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                          THE DANE TOPS STORY
                              WINTER 1982
                      Copyright (C) 1982 Dane Tops
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes
     ((The following are excerpts from the works of LRH which are
referred to in the Dane Tops debrief which follows, or are relevant to
the material discussed.))
     Read this as a means of helping you UNDERSTAND and thus INCREASE
your communication and affinity with Scientology.  Observe number seven
of the Code of Honour:
     ((This means don't allow your affinity to be colored, changed,
altered, impurified, lessened or even strengthened by the affinity of
others.  Keep your affinity pure as your own.  For example, don't like
something just because other's do or tell you to, and don't dislike
something just because other's do or tell you to.))
     Axiom 32:
     Anything which is not directly observed tends to persist.
     Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tape 20:
     Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when
it becomes the master of thinking.  Don't think it won't do that.  It
has every capability in it of doing that.
     Contained in the knowable, workable portion before your eyes, there
are methods of controlling thetans and human beings which have never
before been dreamed of in this universe.  Control mechanisms of such
awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much
easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beings
that exist in Scientology... part of its logic was that the remedy
should exist before the bullet...
     .....  There is only one thing that can happen to Scientology and
that is to say that it would be buried.  If it ever went out of sight,
this world is done.  All you've got to do is invalidate it and put it
out of sight and hide it.  And it will come up in the wrong place doing
the wrong things, and mankind will find itself a slave.  So anybody that
knows these techniques, is actually himself under a certain
responsibility.  That's to make sure that HE DOES NOT REMAIN A SOLE
PROPRIETOR.  That's all it takes.  Just don't remain a sole proprietor.
Don't ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to
have.  It's not safe.  It's not safe for man.  It's not safe for this
     Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tape 15:
     .....  This universe, and most universes, favor a gradient scale.
And it's a gradient scale of data or space or action or objects.  It's
always a gradient scale.  That's Logic 7 - "gradient scales are
necessary to the evaluation of problems and their data."
     It's worse than that, it's even worse than that, the universe is
conducted on a gradient scale and the reason a gradient scale is so
very very interesting here and why it works so very well is in
creative processing ((making mockups)) is because it was a gradient
scale of agreement that brought the person here, and it's a gradient
scale that made the universe, a gradient scale of agreement.
     If you agree to a little bit you can agree to a lot.  It you don't
agree to a tiny little bit you can't agree to anything.  That tells you
something in argumentation.  When you are arguing with somebody and they
are yack-yacking around, get something - a lot of people do this, you'll
hear this being done all the time, but its not done adroitly - if you
want to be very smooth and completely deadly in an argument, get them to
agree so lightly that they agree without friction, and then hold that
tone level as the agreements progress.
     That's deadly.  Because the guy will follow more or less straight
through and arrive at your tone band.  HE'll arrive at your tone band
with an agreement on which there is no stress and no strain.  You're not
fighting then to get an agreement.  The agreement just sort of slides in
gradually.  And if any agreement slides in gradually, it can wind up
evidently as big, as solid and as real as the MEST universe.  ((MEST =
Matter, Energy, Space and Time)) Agreement itself - when we knew more
about agreement, I said in 1950, we'd be able to crack cases faster and
do more in processing than we'd ever before done.  Yes, and that's so
true.  Because reality was apparently an agreement.  It was so obviously
an agreement that we couldn't call anything real unless we'd agreed to
it.  And again there was not an absolute agreement.  But it wasn't
required as an absolute agreement ....
     The sole test of sanity administered by a psychiatrist is:  'Is he
in agreement with the MEST universe?'...
     The Phoenix Lectures:
     They (people) learn to keep their mouths shut, and it's the wrong
lesson.  When in doubt, talk.  When in doubt, communicate...  You'll be
very successful all the way along the line if you just remember that.
