Usual disclaimers about adult fantasy apply...

      Sometimes when a heavy somatic turns on and won't run, or you just
feel the presence of another being or cluster of beings, running the
basic NOTS command works well.

      In dreams, noxious dream characters can be made to behave
themselves, or puddled outright if they persist with the two basic NOTS
commands, 'what are you?" and 'who are you?'

      These commands work so well that simply asking a cute sexy dream
character what their name is will harm them unintentionally.  The
beautiful mockup starts to go ugly and falls to pieces from the inside

      Imagine a world that was so fragile that any attempt to get into
good communication with someone resulted in a destructive as-isness of

      Talk about sadness.

      Maybe now we might understand better the present world of total no
real communication between anyone at any time.

      Its just an effort to continue as we are.

      "It's better to BE than to be in communication!"

      Run it R3SC as a Service Facsimile Computation.

      Anyhow many dream characters won't relieve with the two basic
commands and neither will other beings one is in conflict with in
present time, either incarnate or disincarnate.

      Especially the beings with more arm muscle than you, who can pin
you down.

      Done right however, NOTS will handle thugs on the street, if you
have the balls.

      There is no qualitative difference between sleep dreams and the
waking state.  Maybe the rules are a bit stiffer in the waking state but
beyond that its the same gig.

      In all cases one has to continue the question set until one gets to
the right question or set of questions.

      Remember the F/N doesn't occur on getting the right ANSWER to the
question, the F/N occurs on getting the right QUESTION.

      The mark of an OT is the ability to ask a question without needing
to get an answer.

      The answer, if the being is even still around, can be mostly
irrelevant after that.

      Get the right question and the being goes eyes wide, then still and
unmoving, and then no longer a problem.

      The Question IS the Answer necessary to resolve the case.

      Here is the important point.

      The pc and being are in a locked down relationship to each other,

      This is why there is a chronic problem of long duration, why the
Being is a problem to the pc, and the pc is a problem to the Being.

      A relationship means a set of two identities, beingnesses, of two
"WHAT AM I's?", one on each side of the relationship.

      The relationship is locked down, because it is being handled by
perfectly balanced force, mental effort if you will, rather than by

      An as-isness consists of the exact question that separates,
clarifies, and resolves the two different identities on each side of the

      Thus for example running "What are you?" on a Being only gets one
side of the relationship.  You also need to run "What am I?".

      Thus one spots what the Being is being, and then one spots what YOU
are being, and the relationship between the two of you, and the
condition can go poof, very fast.

      You also have to get the BEING to what "What are you?" and "What am

      Next time you get a strong fast moving somatic, get the idea of two 
beings, you and the other one, neither one of which really knows
WHAT either is being to the other.

      Spot the other being being what it is being, an then spot yourself
being what you are being, then get the other being to do the same with
itself and you.  Back and forth if necessary until smiles and laughter.

      Anyhow the basic question set starts with what and who, but
continues (by observation) from there to more powerful and deeper

      Run them as you will, but don't leave them out if the being is
still bugging you.

      The E/P is not vanishment of the other being, or the other being
going away necessarily, but a repaired co symbiotic relationship between
the two you.

      Who works for who, and who pays who what and for what.

      What's the deal, and what is the exchange?

      Or if its a play games relationship, which team and which position
in the team each member is on.

      Get this straightened out on every being around you, and you will
have your job (life) back again.

      If the being really wants to ninja someone, tell them to remain on
eternal standby until given direct orders to attack, and then use them
wisely like guard dogs.

      Remember the ANSWER is not important, only the question.  Answers
are gravy.  Don't TR3 the question insisting on an answer.  Just run
each question to no change, then move to the next one.  The Being will
often tell you indirectly what the question is you ought to be asking,
or shake or nod their heads if you are getting closer or further away
from the right question.

      The only question that may need some kind of correctness of answer
is the HOW MANY ARE YOU, you want it in orders of magnitude, 10, 100's,
1000's, 10,000's, 100,000's, millions, 10 millions, 100 millions, on up
to the quintillions if necessary.

      Any self respecting ghoul is at least 100 trillion each.  You can
learn to count these very quickly in dreams against entire armies of
ghouls coming at you, and if you go too high, they will stop, shake
their heads, until you go lower and get it right.

      The relief they show is palpable.

      Once any being catches on to what you are up to, they will help you
as best they can.

       So here is a good array of basic NOTS questions.

      Use only against someone who is bugging you.

       Who are you?                 Who am I?
       How are you?                 How am I?
       What are you                 What am I?
       Where are you?               Where am I?
       When are you?                When am I?
       Why are you?                 Why am I?
       Which are you?               Which am I?
       How many are you?            How many am I?
       Are you?                     Am I?
       What is your name?           What's my name?
       Who do you work for?         Who do I work for?
       What is your job?            What's my job?
       How much do they pay you?    How much do they pay me?
       What is your intent?         What's my intent?
       What is your desire?         What is my desire?
       What is your purpose?        What is my purpose?
       How can you serve me?        How can I serve you?
       Do you want to work for me?  Do you want me to work for you?

      Add to taste.

Eye to eye can puddle a BT all by itself, but is absolutely necessary
for difficult thug type beings, who taunt and mock your question asking.

      Also try "Thank you for being in my dream!"

      You can run that to good effect on everyone in your dream.

      If a being is hurt or needs repair, don't call upon Jesus or Allah,
call upon the High US or the AllThatIs to bring the dead back to life or
make the sick well.


      "What is your relationship to me?" "What is my relationship to

      Or better yet,

      "Get the idea of a relationship between you and me."

      It's a two way flow.

      If you get a clear answer, acknowledge and give it a moment to see
if that is sufficient.  If not continue.

      If the being starts to chortle, laugh evilly, and mock you with
questions in return "Yeah yeah I know, who am I, HAHAHAHA!", keep at it
until you get the question that makes them go eyes wide.

      If the being gives you a question you haven't thought of or asked
before, ask it and then the other side also.  Don't assume that because
the being taunted you with it, it isn't the right question.

      You don't have to puddle them, they just have to behave, and not
bother you or anyone else again.

      Sometimes 'You are a BT!', 'You are a Being!' or 'You are real
people!' said Tone 40 is quite enough to get them to behave, they KNOW
their jig is up.

      Another one is "Are you people?" "Am I people?", meaning a real
live human conscious unit, not necessarily in a body.

      On the how many question, expect answers ranging from 1 to 100's of
trillions.  Beings in the latter range will need to get the right range
of numbers before they will respond to anything.

      This is the only time I have found getting an answer to the
question necessary for it to work, but it doens't have to be exact, just
right enough to make sure you have a big enough concept of the size of
the composite you are dealing with.

      Assess for 1's, 10's, 100's, 1000's, ...  trillions, 10's of
trillions, 100's of trillions, quadrillions etc, until eyes wide.

      Be able to count to at least a decillion.  ...quadrillion,
quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion.

      Some times beings like to be assessed in quadbillions.

      A quad billion is a billion, billion, billion, billion, or 10**36
or one nonillion.

      You gotta be able to do this in your sleep, so learn it well.

      If you can't conceive that a being could be a cluster of 100's of
trillions of beings, you probably are one.

      That's why the 'how many am I?' question is so important.  The pc
has sided and clustered with many other beings and in his wars against
those others, he fell into 'relationships' with them on the other side
of the two way comm channel.

      Thus there are clusters on both sides of the relationship, the pc
will be part of one or even both of them.

      Spotting the AND, "I am on this side AND I am on that side" will
produce more case gain and clear sanity in a shorter period of time than
you can imagine until you have done it and seen it.

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