Perhaps it is time to refocus this newsgroup to what it is
supposed to be about, clearing.

     Too many people have too many ideas of what is clearing that
sometimes I wonder if we are discussing clearing at all.

    I suppose one could define clearing as 'any betterment activity'.

     But betterment to a human is not betterment to an OT.

     Humans are trying to WIN the game, OT's are trying to OPTIMIZE
the game.

     Humans are on a MUST WIN.

     OTs are on a MUST PLAY.

     Humans and OT's are co-heretical.

     So really what is clearing?


     What are the results of clearing, short term and long term?

     What is the nature of the soul?

     Do we live after death?  Do we reincarnate?  How do we remain
conscious, aware of ourselves and our history without a brain or
physical mechanism (structure) to underlie our soul functions?

     Is there a difference between observed function and hypothesized
structure to account for it?

     Some people like to engage in continuous contempt and ad hominmem
because they take someone's description of structure too seriously,
more seriously than the purveyor himself does.

     Are there discincarnate beings?  Are some of them in bad shape?
Do they cluster?  Do they stick to each other and to bodies?  Is any
part of space completely free of beings floating around either
willfully or as driftwood in a sargasso sea?

     What happens to events and incidents that are not fully
experienced when they happened (not-ised).

     What are the results of computations, postulates and
considerations made during such times of stress?

    What is a lock?       Are they real?  Are they actual?
    What is a secondary?  Are they real?  Are they actual?
    What is an engram?    Are they real?  Are they actual?

    What is a facsimile?

    What is a heavy facsimile?

    Can pictures contain pain and unconsciousness along with the
other perceptics?

    Does emotion bury thought?

    Does effort bury emotion?

     Can a being become occluded to what is there, a "Nothing's
there!" case?

     Is there any sense to differentiation between real and actual?

     Is there any sense to differentiation between structure and

     Are you a brain?

     Is the physical universe of external dimensionality actual?

     Is the conscious unit a physical universe entity?

     If not, how does the non physical conscious unit interact with
the physical universe?

     What is the state of clear?

     Are there many different states that could be called clear?

     Are beings affected by polarities?

     Are beings affected by polarities and thoughts implanted under
duress, pain and unconsciousness?

     Have beings implanted THEMSELVES with polarities for the sake
of a good time?

     Is telepathy actual?

     Is telekinesis actual?  If not how does the soul move the body?

     Anything I left out?


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