     "The Goal of Training", The Auditor 27:
     If you would care to investigate savage cultures, of which I have
investigated a few, you would discover that it is ignorance itself, it
is lack of wisdom in the community, which brings about terror,
injustice, maltreatment, decay and deteriorization.  Wisdom afloat in a
culture makes the culture.
     "Help", Change Magazine:
     Judge men from what they think of help...  The good can help.  The
bad will not.  Or if they do, they "help" only to betray.
     Dianetics 55!:
     Actually one is done wrong by the weaklings of this world, not by
the strong men.
     The Problems of Work:
     When an individual is not permitted to be fully a part of the team
he is apt to choose other members of the team as his opponents, for,
remember, man MUST have a game.
     "Gradients and Understanding", The Auditor 24:
     Understanding is the universal solvent.  It washes away everything"
     Unknown article:
     Understanding is the only richness there is.
     Axiom 21, Axioms and Logics:
     Understanding is composed of Affinity, Reality and Communication.
     The Phoenix Lectures:
     If you raise somebody's affinity you will raise his reality and
communication.  If you raise somebody's reality, you'll raise his
affinity and communication.  And the keynote of this triangle happens to
be communication.  Communication is more important than either affinity
or reality.
     HCOPL 29 April 65 III, Ethics Review
     ... realize that an ethics action need not be very heavy to produce
the most startling results....  Therefore, use ethics lightly.  It is
chain lightening...  Scientology Ethics are so powerful in effect, as
determined by observation of it in use, that a little of it goes a long
     (This policy is the only place I know of where, in the gradient of
ethics actions, it is implied that a Committee of Evidence would come
before a suppressive Person declare - Dane Tops)
     Axiom 33:
     Any AS-IS-NESS, when altered by NOT-IS-NESS (by force) tends to
     Axiom 34:
     Any IS-NESS, when altered by force, tends to persist.
     Ability Magazine, Issue 125, ca February 1961:
                           PERSONAL INTEGRITY
                   Copyright (C) 1961 L. Ron Hubbard
                          All Rights Reserved
     WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself.
     And when you lose that you have lost everything.
     What is personal integrity?
     Personal integrity is knowing what you know.
     What you know is what you know.
     And to have the courage to know and SAY what you have observed.
     And that is integrity.
     And there is no other integrity.
     Of course we can talk about honor, truth, all these things.
     These esoteric terms.
     But I think they'd all be covered very well
     If what we really observed was what we observed,
     That we took care to observe what we were observing,
     That we always observed to observe.
     And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude,
     A critical attitude, or an "open" mind ((by which he means a mind
that can never come to a decision))
     But certainly maintaining a sufficient personal integrity
     And sufficient personal belief and confidence in self
     And courage that we CAN observe what we observe
     And SAY what we have observed.
     Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you
     Unless you have observed it.
     And it is true according to your observation.
     That is all.
                                                    L. Ron Hubbard
     The following letter was received in Denmark on 15th June 1983.
                         THE DANE TOPS DEBRIEF
     Hello, I am a highly trained OT and staff member.  I want to talk
to all my friends and hope you will circulate this comm to others and
get in better comm from it.  I believe the current problems in the C of
S are due to a completely hidden third party who is the source of
trouble.  Please bear me out.
     The APPARENCY of the problem is between the "field" (including
splinter groups) and the MANAGEMENT, including the Financial Police.
The current opposition between these factions has caused untold
devastation to the Church.  However, I believe NEITHER SIDE is the
source of trouble-although EACH SIDE believes the OTHER SIDE is source.
