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                             LETTER FROM A.
                                 CD - 9
                            7 February 1994
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     You definitely underrate yourself.  I see in your posts what
Scientology is all about; the free exchange of ideas.  The spirit of
discovery and the integrity to tell always the truth; no alter-is
allowed.  I find people like yourself who are willing to stay their
ground and buck the status-quo true OTs.  You must be OT to stand up to
the backlash and flack that will eventually come your way.  This is a
characteristic I see in only a few people, but it is the most important
characteristic.  Ron would call it Ethics Presence; the steadfast
refusal to put up with bullshit, untruths and lies.
     Yes, I knew Ron.  I started this life in 1956.  I have run hours
and hours on David Mayo's Repair of Prior Auditing.  Most of the repairs
were for auditing received directly from Ron.
     We didn't run it patty-cake like it is run now.  The auditing I
received from Ron was real auditing.  When Ron says he can blow someone
out the back of his head he means it; TONE 40.
     I do not know if you have read the early Auditing Essentials book,
if you have you know we audited much different then.  We didn't have any
idea what a floating needle was.  We just kept auditing.  The tone arm
would go up through 6.5 and all the way over to .5 and up again.  We
thought this tone arm movement meant we were running out the bank!  We
only got nervous when the tone arm stopped moving.  This meant the pc
wasn't confronting something and the auditor had to take better control
of the case.
     There was much throwing up and extreme sickness.  We kept buckets
in the auditing room for upchucking.  The theory was that the bank was
running out and getting sick was part of running the bank out.  It was
good if the pc got sick; we were making progress!  Headaches, why the
headaches others and I had were totally unbelievable in pain intensity.
We were thetans; it was only the bank keying in.  The theory at the time
was that you went clear if the needle stopped reacting completely no
matter what one did to the pc.  I think you get the idea.  We did things
that no one would consider doing to a pc now.
     You see we totally dedicated our lives to this new technology.  We
totally believed that we had found the solution to mans long sought
desire to be free from the physical body.  Dianetics 55 is totally true.
I am sure you have read the description of exteriorization in that book.
Well, I remember the experiments that Ron describes where thetans are
exteriorized and then made visible.  In fact, I have repeated this in
session by exteriorizing a large entity this life.  The auditor did not
handle it very well, the tone arm was spinning around like crazy.  I
didn't completely blow the entity.  I took it to work with me.  A co-
worker jumped out of her seat when see saw it.  She could see the entity
flying around in my space.
     I really get a kick out of these auditors that think they are
auditing entities when they get a little squiggle from the needle.  The
only entities I know of kick the needle and TONE ARM around so much you
almost have to bolt the meter to the desk.  Every auditor I have been in
with this life rabbits every time the tone arms starts to rise move a
little bit.  Sweat comes off their eyebrows when the Tone arm goes above
3.0.  Every time a pc goes into antagonism or real anger the auditors
rabbit.  I am sorry; this is not the type of auditing we did back then.
Auditors are currently auditing the analytical mind and not getting into
the bank.  Ron never said that the pc would not suffer during a session
or that the tone arm would not go above 3.0 or spin around wildly.  He
said after session the tone arm would be between 2.0 and 3.0.  If the pc
is not suffering during session then auditing is not occurring.  How can
you blow all the incredible sickness, death and power within the bank if
you do not get the pc to turn it on first?
     I was a mathematician in the last life.  I worked on some
calculations that tried to define the bank in physical terms, its make
up, extent and so forth.  You have read about the bank being the size of
a football field?  I worked on that calculation.  We also worked out how
much the bank weighed (the mass).  It is megatons!!!  Can you imagine
the force involved here?  Do you realize what we are talking about
here?; Very few do.
     I know the basic research for Dianetics came out of government
research to find advanced weapons to bring WWII to an end.  The
Manhattan Project was not the only Project going at the time.  The
government was running other research projects right along side the
Manhattan Project.  They were looking at anything they could thing of
that might bring the war to a quick end.  The estimates on the number of
Allied casualties and the cost was bothering the War Department.  A
cheap super weapon was needed.  Edward Teller just beat us to the punch.
     Thanks for letting me ramble.  I enjoyed it very much.
     Yes please do post the note.  I have made some corrections to it;
The corrected version can be found below.  I am pro-Fabian methods all
the way.  I especially like satire in the Voltaire tradition.  Stir
things up, get people riled up, get people asking questions, this is the
difference between inanimate objects and real live beings, do you not
 >    I wish I had been there in the early days, and I hope to find
 >people who are able to bring this kind of no nonsense auditing back
     We took what amounted to an oath not to do anything that would
cause problems later, by blaming the technology or Ron or whatever.  I
think part of the problem is the chilling effect of law suits and family
upsets; What did you do to my husband, sort of thing.  One must be
totally dedicated to the validity of the underlying principles of the
tech.  We had many people die on us, my body died during a session given
by Ron, but if one is truly convinced that a thetan simply goes out and
finds another body and starts a new life; dying becomes irrelevant.
 >     Real entities are pure lightening.
     I totally agree with you there.  Once one gets a real reality on
what an entity is; not this abstract idea of an entity being, "voices
whispering in ones ear" or "something one can have a nice little
telepathic communication with", one will never forget it.  Entities are
more MEST than theta.  They have incredible amounts of MEST power and
force; On the order of magnitude of the force that bonds atoms to
molecules.  Once one blows a real entity there is no mistaking what one
an entity is again.  The incredible thing is that entities can be blown
at all.  I think this is what Ron meant when he said no one has gone
free before this tech.  because no one even had the idea they were
composites.  The entities were recognized but as separate from
themselves; not as making them up a composite being.
