This is about Alan's article appended below.

      Yah mon, the preclear has disowned him self at such a deep level
that he feels it would kill his body if he admitted it, and ruin his
willingness to live or BE forever more if he re-remembered it.

      Most auditor's won't go near that stuff.

      "How do you feel about your (eternal) future?"

      "What's your self image look like?"

      "Get the idea of a self image."

      Eternal life is not something you get in the FUTURE, eternal life
is what you are living right now for a while.  Then you snooze out in
eternality for a while, then you come back into kinetics again when you
want to.  Then you snooze out, then you remanifest, all fair chosen
forever outside of time.  Been doing it forever and will continue to do
it forever.  It's what you want.

      Being IN time 'forever' is hell forever, you don't want that.

      But an infinite number of finite whiles in kinetic manifestation
with as much rest as you can stand in between fills your bill, now
doesn't it.

      Ask someone why they came into this life, and if they say "Oh I
don't believe in that nonsense, you live once, you die once and that's
it bud!"

      Well they are living now as a moment in a pending eternal death or
dying, not as a moment in an eternal life, one that has always been, and
will always be (outside of time).

      They are a garden variety meatball or zombie zoner.

      Think how dull their consciousness must be from thinking that way
for their whole life, no more goals, no more friends, no more learning,
no more accomplishments.

      Somewhere around 60 they give up and watch foolball as their
highest level of 'entertainment', no use thinking about goals, not
enough time left to get anything done about them.  And all the goals
they did follow in this life were just small enough to give hope they
might be accomplished in one life.

      The eternal lifer on the other hand is big and bright with the
anxiety of so many options, so many things to do forever and ever amen,
he doesn't know where or how to start.

     "What should I DO NOW!?"

     So which is worse, fearing death forever, or fearing life forever?


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On Tue, 19 Jan 2016, Clearing Archive Roboposter wrote:

> ACW wrote:
>> Could the tech have been out and that is what put the ethics and
> admin. out?
>> I came to this "crashing reality adjustment" in 1985, when I had 3
>> Independent Centers. Omaha, LA and Dallas.
>> The Tech just was not working. I was forced to realize something was
> very
>> wrong. I had to re-inspect what I had based my training and experience
> on.
>> Possibly the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
>> I could not continue as I was not delivering what I promised.
>    Would you please elucidate on this in detail.  What failures were
> you seeing, and with what processes.
>    Thanks  Homer
> At that time in late 1985, I had approximately 200 to 300 clients on
> lines. 90% were ex-Scio.
> What was very different was they were not set up by my centers. They
> came in from outside at various points on the Grade Chart.
> Most came in for their next step. Many were OT III?s and NOT?s cases.
> These were usually the worse off cases. There were also many ?natural
> clears.?
> The sessions ?seemed? to go fairly well. The wins after session were OK.
> But not much changed in their life and livingness and in many cases
> things deteriorated.
> I came to the conclusion most of these former Scio?s were trained
> session ?fakers? and PR merchants.
> I have observed that success stories are far more revelatory than most
> other client information. Partially because you can observe the life
> increases or decreases in effectiveness almost immediately after a
> session. (Within a day or two.) More things going right. Unhandled long
> term problems magically resolving. Increases in responsibility, (job
> promotions.) Higher toned, etc. Their immediate prosperity, success and
> happiness in life should increase.
> Fake success stories immediately let?s you know you are processing a
> fake case.
> Fake cases are made by fake releases and invalidation of true release
> points. Fake attestations and missed actual attestations. Fake F/N?s and
> missed actual F/N?s. Fake passes and invalidation of competency. Fake
> case handlings and invalidation of actual case handlings. Fake states
> attained and true states invalidated.
> Fake cases are created because it is unsafe or too dangerous to tell the
> truth. If the processing environment is dangerous the client will tend
> to PR their way out of trouble.
> The client has been or is trapped in a no-win technical, ethical and
> administrative situation.
> The client wants to get off the charge, wants to become more honest, but
> knows if they tell the absolute truth: i.e. ?I?m not making any gains
> from this processing,? they could end up in ethics, or whatever.  He or
> she runs the risk of being labeled a dissenter or worse an enemy of
> Scientology.
> This unsafe or too dangerous to tell the truth environment or situation
> produces a by-passed case phenomena.
> You possibly are saying to yourself that?s crazy. How could any self
> respecting client do that to themselves?
> As almost any  ?old timer? or master of the technology will tell you the
> first target of processing the client is to get them back in valence and
> at cause over themselves and their immediate life.
> This was basically what a ?Life Repair? produced. The optimum life
> repair put in the basics of life. It helped the client regain the
> knowledge and truth about who he really was, what he was doing or not
> doing and the actions needed to increase control and cause over their
> immediate life and dynamics.
> A good ?Life Repair? usually takes between 50 to 150 hours. It also
> includes doing basic TR?s and Upper Indoc type training.
> The long term success of a Mission, Org., or client could be said to
> depend totally on the quality of the ?Life Repair?s? it delivered.
> Because of the increase in the client and students cause and
> responsibility over their life would enable them to earn and afford more
> money, time and effort to invest in further training and processing.
> They could and would respect themselves enough to hold a position of
> more truth and make their life obey them.
> An effective ?Life Repair? would begin to restore the clients self
> respect and sovereignty back to them.
> Alan
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