I do not know who this hidden WHO is but it has been there a very long
     A complete data analysis should go back at least to 1965 when
ethics conditions first came out, possibly earlier.  Since 1965 forward
one can view the use of heavy force to control, fear tactics, and
physical restraint, etc.  Those who were there remember the inception of
these methods.  From that time forward, one finds the misuse of ethics
conditions on persons with great enturbulation resulting... one finds
additives to the ethics conditions in the form of make-wrong mechanisms-
including outright physical body punishment.  One finds ARCX (ARC
breaks) occurring, some severe enough to cause former upstats to leave
altogether.  It is true that some people left before this time, but it
was due to the case strain from running research processes.  So from
1965 on, we find individuals who had heavy force used against them or
who were assigned wrong conditions--then made wrong about the wrong
condition.  An example of grossly applied wrong ethics was when John
McMaster was thrown overboard on the Flag ship (a practice used commonly
on erroring auditors), broke his arm on the way down and made to tread
water for 3 hours while begging to be pulled in as he did have a broken
arm.  McMaster left Scn because of "misuse of ethics" and no one ever
got back this chief spokesperson, a top class 8 auditor.  This public
opinion leader was responsible for thousands of thousands of people
coming into Scn.  This is one example, but this sort of thing happened
to many many persons..
     ((John McMaster was the first real Clear produced by Scientology
tech besides Ron himself.  He claimed he was personally responsible for
much of the Grade V Power Levels that later came to be used in the
Church, and the importance of his leaving in disgust can not be
overstated.  McMaster died in 1992, leaving behind him many tapes of
personal interviews made during the years after he left the Church.))
     Every few years a new wide scale internal suppression arises.  When
the protest becomes too great, everyone involved plus a few scapegoats
are declared as source but then the cycle repeats itself--two or so
years later--and a new wide scale horror story of some other misused
force comes up.  The WHY of this occurrence is never found.  The stories
are there, but let it be said that an era started in which the IDEA OF
USING FORCE rather than ARC seems to have been introduced about that
time resulting in various dramatizations--each followed by a cleanup
attempt.  The cleanups, although correcting the existing scenes at the
time rarely went back and picked up the pieces, i.e. the keyed in, blown
Scientologists, or the ones who had reduced their size and sphere of
influence as a result of the force used on them.  Amnesties were an
attempt to bring the people back, but the majority did not come back on
the amnesty as the amnesty did not indicate the correct BPC (by passed
charge) the people were sitting in.  Thus Scn did not keep its people.
The turnover of staff became a routine joke.  The highly dedicated most
able were left behind.  Thousands of excellent auditors, CSes, sups and
admin personnel who would have stayed indefinitely for low pay and long
hours, were left behind after each of these 3rd dynamic dramatizations
of "purifying" the organization.
     Very able tech terminals and record stat-producing people such as
John McMaster and Rocky Stump do not suddenly "turn SP"-nor were they
"SP all along, but finally found out".  A true SP would never have been
able to produce phenomenal stats over a long period of time and of
course could never have been able to duplicate and use the tech nor
embody the spirit of Scn.  The idea that a person could do this and then
suddenly, after many years of such service, "show his true colors" is as
erroneous as it is absurd.  SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THESE GUYS.  They CAN
be fixed but - - it is done.  Prior stats are not viewed, only some
CURRENT situation.  The basic goodness of a person is not viewed, just
the CURRENT restim then the attempt to destroy it because it is
entheta...we do not perceive the source of the fellow going south.
Actions against people are justified by the use of the concept that it
wouldn't be that way if "he hadn't pulled it in".  Eval and inval.  This
concept of "unreasonableness" has been interpreted to mean that the
person is not to be duplicated as to sequence he went through so as to
arrive in such a situation.  Thus no true understanding exists.  Without
true understanding, the SOLUTION is bound to be DESTRUCTIVE.
     Let us go back to the famous meeting that took place on Flag at the
end of 1981.  That meeting took some days and it was hot and heavy.  In
that meeting, forty plus top stat-producing mission holders grouped
together in a room on Flag and they placed Flag management in a lower
condition.  They told the management that if the situation was not
corrected there were going to be splinter groups.  They explained that
there was a very very large disconnected, ARCXn field out there.  They
explained that the suits against the Church were the Church's failure to
handle.  This enturbulated some of the Flag management and rightly so,
management was NOT in a lower condition according to the data they had.