 >     As for the amount of force in the bank, I don't think many have
 >fully understood that spending any time at all as a mortal, live once
 >die once, had no choice in the matter, meatball creates an infinite
 >pocket of charge, because loss of Eternity is an infinite loss.
     Yes, the concept of the bank being some easy thing to handle has
crept in.  If pcs do not cry or scream or sweat or even change shape
during a session, auditing is not occurring.  Again, these little needle
squiggles are just laughable.  I think that is why Ron didn't feel the
Mark VI was necessary.  He knew the meter should poor smoke out of it
and almost catch on fire when real auditing is occurring.
 >     They shrug their shoulders and say 'Who would WANT to live
 >forever, how boring." Boredom is a coverup for terror.
 >     Or they say, 'Oh come on Homer, its not THAT bad, here have a
     It is not that bad?  It is bad.  I had a discussion about
exteriorization with an extremely experienced auditor one time.  He had
completely given up on the idea of exteriorizing a pc.  A pc operating a
body from outside was totally rejected by him.  The body and pc were one
and the same.  How can we progress when auditors have given up on this
concept.  Thetans can operate outside of the body and in fact do not
need a body.  The fact that everyone is convinced that they need a body
is how bad it can get.
 >    I call them 'Time enough for Love' cases, 'I don't want to live
 >forever, I have had time enough for love.'
    Hey, I like that.
 >     An infinite number of girl friends you will never have, an
 >infinite number of songs you will never write, an infinite number of
 >things you will never do, and infinite number of puppies you will
 >never love, an infinite number of jokes you will never know, an
 >infinite number of tears you will never cry, of sorrow or of laughter,
 >it's just infinite.
 >     Being mortal, thinking you are mortal, living the beingness of a
 >mortal, even for a while, is an infinite loss.  That's why everyone is
 >so dead in the head, even people who ought to know better.  You are
 >not dealing with a broken leg here, you are dealing with Death Forever
 >acting as the Secondary to Hell Forever acting as the Engram.
 >      You run out that bastard and you will have saved the Devil
 >     You will have saved my mortal ass, that's for sure.
 >     In the meantime you live around 'What engram?' Cases.
 >     'Prove it!'
 >     That's why I don't quite believe that anyone has really
 >handled all of this yet, I have had cracks open up in my mortal
 >armour that started power flows that just started climbing
 >to infinity, I had to turn it off just to survive.  It goes
 >into saturation mode, and there is no limit to the power and sorrow
 >of dying.
     I agree totally.  One of the problems is handling the new found
power of a revitalized pc.  Ron was at one time trying to exteriorize
people from their bank and then increase their power over it.  That is a
lot of what the Creation of Human Ability book was all about.
Obviously, it did not do the job.  I am a good example.  I am stuck back
in a body despite the heroic attempts to increase a thetan's ability to
stay out of it.  The mechanism hasn't been found yet that keeps a person
stuck to his bank.  We worked hard on this.  What causes a thetan to go
back in after getting out of the bank?  It just isn't stable.  The guy
would get out of his head and leave the auditing room with his body in
toe.  The next day he would be back in the body; Totally maddening for
an auditor.
 >     As for upchuck buckets, nausea is a release, and they didn't
 >even have kleenex's in my auditing rooms, because crying or mis
 >emotion just was not expected.
 >     "Do birds fly?"
 >     "Do fish swim?"
 >was all they could confront.
     Yes, I call this patty-cake auditing.  The overcoming of auditor
reaction to mis-emotion is the purpose of TRs.  We know that an auditor
reacting to misemotion is what kept the pc from running out the bank.
This is the mechanism that society uses to suppress ever running out the
bank.  Obviously, few people are able to allow others to cry and run the
bank out: The minute the bank turns on it is suppressed.
 >     I heard one girl crying one day, and it really disturbed me, not
 >because I thought crying was unnecessary, far from it, but because I
 >had never heard it before at the Org, so I thought something was up.
 >Probably the only actual session that ever took place, that's what.
 >     Well me and Jane have cried buckets full since, bath tubs full,
 >and we are still sick as dogs, and the sorrow is just endless.
 >The entities are powerful too.  And the Evil is bottomless.
     I have met auditors who simply can not make people feel comfortable
when the bank turns on.  I note the lack of stories like, "the pc cried
for 2 hours straight" or "the pc screamed so loud I thought the
neighbors would call the police." I had an auditor stop a session
because I told him I had a feeling of stark raving rage coming over me.
He just rabbited.  Auditors must stop rabbiting every time a pc gets
upset.  This is what is desired.
 >     So who you gonna call?
 >     Homer
     I have talked to or received auditing from most of the people you
mentioned.  I have not found one that believes that exteriorization is
possible or has experienced it.  Most have gotten misemotional when I
talk with them on this subject.  That is the one criteria I have; The
auditor must believe people can operate without a body and not get
misemotional about the concept of exteriorization.  The other criteria
is that they have not elected the CofS as their arch-enemy and
     Many auditors in the field are caught up in a GPM without knowing
it.  They are reactively electing the CofS as an op-term.  How can one
be audited when the auditors are keyed in on the subject of auditing?
Yes, I know they should know better but it is the case.  So, I do not
know right now.  I know I have some stuff that needs handling by another
auditor not by solo.  I did receive some good auditing awhile ago but
only because I insisted the C\S'ing be done by Captain Bill Robertson.
Captain Bill knew about entities but he is gone now.
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