> My rule of thumb is for every $ invested in processing and training the
> client should get a ten times return on their money.

     I spent over $100,000 on auditing between the org, flag and freezone, 
and the only thing that went clear was my bank account.

     I got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and 
worse and worse and worse and worse...

     Why was that?

     The only times I got 'better' were when I soloed between paid
sessions to repair the damage and get extroverted again.

     And then I was willing to do it all over again, and go back and
get all smashed up the next day all over again.

     It's amazing what even squirrel solo auditing can do to vanish ARC 
breaks, over and over and over and over and over and over again. You just 
go back the next day and can put up with anything.

     Now THAT I call case gain!

> Self employed people, business men, artists, sales people are the best
> public as they can increase their production and effectiveness and get an
> immediate return on their investment. But to get that type of people takes
> good confront and superb people handling skills, and good marketing.

     Run my own business, CEO.  That count?

> I don't want pc's. If the person won't train and co-process they cannot
> make it.

     I was on the HGC and Training for Dianetic auditor.

> We only sell a minimum of processing. Usually we can fix most cases and get
> them flying in under 10 hours. Most of our students learn to co-process on
> the courses and can continue to co-process when they go home.

     'Fix?'  What the fuck does fix mean?

     I had 300 hours at the org alone, and retracted my Life Repair
declare 45 minutes after I made it.   Then they sent me to Flag IN 
DESPAIR.  They couldn't run away from me fast enough.

     Great auditors at Flag, Cassandra, Sybalski just cream of the crop 
people, later declared SPs of course, but I never declared anything at 
Flag after 6 INTENSIVES, 72 hours.

     Oh well I did declare, 'My bank account is clear!'

     Later I paid for 4 intensives at $3000/intensive in the field,
and walked out in the middle of the 1st intensive.

     They forbade me to fix my own daily session ARC breaks.

     Never even asked for my money back, I hope it burned a hole
in their God damn pockets.

> We train very kindly, no abuse, no enforcement, no stat push. It takes a
> lot to make and keep a safe environment.

      You just make a person sign a non disclosure agreement for the Codes.

      And tell them they are unworthy of being audited by you, and in one 
case the mate was unworthy of the preclear.

> The biggest stop for most processors making a living at processing and
> training is the confront it takes to ask for the money and to get the
> client to make the time. The other stop is going out and getting clients,
> especially those with good comm. lines.

      Yes, clearly simply having money to pay for auditing is not 
sufficient to guarantee case gain.

> It takes many skills and great discipline to build a viable center. But
> more importantly it requires perfect costing and estimating prices.

     Also the ability to deliver a product, not an endless open
promise to deliver down the road if only they continue long enough.

     No Alan, you are dead, along with Lamont and the rest of that cabal of 
arrogant assholes.  You had a chance to help me, but instead you said you 
wouldn't audit me if your life depended on it.

     You and yours can all burn in hell forever for free.

     Oh OK, may the fire of your burning certs keep you warm when hell 
burns out and freezes over.

Wed Mar 23 15:17:48 EDT 2016