Neither were the mission holders in a lower condition.  In fact neither
party was at fault--although both thought that the other was.  In spite
of the enturbulation caused to Flag management from being assigned a
wrong condition, the two groups started to comm and events started to
occur to clean up the problems.  The mission holders and other leaders
were allowed to set up an office in FOLO.  ((Flag Operations Liason
Office)) They (mission holders) heard the cases of hundreds of
Scientologist who were inactive/off lines, ARCXn, sitting for years in a
mis-assigned condition, etc.  These people were contacted through public
meetings held by the leaders.
     The meetings were hot and heavy because each of the attending
persons was loaded with his own personal BPC from his own lost bridge.
Through the meetings, lines were established, and each person was sent
to the FOLO office so that the time and care needed for a personalized
handle could be given and the people gotten back on the bridge.  These
meetings were open to anyone and everyone no matter how long they had
been out of the Church and no matter what they had done.  Needless to
say, the meetings were absolutely packed with highly trained OTs and ex-
staff who were all inactive in PT ((Present Time)).  Over 20 inactive
class 8s were rehabbed the first month.  The second major stat of these
meetings was that people suing the C of S were contacted by the leaders
of the meetings and other volunteers.  The list was given to the mission
holders--so obviously there was some co-operation going on, as well as
permission to set up the office in FOLO.  It was discovered that each of
these suits boiled down to non-delivery of the bridge.  In other words
someone paid money but left at the end of the service in an ARCX about
the delivery.  It was found that each of these persons cleaned up easily
on two-way comm and proper indications and otherwise standard tech, and
that they dropped the suit.  Over 70 suits were contacted.  In these
meetings a lot of charge came off.  Some people came out of curiosity
and got charged because they hadn't known about the upsets that existed.
The huge majority of tone, however, was of relief; great relief, because
one could say anything, be acked, listened to without eval.  The person
then was given a line to handle their grievance--that line was helpful,
not evaluative and interested only in getting them back on the bridge.
That line was willing to take the time and space to do what needed to be
done (at no money charge) and that line was not willing to waste people
nor were they desirous of it.  That line also had the beginnings of
authority to publicly indicate past slanders of persons by wrong
conditions assignments, an action necessary to fully blow the charge for
the person and the group.  Also, these mission holders were highly
trained people, thus able to as-is what would look to a lower-trained
person like only "natter".  Rather than "NATTER" an unbiased trained
person sees out lists, wrong whys, MW/H's of nothing, wrong condition
assignment, and ARCXs on not thereness, BPC, etc. etc.  etc.
     With only the use of "All ARCXs stem from MW/H's" and not all the
tech on MW/H's and ARCXs, an untrained person would not, of course, be
able to bring all persons in trouble to an as-is-ness.  So even without
doing a lot of auditing on the inactive Scientologist, these meetings
were producing a phenomenon in the field--a few thousand members
worldwide turned up in a few short weeks with many more on the way as
the word got out.  Also, the people threatening to splinter joined to
help.  Thus a great resurgence of hope that the Church would stay in one
piece took place.
     All this happened in the beginning of 1982.  FACT: Up to this time
there was only one major splinter group delivering the bridge--including
the OT levels--to the public.  That group is run by Larry West, a class
8.  It is located in San Diego.  FACT:  In March 1982, a series of
declares started.  First, each of the leaders running the rehabilitation
meetings was declared--unless they stopped.  Second, those people in
management, including the ED Int. ((Executive Director, International)),
who were in comm with the field, were declared.   Third, the GO
((Guardian's Office)) was declared almost totally as a whole group.
FACT:  After this date and consistently over this past year, splinter
groups have been forming practically by the week.  They are delivering
the OT levels and NOTS.
     In short, the top management, the top field auditors, the top tech
persons and the GO were all declared at one time, with one fell swoop.
