A situation, commonly called a sit, is the furthest departure from
an ideal scene.

     A sit is a severe, important, game-of-life ruining, departure from
an ideal scene.

     Too many severe 'sits' happening at the same time IS the definition
of a confusion.

     Japs coming in at 12 o'olock, Gerries coming in at 6 o'clock,
hydrolics leaking oil, one engine on fire, and your wife nagging you on
the cell about being late for dinner.
     The body/thetan composite has a preemptive death mechanism.  If the
body is overwhelemingly pushed down tone with impending danger too fast,
it will preemptively die before it is actually killed.  Thus knowing
that you are GOING to die can be enough to kill you.

     If you have ever faced a tidal wave coming at you, and you know you
can't run fast enough, you know how fast the body can fade away long
before it is even touched.

     The body will be dead even before the ocean is done pulling OUT
towards the continental shelf.

     That's despair, right below terror, it is must run, can't run.

     Such engrams of preemptive death are noted by the absolute
certainty that one WILL die, with the computation "so why bother doing
anything about it or suffering it?"

     A self determined death is always better than an other determined

     The preemptive death is painless, as it operates from numb on down
so fast there is no time to notice.

     In most cases as the body starts to crash down tone through anger
into despair about impending mortal doom, it enters areas of out of
valence engramic solutions (antogonism down through covert hostility)
that it could use, except for zooming down tone past them too fast to

     The bottom layer of engramic solutions, near death, are in valent
solutions PRETENDING preemptive death, and designed to gain sympathy on
the part of allies, and disinterest on the part of foes, since one is no
longer a 'danger'.

     This won't work on a tidal wave, but it may work on mother.

     Since these are a pretense near death, the being survives anyhow
and continues with this solution until well after it is useful any more.

     He will feel sick, but is still in a must run, can't run, so is
exhausted all the time.

     He will wake up dying because he is sitting down in an engram pool
of every death he, his body and all its entities have ever suffered.

     Lots of options there :)

     His *CASE* has become a sit, because it covers every unhandled sit
in his life.

     When a child is born, its primary tone is 'baby joy', it has an
inherent sense of high self esteem and confidence in its ability to win
the games of life for itself and for others.

     It knows there is danger, but that just adds to the thrill, the
baby has no concept of crushing defeat, or ruing the day he was born.

     But the baby is also born with a huge number of dependencies, food,
shelter, nuturance, communication, education, touch, interaction with
something more intelligence than it has, etc.

     In return it determines to damn well contribute in like kind to
those who are filling those dependencies and looks forward to the game
of doing so.

     Mother is the name of God on the lips of babies, and he feels he
has got the best mother ever!

     The baby may not be able to do much for mother in its first years,
but wait until mother is 80 years old, then the power of the baby to
serve and protect is a force to contend with.

     The mind of the baby and the adult is designed to solve and resolve

     That is not a small statement because by problem we mean SIT, and
by SIT we mean a SERIOUS life threatening departure from an ideal scene.

     The baby can not do much of anything in the first few years and it
knows this, and so it invests in its dependency lines to make sure it
can grow big enough, skilled enough, and smart enough FAST ENOUGH to
start pulling its own weight.

     However if those dependency lines are psychotic, absent, non
functional, or directly opposed to the survival of the baby or to its
concept of what a is sit or isn't, then the baby becomes swamped in
artifical sits, as its own team mates are its own worst enemy.

     Mommy, rather than being over joyed to have a new best friend in
the universe who will defend her to the death, becomes terrified and
wishes the baby dead 24x7.

     "What am I ever going to do with a baby?"

     Mother brings flowers of "I love you!", but something just
doesn't smell right.
     She may feed the baby but the food will come missing a few
emotional vitamins so to speak, or she may neglect and forget the baby
as non existent as often as possible, so sometimes it doens't get fed,
or she may attack it directly with violence, suffocation, and near death
attempts, including attempted abortions or suicide efforts before it is
even born.

     Very early on then, the child may enter an moment where it
perceives so many sits coming at it from all o'clocks that its body one
day suddenly and without warning, starts into a preemptive death dive.

