity will somehow make the pain actual, and they never ask how
will they PROVE with perfect certainty that their circuit actually feels
pain.  Just because it says so?

      So I am not alone, but I no longer am interested in making
idiotized people wrong, especially those with PhD's to prove their

      They need their mysteries and total irresponsibility for condition
etc.  A few buddhists and scientologists to the contrary.

      If someone reaches to me and asks about it, I will work with them
until they are terrified out of their wits, and lay off before they
start to die of it.

      There is a reason the bible says don't throw pigs before pearls.

      In the first place pigs are heavy, but in the second place they

      But in teaching these things, there is a point of no going back.

      You can talk about the world being a dream in the mind of God, and
that the physical universe is God's conscious imaginings, and each soul
is a drop or spark of God that goes back into the great pool when they
die.  Anything so they can look forward to total oblivion forever for
free when they die.

     But once you get close to the concept of a GodSoul as
Creator/Creature fully responsible for its own condition via choice and
choice to not know a choice, let alone that this GodSoul is a FULL
instantiation of the infinite, not a drop of the ocean but the whole
ocean in multi in carnations at once, they don't want to know any more.
"I *KNOW* I was made by God, and I live for HIS purposes, what they are
God knows..."

     Most never come back to talk to me again, they know I know and that
bothers them no end.  They wonder what else I might know.

     One night last November we were invited to dinner by some close-ish
friends of Jane.  Both husband and wife were non religious meatballs,
but very much into academentia and erudition.

     So I start to take the guy to task about some very simple issues
like forgotten choices to forget choices to be born etc, and we went on
for hours.  He talked about the absolute lack of evidence for anything
behond this life in his entire life experience.

     And he kept asking why in would anyone CHOOSE to be born?

     He finally said he couldn't wrap his wits around any of it, and
admitted he hadn't ever even thought about having lived before or living

     That's shallower than a dry river bed.

     The next morning he woke up dead, er didn't wake up because he WAS

     During the middle of the night, he took a too hard look at the
possibility of having chosen to not know, and it killed him dead.


     Remember the Dennis Kitchen/R.  Crumb comic book that had the story
of this poor guy on the back in about 31 frames.  From birth to death
the guy was struggling through life with a big question mark above his

     Then he dies in the 30th frame.  Then in the 31st frame he
momentarily wakes up with a huge exclamation mark over his head, then
dies again.

     I been dealing with his widow ever since.

     The material over 40 years has made me so sick I might as well be
living in a morgue and might make it there yet.

     "Send my mail to the end of the trail...", the morgue or some house
of dementia.

     Imagine making a whole auditorium start puking or exteriorizing or
keeling over by simply talking about the process of perfect certainty
through a self luminous scalar?  Something that was a non temporal non
space process, where causation of perception could be seen directly?

     What is the color of agency anyhow?

     You can see the red and the green sitting out there next to each
other, but can you see the existence of the CAUSE between the red and
your ability to SEE the red and the green and know they are different

     That's incoming cause during simple perception of color form.

     No machine can do that, because it can never see what it is looking
at, only a messenger wave it received from it, who knows where the
messenger wave came from.

     The messenger you may trust exists, but the King who sent him is
always a theory.

     And how do you see the messenger?  With light waves.

     Light waves are the messenger reporting on the messenger.

     The messenger is a theory too!

     You can't be certain of A by looking at B (A's messenger).

      If you put out a mockup of color in front of you can you see the
outgoing cause you are generating as your self conscious self to put the
red mockup there?

      That's out going cause.

      Machines can't do that either, they can't see cause, cause is a
theory to them only.

      You can't see cause in the physical universe, but you sure can see
cause in your own consiousness.

      Machines can only learn about objects in the presence of emissions
from the objects they want to learn about.

      Emissions that affect the machine a distance away, no matter how

      Red and Green conscious experiences are Zero Emmission phenomenon,
and therefore timeless and spaceless to boot.

      There is always time in the physical universe between the King and
the arrival of the messenger emission, and by the time the messenger
arrives THE KING IS LONG GONE, at least the one that issued the message.

      In a zero emission process, one is looking at the cause directly,
one SEES THE KING, not some messenger, and the existence of the King IS
the seeing of the King, and so there is no time in the process of
perception, and you can see this and verify it and know it is true with
perfect certainty.

      If there is any space or time between the looker and the looked-at
the looked-at would not be seeable.

      Looking directly at cause is called direct perception.

      Looking at messenger effects is called indirect perception.

      The physical universe runs on indirect perception at all times.

      The conscious universe runs on direct perception at all times.

      Thus the facility of perfect certainty is also the facility of
direct perception of cause, not indirect perception of cause by looking
at effects.

      Ron Hubbard thought that some things shouldn't be talked about
because they can kill some people.  I have come to think he is right.

      Most people can't conceive of something so dangerous that to even
think about it could make them permanently ill or kill them dead through
a racing heart or blown up brain.

      But neither can they consider the choice to forget a choice to be
born as a human and how much anger there is around that subject.


      So we are left with the possibility that between lives, spirits who
are seeking incarnation are COMPLETELY SCREAMING INSANE, wanting to die
and not being able to, except to pretend they WILL die someday by
pretending they ARE something that can and will die for sure, the body.

      Pull up the murderous rage surrounding these subjects on some
people and they just explode all their fuses all at once trying to keep
it under control and act it out at the same time.

      They don't know who to kill, but they will die trying to find out!

      People are so mad at their own view of the world, I don't care what
it is, God or Mammon, they have chernobyled it in so much emotional
concrete that there is nothing there any more, just "Hi how are you?
Fine, thank you."


      That's two stupid Earthlings lying to each other desperately trying
to avoid having a near life experience.

      And now I going to wake them up to their real feelings, which is
wanting to drown in the blood of their enemies?

      God is not a god of love, he is a god of love AND hate, beauty AND
ugly, adoration AND abomination, and the soul is that god in carnation
under its own choice.

      The Soul can not confront what it has made of itself, nor what it
was when it made it self that way.

      Two strikes and you are out.

      Thus we are stuck in a universe, in a body, in being human, which
looks ok to a human until he wakes up one day and realizes that being
human is about as inhuman and unhuman as it comes.

      NO *HUMAN* would ever choose to become a human.

      He wouldn't wish it off on his worst enemy, this rat race of
precious, fragile and unique living by eating, death and sex.

      So what then did chose such an abomination for itself?

      What chose is scarier than what it chose to be, so people remain
what they chose to be, human, as the final safe solution to never being
again what they were when they WANTED to be human and choose to be so.


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