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                            Shiona Fox-Ness
                                 CD - 5
                            27 January 1984
                   Copyright (C) 1984 Shiona Fox-Ness
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                 President of the Church of Scientology
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     27 January, 1984
     After my due care and consideration and a prolonged examination of
events, patterns, attitudes and activities within the Church of
Scientology over the past seven years, I hereby tender my resignation
from this Organization.
     Whatever value exists in the basics of Scientology technology is
vastly and completely overshadowed by a corrupt and degrading modus
operandi imposed by the Church's senior management.  This operandi
operates to the continued detriment of those remaining Church members
whose integrity is till uncontaminated.
     As a member of the Sea Organization for five years, and closely
associated with top management of the Church, I can state completely and
unreservedly that the following are the results of my observation based
upon abundant and existing evidence.
     (1) Under RTC control the Church now represents the Bridge to total
intimidation, fear and enslavement:  not the Bridge to Total Freedom.
     (2) The valuable goals for man's betterment expounded by the
organization exist today only on paper, not in practice.
     (3) In my experience, staff are degraded, intimidated and oppressed
and are rendered robotic and manageable by fear tactics.  I have
witnessed the disillusionment, degradation and departure of hundreds of
good, honest and highly dedicated staff members who have suffered
through successive purges, experiencing cruel and inhumane treatment.
These individuals have been severed from friends and families, their
only crime being an expressed desire to see an end to injustice,
suppressive and dictatorial behavior, and the blatant corruption of the
tech and policy of Scientology.  Staff are routinely handled with
ruthless force, psychotic screaming, obscene shouting and absurd
programs.  Lies, trickery and treachery abound.
     (4) The public are viewed solely as gross income products.  The
attitude is to control them with propaganda.  To deprive them of their
upstat field opinion leaders (regardless of opinions) so that no voice
exists other than that of the official Church propaganda manipulators.
The insane rationale behind such attitudes is that 'the field is
composed of dilettantes', that 'anyone not in the Sea Org is under
suspicion', that 'the field respond best to intimidation and make-wrong
     (5) 'Ethics' and 'justice' within the Church of Scientology are
viewed as aids to management control, they have nothing to do with any
benefit for the individual case.  Ethics are implemented with threats
and emotionalized with fear.  Justice is a sham, reminiscent of the
worst South American dictatorships and Nazi Germany.  Comm Evs are a
farce, a mere 'going through the motions' executed AFTER someone has
already been targeted for demolition and the decision taken to expel
them.  The findings are often invented and always grossly over stated,
and serve as a means to blacken the character of and to denigrate an
individual, to render him impotent as a credible source of information.
These black propaganda techniques are aided by the culling of data
directly from pc folders (in violation of the sanctity of confessional
material) and the use of any and all third party gossip or tittle-tattle
regardless of its truth or taken from such reservoirs of 'black opinion'
as are contained in the secret dossiers of the Church's B1 files. ((GO
Bureau 1, Intelligence.))
     (6) As an aid to the furtherance of control and manipulation, all
Church of Scientology members are requested to spy on each other and
encouraged to write up their opinions of others.  Reports exist in my
((Ethics)) files (copies are rarely if ever, these days, sent to the
individual concerned) containing criticisms of my colourful, high
fashionable and upstat dress and appearance.  These reports from
obviously jealous Church members complain that I walk around as if I own
the place, looking like Lady Muck; furthermore a close friend of mine
was written up for having too many pairs of shoes!  The utter claptrap
and 'weird think' behind these and other originations are indicative of
the insidious and creeping contagion coupled with sinister mental
disorder which represents a major product of today's Church of
     In the past several months I have witnessed the Church's techniques
of intimidation and oppression reach new heights:
     (1) My 2D ((boy friend)) partner has been effectively worn down by
hours and hours of mental grilling at the hands of Ethics and the so-
called RTC 'Justice' mission to the point where he has been forced to
change his 2D allegiance toward me.
