>Do codes, like everythin else, go on 4 flows?  Seems to me a person could 
>have charge on what he thinks are another's codes.  Of course, pre-game code 
>rules coulda included that nobody tells anybody else how they've decided to 
>play or what role they gonna take as this would add to the game.

     I would imagine basic basic codes to be something we did alone,
before any involvement with others, or even splitting into others.  If
we split, then all would have the same top level code that split from

     If we didn't split, we had to make rules for ourselves before we
could even allow someone into our game.

     You know I am not convinced that people should talk about their

     Alan has lots of experience cleaning up the damage of people
talking about their codes to each other and to non codees, or so he

     Since he is the one who has to clean up the mess, he probably has
put his foot down about certain things, I certainly would.

     On the other hand you have to look at the global consequences of
a closed source, closed forum arena of knowledge.

     If Codes are what Alan says they are, then clearly everyone on
the planet needs them whether they know it or not.

     This I accept and agree to.

     Alan has what I want, no question about it.
     If Kn or their licensees are the only source of Codes or Code
Tech, then the 'clearing' of the planet will result in the flag of Kn
flying over the whole planet, just like Scientology tried to do.

     That ain't going to happen, except maybe over my dead body.

     Some of us got Codes you know! :)
     Thus Code technology must either leak out of Kn, or be
independently discovered, and in either case eventually become a
common thing.
     250 people can swear secrecy, but 3 billion can't, 
     Do you see this?

     The secrecy keeps the size of the group for ever small, because
one can't manage a group more than a certain size.

     So as long as there is sworn secrecy on any matter within a
clearing group that group will remain small, or eventually fracture
and go public domain, open source, open forum, and peer review.

     So that is as inevitable as it is inexorable.

     But all this still does not answer the question of "Are codes
dangerous to talk about?"

     I my self would probably conceed yes on many levels.

     Guns are dangerous, doesn't mean we create a society where only
cops have guns.  There is something worse than child porn, and it is
the police state.
     The question of the danger of communication is deep enough and
complex enough to warrant full discussion, real open discussion, which
involves doing the experiments, finding out etc, drawing conclusions
etc, and not appealing to Authority on the matter.  Codes are too
important to leave in the hands of Authorities, even founding

     Freedom is too important to leave in the hands of governments.
     One has to deal with the fact that eventually, sooner than later,
people WILL start finding their codes, and WILL start talking about
them, and the torpedoes be damned.  Thus trying to prevent this in the
short term is missing the point that long term we better have a
solution to the problem that doesn't involve gagging everyone in

     Alan envisions a whole planet full of Codees all keeping their

     It is unworthy of further consideration unless one is bent on
getting crucified and burned on a cross as an elite by the non elite.