> My point was that there is stupid logic and intelligent logic.

     No there isn't.

     There is only valid logic and invalid logic.

> A computer works strictly on the logic which is programmed into it.
> It is only as good as the humans who made it and programmed it.
> Logic without intelligence is basically stupid, (or very limited) (a
> computer has artificial logic),

>  and intelligence without good logic,  good reason, good judgement,  and
> common sense is stupid.

    Logic *IS* good reason.

    Intelligence is the ability to pose and resolve problems via the 
facility to perceive and relate causal relationships between events 
and then using that knowledge to bring about desirable ends.

    You may be complaining about the quality of the propositions
that are fed into the logic, they can be right, wrong, stupid, ridiculous 

    Quality of premises have no relation WHAT SO EVER to quality or 
validity of logic.

> But Homer, even with all this above average intelligence and logic you have,
> you still can't get out of the predicament (case) you are in............
> and from what I gather, from you,  worse off than most.....

     Failure in intelligence for sure, and probably a failure to apply
valid logic to boot.

     Invalid logic is a common overt thetans do to keep things going.

> Why is that?

    Too high too fast, blew my sense of responsibility away for good.

    Possibly miscontrued what I saw, a willingness that leaves me frozen
in fear of myself.

> The value of data (knowledge) is determined by the number of problems it
> solves and how well it solves them and for how long it solves them.

> Is this correct, is this good logic?

     You don't seem to know what logic is.

     All men are evil.

     You are a man.

     Therefore you are evil.

     QED.  Perfect logic, perhaps wrong premises, thus perhaps wrong

     The full truth solves all problems.

     X is true.

     Therefore X should be useful towards helping to solve a problem.

     QED  Perfect logic, questionable premises and conclusion.

     Everything that comes from a man is bad.

     Therefore everything bad comes from a man.

     NQED, Invalid Female logic, questionable premise.

     Lots of people know a lot about logic, but haven't a clue what
IS means.

     What then do they know about logic since logic is the laws of IS?

Fri Dec 11 19:02:17 EST 2015