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      Here is the basic color wheel, also the basic rainbow, going


           Magenta       Yellow

              Blue       Green


      Complementary colors are diagonally opposite each other.
Complementary colors make white as light and black as paint.

      Red     + Cyan  = white for light, black for paint
      Yellow  + Blue  = white for light, black for paint
      Magenta + Green = white for light, black for paint.

      Red, Green and Blue are the light primaries.
      Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the paint primaries.

      With Light (additive colors):

      Red  + Green = Yellow
      Red  + Blue  = Magenta
      Blue + Green = Cyan

      With Paints (subtractive colors):

      Cyan    + Magenta  = Blue
      Cyan    + Yellow   = Green
      Magenta + Yellow   = Red

      Notice the relationship of these colors to each other on the
color wheel, Blue for example is between Cyan and Magenta, and so it
is for all of them.

      Notice that Cyan + Red makes black because Red is already
Magenta + Yellow, so you have Cyan + Yellow + Magenta.  The Cyan
absorbs the red, the Yellow absorbs the blue, and Magenta absorbs
the green, that leaves nothing or black.

      Kind of like Catherine.

      Using Red, Blue and Yellow as primaries in either system, is
mixing both systems together and leaving out parts of each, they
aren't primaries in either system because you can't get *ALL* the
other three colors from them in either system, only some of them.


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