AND for the first time ever, many were ILLEGALLY DECLARED--i.e. no comm
ev ((Committee of Evidence)), no proof, no verification and often
completely surprising those declared because there was no prior notice
or discussion.  Others had comm evs AFTER being declared.  When
something was printed up about these declared persons it was done in
such generalities that it wasn't possible to tell what these person were
supposed to have done--no time, place, form, or event--no specifics.
All the hundreds of people in the process of coming back on lines went
back off lines.  All the recently rehabbed class 8s and lower level
auditors went back off lines.  The attitude generally in this group was
"I told you so..."  They had been convinced it was going to work, just
started to believe it, and then had the people helping them DECLARED.
Not only did this affect these recently rehabbed persons, but it
affected everyone because the declared people were the leaders of the
orgs, the leaders of the tech, and the leaders of the field.  Therefore,
other splinter groups formed:  formed by persons who had not previously
even considered such an action.  They decided to get away from the
confusion so they could "AUDIT AND TRAIN IN PEACE."
     It is time to define the difference between a splinter group and a
squirrel group.  Squirrelling means altering Scn (look it up in the
dictionary).  A squirrel group alters LRH tech and does not produce the
products of the bridge.  A splinter group is on source with LRH tech,
admin and ethics and produces the same products as any "on source" Scn
org.  However, a splinter group operates outside the jurisdiction of the
main organization because of disagreements they have tried to handle,
but failed.  It is time to understand the reality of the splinter group
or their escalation will only continue.  We can not handle what we do
not understand--and the component parts of understanding are affinity,
reality and communication.  A survey of splinter groups turned up common
reality such as:
         Can't make a living with prices I was forced to charge;
         Had to leave the Church to continue to audit full time;
         I was spending all my time handling misuse of ethics
         and tech on others so I left so I could have clean pro-
         ducts all the way through;
         Why should I spend all my time making money when every-
         one here is willing to tech exchange the whole bridge;
         Here I can audit and train full time and do the upper
         bridge too;
         The persons I most admired were declared and my faith
         was shattered;
         We tried everything we could to stay in; the first thing
         we audit on people is the loss they have and the charge
         they have about the craziness in the Church;
         We have not been able to change the Church, but we sure
         can pump out those well done auditing hours.
     There are now over 20 major splinter groups in the US and several
dozen more forming.  I do not have the stats outside this country.  At
least seven of these groups offer the full bridge and are run by highly
trained class 8s through 12s.  The prices for OT levels range from 1000
to 5000 dollars and NOTS prices vary.  Also some accept barter and some
accept payments while you are there doing the service.  No one is making
a lot of profit but the production is high.  This progression of
splinter groups started right after the first sweep of declares.
     For a while, in 1982, there was no apparent management in Scn,
because the past LEADERS were wiped out.  There was a lot of confusion.
there was a management the whole time before, during, and after these
events, and it was and still is ENTIRELY HIDDEN FROM US ALL.  This
hidden management had the power to declare hundreds of key posts and
opinion leaders and got away with it.  Then a new org board was formed.
Previously uninvolved SO ((Sea Org)) members were chosen to occupy the
posts of the new org boards.  These persons were not previously involved
with what happened before.  They were not there to see the sequence of
how the splinter groups were formed.  Instead they were told that
squirrel groups were a SOURCE of the chaos, not a RESULT of it.  They
were told the prior leaders and splinter groups were "stealing" from
Scn, and were the source of the problem.  Criminality was the "WHY" and
the "handle" was to prosecute in the US courts of law.  There are many
other false concepts that have been given to the RTC ((Religious
Technology Center)) and FP ((Finance Police)). The MUs ((Mis-Understood
words)) and false data and complete lack of prior situation that led to
this mess are not known by these new org board people.  Their power
comes from the fact that they are truly dedicated, caring
Scientologists.  The misuse of power comes from MUs that were put there
by someone who hatted THAT person.  The same WHO who authorized getting
rid of everyone who used to run things.  The same WHO that sets the
policies of the RTC and gives it its power.  Thus an enormous worldwide
ridge has developed between the so-called management and management
oriented persons and the "field" (meaning everyone else).
