TA = 5.75, stuck solid as a rock, nothing reading, absolutely
unmovable needle.

     Starting poking around,
     "Dead Being?"
     "Being Dead?'
     "Alive Being?"
     "Being alive?"
     Needle started to tick.

     Moved into 
     "Is there a deadness?"
     "Is there an aliveness?"
     Needle started to tick around significantly.

     Finally ran,
     "Spot something alive."
     "Spot something dead."
     Needle got electric, started reading, blowing down, rising, blowing
down again, would stop dead, normally session would die at this point, but
then it started moving again, did this a couple of times. 

     Got the idea "*THIS* is the process!"
     It wasn't but one can always dream.
     Session ended on major release TA = 4.0.

     Process far from flat.

     Run quickly and lightly on dead and alive beings, things, places,
peoples, times, objects, ideas, feelings, spaces, bodies, areas of the
body, center of brain, neck, spine, heart, lungs, eyeballs, optic chiasm
(where optic nerves converge and cross) etc.

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