A D O R E - L   P O L I C Y    L E T T E R
                       APL No. 1  of  1 MARCH 89
                              HIGH TREASON
     The following actions will be considered High Treason against the
ADORE-L list and the people on it.
     1.)  Failure to read in their entirety the list charter and all
present and future ADORE-L Policy Letters (APL No. x) IF such failure
leads to serious upset that would have otherwise been avoided.
     The charter is available from the listserver.
     The APL's will soon be available there too.
(AVL No. x).  ADORE-L POLICY LETTERS make the list safe.  Therefore you
must read them.  ADORIAN VIEW LETTERS make the list dangerous.  Trash
them as you see fit.
     2.)  Communicating with or complaining by any means whatsoever,
whether electronic, written or verbal, except by direct posting to the
ADORE-L list, to any Authority, University Administrator or Bitnet
personnel in a negative or derogatory manner about the ADORE-L list, the
people on it, the material discussed herein, with or without the
intention to harm the list or the people on it or to restrict their
access to computing resources or the ADORE-l list, without first
communicating directly with, ONE AT A TIME and in the following order:
     Homer Wilson Smith  CTM at CORNELLC,      (list owner)
     Eric  Thomas        ERIC at CEARN,        (writer of listserve).
     It is not acceptable behavior to deny a person access to computing
resources because of what they say or how they say it.  It is one thing
to kick someone off a list, it is quite another to kick them off the
system.  If you do not take action against this kind of bevavior in a
swift and clear cut manner, then you will not build up the attitudes
that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and one day it will be done
to you.
     What goes around, comes around.  If you let the cat out of the bag
it may come and sit in your lap.
     Cornell University is not responsible for the existance of ADORE-L
and does not host the list.  As for complaining to Cornell
Administrators, some are already on the list.  These people rub
shoulders with the highest brass every day, so you can be sure that they
will be aware of what transpires on this list.
     For your information, I am very well known at Cornell.  From time
to time I have written letters to EVERYONE at Cornell from the top down,
including IBM and NSF, letters that would make your hair stand on end.
     Cornell is a very conservative institution as befits a major world
center for super computing.  However it is a multi national community
that is capable of tolerating multi national views.
     As Ezra Cornell said, 'I would found an institution where anyone
can find an education in any subject.'
     I make Cornell nervous, but I am still here.  As long as we keep to
the 50 percent rule (see APL No. 3) ADORE-L should thrive.
     We look to you to give ADORE-L a good name and to get as many
intelligent, open minded people of good intent on this list as possible.
     So let's get educated.