     Each "thinks" the other is causing it.  Each cares desperately.
And they are DESTROYING each other.  The best tech terminals we had are
now "criminals"; our most inspiring leaders are "outcasts".  Everyone is
losing, even though there are many who avoided all this and continue to
win.  But the 3rd Dynamic is in civil war.  As in all wars there is a
THIRD PARTY.  Perhaps it is someone close to Ron who causes wrong
decisions.  Or perhaps Ron is completely uninvolved and there is a
hidden control group.  But there is one.  There is a hidden data line
and it is no anyone we are looking at.  Perhaps different persons have
occupied this hidden "post" over the years.  But the "post" has been
filled.  We are so locked into putting the blame on the wrong terminals,
that we find it hard to realize we have judged each other wrongly.  We
have all done it (with a few exceptions) and we have all hurt each other
badly.  Some say it is irreparable this time.  I say there is a WHY.
     A recent ASHO ((American Saint Hill Organization)) posting
announced there were over 600 declares in the past recent months.  Many
of these were declared BEFORE Comm Ev.  Some were declared for opposing
management opinion about how things should be done.  Others for unproven
or unidentified points.  Most list completely generalized charges with
no specific account of what the person did.  It has even gone so far as
to list sexual behavior such as "adultery" as part of the reason this
person is now considered to be a suppressive person, deserving of being
expelled from the Church.
     Over 50 field auditors, CSes and whole field groups in LA have
terminated their practice in the last six months because their delivery
lines were shut down by the new UNWRITTEN POLICIES and by policies
WRITTEN BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN RON.  Specifically, in one week, all field
ethics delivery and admin scale delivery was forbidden and still is--all
done verbally.  Those who questioned it were placed under immediate
ethics investigations so everyone else shut up.  All Volunteer Minister
actions have been verbally forbidden to the field and the policy that
the field could set its own rates for those actions was verbally
cancelled.  Any credit or barter (formerly OK for V.M. ((Volunteer
Minister auditing)) and Book 1) was also forbidden.  Plus Book 1
auditing was now supposed to be sold in intensives.  In addition, the
field auditors (like the missions: see Mission Holders Conference San
Francisco, late 82) were fined 10,000 dollars for every PC they had done
actions on after the person had reached clear.  The field (like the
mission holders) were told if they'd done this they were criminals and
were guilty of the crime of having ripped off the orgs of their rightful
public.  As none of this was clearly written, communicated or defined
prior, most missions and field auditors had inadvertently become
criminals.  Prosecution was threatened for anyone who didn't pay up.
Frightened, auditors and missions called their people and dropped them
in the middle of admin scales, repairs, ethics, grades, etc.  Thus
thousands of public ARCXs occurred on losing their terminals.  So the
field went into the woodwork and the missions went frantic trying to dig
up funds already dispersed for services already delivered.  The field
auditors were to be charged 10,000 dollars per clear, even if the amount
accepted from a clear was only 10 dollars.  (See Mission Holders
Conference S.F. 7 Nov 82/SCED 2104) plus the missions were to pay for
any SO missions ((an investigative team of SO members)) at the rate of
15,000 dollars per day if the SO deemed it necessary to investigate
them--whether they were found guilty of anything or not.  The small
number of auditors left in the field were caused to turn away half of
their clients and income.  (see above).
