A D O R E - L   P O L I C Y    L E T T E R
                        APL No. 7 of 25 AUG 1992
                        ADORE-L COPYRIGHT POLICY
     ADORE-L is a confidential list.
     Your presence on this list is a privilege extended to you by me and
those who supply the resources.
     A privilege is a package of rights balanced by a corresponding
package of duties.
     Your rights on this list are laid out in detail in earlier policy
letters, but basically consist of the right to speak your mind as you
see fit about any subject of importance to you.
     In return your duties to this list are to obey to the letter and
without exception the few rules and regulations imposed on you by those
same policy letters and future ones.
     Keep in mind that some of the restrictions imposed by earlier
policy letters were canceled by later ones.
     You are free to leave ADORE-L at any time, but if you do you may
not return, exceptions will be made for administrative leave.
                     ADORE-L IS A CONFIDENTIAL LIST.
     In the past I have tolerated cross postings of ADORE-L to other
lists such as BELIEF-L and others, and have allowed gateways to
subscribe to ADORE-L that allowed wide public dissemination to unknown
destinations of the postings placed here.
     I have removed all such non individual accounts from the ADORE-L
subscription list, and of course ADORE-L subscription has been locked
for a long time allowing no new members, except a few that I personally
know and trust.
     Those of you who remain on the list are either real jerks or are
serious about this list.
     Anyhow, as of today, 9/1/92, you may not under any circumstances
repost material sent to ADORE-L to any other list or any other form of
broad public issue without the explicit permission of the author of the
     You may of course share this material with friends that you trust,
via private e-mail or other forms of communication, with the clear
understanding that they are bound by the same rules and regulations
regarding the broad public issue of such materials.
     In the future those found violating these rules or who are
negligently responsible for others violating these rules will be removed
from ADORE-L.
     If you are not sure, ask the author.
     I am sure that you all understand that I can not provide an
absolutely secure forum for you to speak your mind among friends without
repercussions from the world around you.  It takes some measure of
courage and willingness to die or be ruined to speak one's mind freely.
     Not to mention the danger posed to one's family, loved ones and
     Your purpose for being on this list should be and ONLY BE personal
spiritual gain.
     Anyone who is on this list solely to attain personal spiritual gain
is welcome, no matter who they are.
     If you yourself have no hope of personal spiritual gain, and are
here for any other reason you should consider leaving the list now.
     If you are here only to entertain yourself at the fool hardy
Immortal Aspirations of others, or to laugh at, denigrate or otherwise
put down or harass others or myself in our pursuit of personal spiritual
gain, you should consider leaving the list now.
     You are strictly forbidden to be on this list if you are reporting
to or are yourself an operative of the government, the CIA, the FBI, the
Mafia, the Church of Scientology, the news media be it television,
radio, or newspaper, or a member of any international, political,
criminal, corporate or other organization sent here to spy on this list,
or to take notes on its members or otherwise keep track of their
activities, viewpoints and opinions.
     If you are so discovered to be such a person you will immediately
face charges of civil and criminal trespass along with the intent to
violate first amendment rights of freedom of speech, religion and
personal PRIVATE assembly.
     In general private e-mail sent to me concerning matters important
to ADORE-L will be reposted to the list without warning, so if you have
something to say post it to the list.
     This is a GROUP here, and we will survive as a group, not as
members talking about each other or ourselves behind each other's backs.
     You have no duty to speak up on this list, nor even to read the
postings to this list EXCEPT ADORE-L POLICY LETTERS which are clearly
marked in the header.
     You have only a duty to speak the sworn truth before God when you
do speak, and to not broadly disseminate postings from ADORE-L with out
permission of the author.  Some posters may place tighter restrictions
on their own postings.  If they do you MUST OBEY THEM.
     I will show no mercy on this account.
     You know I am just egoistic enough to think that some people want
and need to hear what I have to say.  I never say anything I don't wish
someone had said to me as a child, but I also know that there are a lot
of people in the world who really don't want you to say anything deep
lest they be out of a job or out of a life.
     It is these people who endanger us and who we have most been like
in our past lives if we are frightened by them, and it is these people
who we need to speak about the most.  If they scare you, think what
exposure does to them.
     So we all have to balance our own personal fear and cowardice with
our goal to improve life in this universe with free and open
     I am doing my best on ADORE-L to start a small fire here in the
middle of our dark night of the soul.  The problem with fires of course
is that they save your life by keeping you warm all night but they also
act as a beacon to all your enemies.
     The route IN towards a safe life with a grave at the end is to
build no fires at all or let others build them for you with warmed over
lies.  The route OUT to eternal freedom and willingness, is to build as
many fires as you can with truth and take a few hits along the way.
     Fires are built with wide open communication within yourself and
     In the words of LRH, your own personal integrity is more important
than your immediate life.  This does imply you have more than one,
probably more than you care to remember or foretell.
     Well now you know the way in...
     If your own Immortality seems totally and utterly preposterous to
you but you really really want it to be true, well then you are on the
dusk side of your dark night of the soul.
     It's going to be a LONG night, you don't want to be alone.
     Do you want another body and life on Earth after this one?
     Do you want to be a boy or a girl?
     Do you need some rest first?
     Could you do better than you've done this time around?
     Would doing worse somehow be doing better for you?
     The first step on the long road to truth is to start asking the
right questions.
     If you wish to sign off this list, do so now.
     The door to this list is always open, out.
     Homer Wilson Smith
     Owner, ADORE-L.