     If the baby is lucky it may hold to a sympathy engram just before
death and sway the forces to go around him.

     There is nothing like a sick, coughing, vomiting and wailing baby
to get mother to try to take care of it whether she wants to or not, the
natural mother is called into play.  The second the baby gets well
however, the witch bitch comes back and into the maelstrom we go again.

     If the baby is not lucky, it will simply die of the preemptive
death dive, and you will find this kind of incident on the whole track
of just about any case, both as the baby and as the mother doing it to
her baby.

     Sometimes sons do it to their mothers too later in their life.

     Some people have even died in this life time, and been resurrected,
boy are they a bitch to audit, as the ally in the engram is the same
being as the person who tried to kill it.

     This involvement in near death engrams in order to survive has
historically been called the service facsimile chain, because it is
using IN VALENCE damage to survive better by getting others to lay off
or cooperate.

     Its purpose is to get those dependency lines working properly.

     The purpose of the parent is to protect the baby from sits, at
least until it is old enough to deal with sits on its own.

     Notice I said protect from the sit, not protect from KNOWING ABOUT
the sit.  The child should be allowed to know about all sits and raiding
hoards coming over the hills available to him, so he can spend his
formative years determining which sits on the planet will be his to
handle and so become facile in his abilities to do so.

     What will you do on the planet today?

     Mother's who insist that their child not know anything bad the way
she has chosen to not know and make nothing of everything bad, will
create a child that considers HER the enemy.

     Atomic war has matricide as its base.

     And the parent that IS the sit to the baby is protecting it from
nothing and adding to the number of direct sits that the baby is
experiencing and trying to handle AS A BABY, all the while mother is
hoping it won't or can't.

     Childhood should not be an endless string of adult sits.

     The child should be protected and allowed to observe these sits and
how adults handle them, so he can learn how to handle sits himself later
in life.
     The child's very survival AS A CHILD should not depend on the child
having to handle them all himself AS A CHILD.
     When the lone child slips and falls in the blood while running to
call the hospital because mama has overdosed on some drug after slitting
her wrists, something is wrong.

     The service fac chain then is used to hold back the confusion of
TOO MANY SITS suddenly going on at one time, each one life threatening,
usually amongst the baby's own team mates, with the perception that
there is no hope to survive it without help.

     The mother makes an eggnog for the baby, but before it gets to the
baby, mother throws it at father glass and all.

     The HELP as become the sit.

     The service fac changes the awarness of NO HELP to NOTHING GOING

     And there is no worse hell than when the help are all nuts,
dramatizing or computing psychotics.

     The PROBLEM to case gain is that the child has its natural goals to
pursue if it is to feel joy and exuberance in the good fight for
survival against the universe at large. 
     And those NATURAL SITS that produce joy upon contemplation because
he KNOWS he can do something about them, and he is going to damn well
die trying, be a hero for his mother in otherwords, who will admire him
even in death, get buried in the unnatural sits provided by its crazy

     And when mother no longer admires the hero in the little boy,
handling the natural sits becomes NOT WORTHWHILE, you might get killed
or worse?  What's the pay back?

     The coin of the realm is mother's admiration.

     Thus when the child gets older and is able to stand up and start
the fight against the things that are seriously wrong with the world,
and where the being's joy lines really lie, his passsions, skills and
honed talents, he can't even remember what they were, because the basic
compution of the service fac is 'Nothing there', 'Nothing going on',
'Nothing important'.

     All his life he feels like he just came home from the dentist
filled with novocain and he can't even remember his own name.

     And if he is just still enough, his mother or whatever won't eat

     So he forays out into the world to conquer the universe BY BEING

     The way to win is to have lost out of the gate.

     Run it R3RSC.

     Or better yet,

      "Get the idea of NO SIT."
      "Get the idea of SOME SIT."

     You can't run the overts without the motivators, don't even try.

     And you can't run the motivators without the overts.

     And remember what the baby suffered from a mother in this life is
NOT balanced by what the baby did to a mother, but by what the baby did
AS a mother to its own baby in a past or future life.


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