     Simultaneously, a 10% tax was demanded of their remaining income
and thus field groups were driven out of activity.  Several have just
moved out of town.  Some long-standing high volume producers have been
declared suppressive without Comm Ev--one is Trey Lotz.  Some have
notified the Church they are leaving, but will continue to deliver
standard Scn. tech (L. and T. Greenberg).  Others, no longer being able
to make a living delivering tech, changed professions and stayed in the
     A survey has turned up the overwhelming reality that missions and
field auditors felt they had a choice of staying in the Church but
having to give up their professional Scn. careers, or of leaving the
Church so they could afford to deliver Scn., secure in knowing they
could count on being able to continue to deliver it.  In fact, they felt
more secure facing a potential suit from the Church than they did in the
Church--knowing their certs could be instantly suspended with no ethics
protection of proper ON POLICY procedures.  Now there is a pitifully
small number of field auditors remaining and they've joined "I HELP".
     It is not only the field that has been unmocked from these non-LRH
policies and orders.  Last year, hundreds of SO and non-SO personnel
holding org posts in the PAC area alone were off loaded simultaneously
with no provisions for qualified replacements.  This included our most
important tech posts such as the Class 8 courses and lower org
internship sups ((supervisors)).  All non-SO staff working for some pay
were offloaded with no replacement provision.  Now, one year later, key
posts remain unmanned.  Not only was the Class 8 Course sup offloaded
with no replacement, even the Class 8 confidential course room became
used for sessions and the students on the confidential course were
ordered to study their confidential packs in the non-confidential course
rooms.  ARCXn complaining students were sent to ethics if they didn't go
along with it.  Naturally, some students blew.  This is just one of the
many unmocked areas that occurred in the spring and summer of 1982
during the wholesale offloading of staff.  The Class 8 sup, by the way,
was a good sup and offloaded only because she wasn't SO.  As the non-SO
staff were paid salaries, this offloading was supposed to be a cost
cutter, so money was actually the whole issue in point, such an issue in
fact that it took precedence over keeping the major courses of orgs
intact at all.  These days the SO (many SO were also offloaded) is
hurting for staff and going into heavy-handed recruitments.  They also
have been forced to hire back some non-SO staff, particularly tech
staff, as tech has been one of the more heavily comm-ev'd areas of the
     Over 10 missions and orgs have openly left Scientology because they
could not afford to pay the fines levied on them in the San Francisco
Mission Holders Conference of Nov. 7 1982.  (You must read this to
understand fully what has happened.)  Other missions have left because
they were unwilling to continue under a management that used threats and
force to control them and which accused them of being criminals.
Reading a copy of this meeting will make it plain why there is a large
and growing exodus from the Church.  The leaders and even the C/S Int
have been influenced way from the very most fundamental concepts and
principles of Scientology, influenced by someone into actually believing
that force, threats, and punishment drive mechanisms will create a
product.  This non_Scientology technique has created a reaction of
recoil away from the Church and that reaction is in proportion to the
out-of ARC force that was used.  Fortunately, you can get a copy of this
meeting and verify the data here.  The persons who delivered the meeting
have an MU to such a degree about the workability of their methods that
they are actually PROUD of the disgracing document and WANT it to be
distributed and read.  (If you absolutely can't locate a copy send me
$5.00 and I will send one to you).  To understand and have ARC for the
out-of ARC force you will find it is necessary to USE your tech.  This
means recognizing that anyone seeking to control you unworkably has an
MU on how to do it.  This has happened in the current management.  The
MU added to a wrong data analysis and wrong why of what they consider
the problems to be (criminality within Church etc.) explains why and how
it is that they have acted in a manner to create the opposites of their
intentions.  Who had the MU in the first place is another question.
     Twenty groups, including some entire missions and orgs that seceded
are now delivering or preparing to deliver the entire bridge at
reasonable prices, and more such groups are in the making.  The tech
delivery is by ex-org and SO Class 8s - 12s; the tech is standard.
These people have concluded that the main Church is not salvageable and
that Scientology will be salvaged by such groups.  Their reality is that
free enterprise must exist in order to get auditing delivered in volume,
and that it is OK to charge what you want and need to survive and
produce in volume, even if it is far lower than the Church rates.  The
dedication to LRH in these groups is high, just as high as it was when
these persons worked in the AOs ((Advanced Orgs)) and at flag.
