Here is where the world is heading.

     In order to prevent digital music from being copied it has to be
licensed in such a way that the encryption can not be broken.  Further
during the playing of the music, the unencrypted data must not be
accessible by the owner of the machine.

     This means proprietary machines, with proprietary hardware,
proprietary hardrives, proprietary memory, proprietary operating
systems, *ALL* of which are inaccessible to the owner, no more access to
machine memory or hard drive data etc.  We are talking about a totally
closed system.

     What it really means is that the computer as we know it will
vanish, specialized closed machines will be sold that do separate
functions, like play music, run quick books etc.  There will be no more
CPU, OS, and programs as we know it today, people won't be able to
program their own machines, and such machines will eventually disappear
from the market altogether.

     Further in order to manage the licence keys, the controlling
authority will have access to all the data on your machine, if you write
a thesis they will have it, and in order to protect your copyrights to
it, THEY WILL OWN THE DATA YOU WROTE, so in the end they will be
protecting their own copyrights and paying you as an artist stooge,
taking their cut because you used their machine to write your work and
used their system to protect it.

     Every machine will have indentification built in, you won't be able
to post to the internet without that id on the machine, if you make a
crack about Bush the police will know who you are.

     Did you know that a group of lawyers *ACTUALLY* tried to make
laywer jokes illegal a while back in the US?

     Now we are talking some serious evil here.

     Is all this fantasy?

     No, the specs for all this are *ALREADY* being negotiated by
Microsoft with the government.  In this system every person's work is
protected, but there is only one copyright owner and publisher and that
is Microsoft.

     There are serious men, holding serious meetings, seriously trying
to bring this about in the next few years.

     All in the name of copyrights.

     Imagine a world where it was technologically *IMPOSSIBLE* to
violate a copyright.

     Keep doing it until you 'get it'.

     That is the world these men are seriously trying to bring about.

     There is presently no greater evil on the face of the planet than
those that push copyrights and the police state that will follow.

     So speak now, for soon you won't be able to.

     Freedom is basically the freedom to communicate to publish.

     Some people don't want you to be able to publish at will, your
stuff or anyone's stuff.  The *PRETENSE* is they claim they want to stop
you from publishing other's stuff, the truth is they don't want you to
publish anything period without going through them.

     They want a cut of every communication.


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