Mr. MU wrote:
Theta Bop  wrote:
> How did this happen to them?
> One answer may be that they were audited into an infantile state. This
> is because auditing aims to erase the very thing that make us adults-
> our experiences and what we have learned from them.

     Auditing does not aim to erase experiences, but to erase the pain
and unconsciousness on the experience that makes that experience
unavailable to the analytical mind for analysis and integration.

     Without auditing, the painful experience is not available to
willful memory, the pain can be restimmed by outside forces and the
being will have no clue where it is coming from.
     Action phrases in the experience push the being around, make him
think things about himself said by others at the time (computing
psychotic), and do things that others did at the time (dramatizing
psychotic), without ability to integrate what he is doing or thinking
with actual present time.

     With the pain and unconsciousness erased from the experience, the
memory is filed away in the analytical banks, where it can no longer
influence the being with unconscious pain from unknowing sources, and be
fully used for intelligent decision making.
> Just a thought.

     Sorry, must have missed it.

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