> Thing I don't like about Auditing: The need of an "Auditor".  We
> should not need anyone to "get out" of this Matrix if came alone to
> this World.

      We had help coming in, a thetan can set up anything.  Yes he started 
off alone, but the first thing he did was call others into the game, chose 
up sides, and then jumped into the virtual reality matrix forgetting he 
did so.

      So if you can reach that decision to come in alone, you can solo like 
the wind alone, but if you are into group gropes and games, then you will 
want to take the group help approach.  Don't let your FAILURES with groups 
cause you to avoid creating a new group to help audit you and them.

      If you go out and getting beaten to a pulp on the football field,
you do not want to be the doctor as they carry you off the field.

      Do you understand this?  Let your friends help.  And help them back.

      The first intent of a solo session then is to fix where the hell
all our auditing friends are.  Don't you see?

      Sometimes we can put our selves into positions where only help will
get us out, and sometimes help can't help at all, we are doomed for that
cycle of existence, short or long.

      That said, often we do not need help, if we bow and pray to the god
of necessity level.

      LRH said "Those below 2.0 on the tone scale can't be helped, those
above 2.0 don't need help BUT CAN USE IT."

      The first thing anyone who wants to build a civilization will do if
he finds himself alone, is to find help!

      More importantly who or what do YOU want to help?

      Help is merely team work, that's all.  If you have to go solo do
it, there may not be any help around.

      But solo is a top down approach to the problem.

      "Get the idea of a total cause making itself an 'unfixable' effect."

      E/P of each session is 'Oh that looks like fun!'

      Help is a bottom up approach to the problem.

      "Who or what is cause around here, and why is it such an asshole?"

      E/P of each session is "Oh, its me again (sheepish grin)"

      Running engrams per se is a bottom up approach BECAUSE the preclear
isn't able to put them there in the first place.

      So the auditor says 'Locate, go to, move through, what happened'
and the preclear finds the engram running him, HE isn't doing anything,
the BANK is, and the engrams, moving pictures etc, just run on their own
at the behest of the auditor, and the preclear reports, just like
watching a film that beats him up while he is watching it.

      THE AUDITOR RUNS THE PRECLEAR through the engram until its power is
gone and the preclear is relieved of life running him through his
engrams willy nilly.  Get it?

      If the preclear is trying to find the engram and move himself
through it, he's wasting his time and is out of session.  The AUDITOR
controls the session.

      The out of session preclear will be using other ENGRAMS to find and
run engrams, so he restimulates himself more than he runs!

      Same for being a solo auditor trying to run engrams on himself.

      Now most of solo auditing is not auditing yourself, that is self
auditing.  Solo auditing means auditing clusters, BT's, entities,
demons, deities, monsters, and others in general.

      Almost always auditing is auditing OTHERS.

      So you are either being helped, or you are helping others, there
really is not too much way around it except as necessity level demands


      Solo audit in the direction of becoming unalone!  Then go dual.

      You see right now you want help, but in truth right now there is
someone you want to help more than anything, even more than you want
help yourself.  So the help you want is the ability to help these others
who you got your attention on, even if they are 9 universes over to the

      So yes you may need to help yourself, and there maybe no one around
to help you, but you would prefer to be helped if it were available and
the return on investment were positive, and the instant you got even a
little better you would be off helping these others you love that are
in worse trouble than you.

      If you could audit the people you want to help, you wouldn't have
a second left in eternity to audit yourself.

      So really you have to make a decision.

      WHY do you want to do it solo, rather than dual?

      What exactly is the problem?

      Scarcity of good safe spaces provided by others?

      Can't train them to audit you?

      Can't trust no one to keep their mouths shut and provide a safe

      Live on a deserted island?

      Last person on earth?

      Or do you have a problem with HELP?

      Wouldn't that problem with help then be the first address of some
serious solo auditing so you COULD, create or train at least some help?

      Then who is going to C/S you or the others you got to audit you?

      Can you come up with a basic C/S of your own?

      You have a problem.

      You are dissatisfied with your present condition.

      OK, you may have some idea of what an ideal scene might be for
yourself, in the way of abilities, involvement or engagement in life
action games, etc.


      So once you spot the problem and the anatomy, in yourself and in
others, you then have to figure out an approach.

      That approach then becomes your C/S.

      Actually the full C/S encompasses all three phases.

      Spot the situation (furthest departure from an ideal scene on 8
dynamics), spot the anatomy, spot the approach.

      You run it, see if it works, if not you go back to the
anatomy/approach phase, or redfine or respot a new problem, and start
over again.

      Eventually you find something that bites, TA goes wild, sense of
life purpose comes back, laughter, sorrow turn on full force, you can
love and hate again freely, and dive gaily into fear, YOU CAN WRAP YOUR
FRIENDS UP, make them laugh and cry too as their problems blow up into
dust in the wind, then you got what you wanted.

      You got your case gain, and you can give case gain too.

      What else is there to want really, beyond playing a new game that
isn't case gain related.

      Case gain is fix and repair, who wants to do that forever?  So once
your life is fixed and repaired, you and your buddies can get together
and go out and adorn yourselves in brand new ruin, disaster,
catastrophe, destruction and devastation all over again!

      Then you all come in covered in the mud, the blood and beer, and
you get some auditing again, and then go out and REALLY cause some

      Get the idea of what cyclical eternity can be like?

      So say you had someone across the table from you, just Joe Blow
random person not doing so well in life, what would be the first thing
you would do with him.  Say 20 sessions, 1 to 1 and half hours per
session, and each session Joe Blow is getting more and more interested
in his case and talking to you about it, and he keeps bringing you 50
dollar bills to pay you for your time.

      You would have a successful practice and you wouldn't be needing
too much auditing because your solo would go along quite fine auditing
Joe Blow, just in the back ground for your own case gain.

      Not everyone can be an auditor, some people NEED help, but if you
are an auditor and you are auditing others who need you, I assure you
your own case doesn't stand a chance.  Forget reading wise people, the
wisest person is the case in front of you, watch the cogs YOU get
watching HIS case unravel.

      So where do you start?

      Is there a problem?

      WHAT IS IT?

      What is the furthest departure from an ideal scene in your life on
all 8 dynamics?

      That's the SIT.

      Finding that is worth 50 bucks right there if you get it right.

      What is the anatomy of that problem?

      What approach would you take if it were someone else's problem?

      You got 8 dynamics, self, family, groups, mankind, biological life,
spirit and the infinite.

      Find the sit on all of then, and go with the one with the greatest
VGI's and promise of future pleasure.

      Solo is basically what you should do auditing OTHERS.

      If you were auditing others full time successfully from YOUR OWN
understandings, you wouldn't be worried about your own case beyond
maybe jumping in to the pants of your preclears.

Mon Mar  7 20:55:14 EST 2016