Logic is the ethics of language and of thinking about existence.

      Logic is an exact description of the nature and meaning of the verb
TO BE in all of is conjugations and negations in any and all languages
that have existed, do exist, or ever could or will exist, and includes
but is not limited to the verb TO EXIST and all forms and use of the
words IS AND IS NOT and DOES and DOES NOT.

      Logic is King is an absolute truth in that logic is true whether or
not anything exists at all.

      Even the statement NOTHING EXISTS uses logic to make.

      Logic is true for everybody whether they know it or not, for even
the statement that someone does not agree with logic uses logic to make

      No statement can be made about logic without using logic and
asserting and recognizing its validity.

      Logic consists of two rules:

      Something must either BE or NOT BE.

      Something must never both BE and NOT BE.


      Something always IS or IS NOT.

      Something never IS and IS NOT.

      Since IS is a conjugation of TO BE, any statement of any kind using
the words IS or IS NOT, that describes logic and its nature must
therefore use logic, and obey the above rules of logic.

      Those that do not understand or agree with this, do not know logic
nor what logic is.

      Those that do not know what logic is, have chosen to not know, as
they prefer to drive drunk on the straight and narrow road to Truth.

      Their minds are broke and they should be eschewed on all dynamics
except the 8th as they no longer know that they ARE, and that they are
not ARE NOT.

      Only a God could, would, or should choose to be so stupid and un
self aware as to deny its own existence and who or what its King is.


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