     (2)  My business associate has recently been grilled with the
object of breaking her allegiance toward me.
     (3) Professional associates of mine in the community have been
subjected to a campaign of lies and vilification.
     (4) Certain of my friends have been continuously and libelously
     (5) My daughter has witnessed several of her school friends
expelled from her school through no fault of their own, owing to the
application of oppressive RTC policies within the school.
     I now feel that it is a matter of public concern that the effects
of this frightening monstrosity within our midst, the Church of
Scientology, be seen and known for what it is; hence the public nature
of this resignatory document.
     Upon my realization that the present Church bears no resemblance to
the valid organization I originally thought I had become a member of, I
realize that I am betraying my own Code of Honour in remaining connected
to such a PTS source.  Since my decision to completely sever this
connection, my life and livingness have boomed and I have experienced a
tremendous resurgence of case gain.
     As an ex-highly trained LRH Public Relations Officer, one of only
three planet-wide at the time of my appointment, I, in keeping with Omar
Garrison and Gerry Armstrong, had access to files containing much
extensive, detailed and sensitive material, massive evidence in support
of the statements I now make, and others before me have made.
     Accordingly I can now state that:
     (1) THe Scientology public and staff have been lied to, tricked and
     (2) The S.O. 1 Line to and from LRH is a complete and utter farce.
((Standing Order 1, 'You can always write to me - LRH')) He neither
receives nor answers letters sent to him by the public.  Even letters to
his own children are written and signed in his name by others.
     (3) Many of the datums given on Ron's Journals especially RJ 38 are
     (4) In my past experience, LRH EDs, bulletins, policies and telexes
have not originated from, nor were they signed by LRH.  Whatever the
situation in earlier years may have been, the present identity of LRH as
expressed in these documents is a figment of their writers' imagination.
     As an end to such deceit in my own universe, I previously resigned
for the Sea Org.  As a furtherance of such an end and as a source of
honest enlightenment for the universes of others, I hereby resign from
the Church of Scientology.  My resignation will remain effective until
such time as affinity, reality and honest communication are seen to
exist with the Church of Scientology.  ((In, other words, until hell
freezes over - Jane)).  Such a change in my opinion could not be
undertaken under the present management or framework.  Nor indeed until
such a time as their degrading alter-is has been removed from the policy
     With the availability of the whole Bridge from alternative groups
being delivered by honest and caring individuals in many parts of the
world, the MYTH of the Church's monopoly on YOUR ROUTE TOTAL FREEDOM has
finally been exposed as a suppressive falsehood.  ((Editor emphasis
     'The focal point is upon Scientology, not its organizations
      or auditors or personalities.'  LRH
     For many of us a new day already exists.  For others the first
dawning rays of understanding are penetrating into their heavily
suppressed universes.  I take heart that the goals envisioned for this
planet by LRH and others are finally achievable.  I trust that the
truths expressed herein will enable others to examine the situation of
the Church of Scientology, if they are not already aware of it, and take
these necessary steps towards resignation and real Total Freedom.  I and
many others have been betrayed by the unscrupulous yet again, but all
has not been in vain.  The Bridge is still available, elsewhere.  My
abilities to disseminate the tech and my abilities to help people with
it remain ever strong, and my intention to do this continues unthwarted.
     I am aware of the intimidation, harassment, threats of bodily harm
and psychological warfare techniques used by the Church and its agents
in attempts to silence its detractors.  I therefore wish to make the
following quite clear:
     My personal collection of documented evidence and witnessed
affidavits are held on my behalf by my personal legal representatives.
Should any act of retribution for my resignation be perpetrated against
myself, my friends. and/or my family, these documents will be released
for public consumption.
     Be it known, that I will not tolerate harassment in any form nor
the issuance of any documentation, nor the circulation of any verbal
denigration of my character in any way whatsoever.  Such attempts to do
so will be treated by myself as slander and/libel, etc. and the
necessary legal action will be taken immediately.
     Date:  27th January, 1984
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