      Illegal and unjust declares of upstat Scientologists have CRASHED
their businesses when that business was Scientology run or Scientology
supported.  No thought is given such persons when the declare comes
down.  It is said by Finance Police that we must "safeguard the group
first and pick up the individuals later".  Is the Church going to repay
the thousands of dollars of loss to those persons whose businesses
suffered or crashed, due to illegal or unjust declares?
     Persons who are Scientologists who are also professionals in an
area which helps others are being attacked for "altered or squirrel
tech".  The view point is that Scientology is the ONLY knowledge that
helps people, and other technologies which "pretend" to do so are
suppressive or invalid.  This is very erroneous as there are many people
with technologies which are of proven help to others and the persons
using them are kindred souls to ourselves.  When such a person uses
Scientology to improve his own tech, such as a priest using it in a
sermon, a medic teaching and using it in emergency medicine, a
chiropractor using it to give a better adjustment, ad infinitum----this
should be GOOD, not SQUIRREL.  Scientology should be USED in all of
life;  there is no activity or profession that its principles could not
be successfully interwoven into, thus improving it.  An extremely
destructive idea has crept into the Church in the last year.  It is a
new idea in Scientology, utterly foreign to all its 35 years.
     That idea is that the tech can be very dangerous and harmful and do
untold damage if even the slightest of MUs accompany its use.  Fear of
doing harm is being instilled in those who have remained in the Church
and the idea that KSW ((Keeping Scientology Working)) consists of an
unrelenting robotic attention to outnesses.  The study tapes thoroughly
describe the demise of any subject when is is made too dangerous to use.
     The following may be found in 8-8008, 8-80 and the early PDCs
((Philadelphia Doctorate Courses)).
     The AESTHETIC FEELING of Tone 40 "unreasonableness" is the clue to
the beingness that has taken over the management and it is this
beingness that management is now attempting to create in others.  As
there is such a great aestheticness to the feeling of total Tone 40
unreasonableness, it becomes almost impossible to see the effect of this
beingness once one is viewing life through it.  This is the mechanism
through which heinous acts may be committed by good beings.  Because the
being is attached to the aesthetic he goes along with the rest of what
went with that aesthetic and is actually blind to the actual
consequences of his actions.  The end can also justify the means when
one has a great enough aesthetic attached.  Thus such a thing can
actually occur where persons in rousing agreement with the "aesthetic"
of KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING at all COSTS then take part in purifying
Scientology.  They buy the idea that time is scarce, there is great
danger, there isn't time for routine justice actions.  They buy the idea
that they can afford to make mistakes and fix them later.  The group
aesthetic of "purifying" becomes moblike and the momentum of the group
carries it forward.  Only when there is no one left to remove, when too
many posts become unmanned or improperly manned, when stats crash, does
the " aesthetic" lift enough to start to see that some really pretty
heavy disaster has taken place.
     When one has become the effect of such an aesthetic beingness, he
is likely to believe he has "seen the light" and all others who do not
share the beingness become the unenlightened.  As far as duplication,
the beingness acts as a set of blinders on a horse.  One cannot actually
duplicate anyone who doesn't share the beingness because the beingness
is an additive to the comm formula.  In Scientology the "purify the
tech" BEINGNESS that is being instilled is having the effect of
separating and individuating people from all those who don't have the
This arbitrary beingness that is being mocked up and demanded is one of
the biggest additives in Scientology, and it is lowering duplication.
      The IDEA of using Scientology in conjunction with other techs
being "mixed practices" is the other great additive, for if this was
indeed true, Scientology has just ended right here and now.  The current
idea is that the Bridge IS Scientology and THAT is where we USE
Scientology.  We don't deliver it with a particular slant into the
reality of an athlete or a doctor.  This would be "mixing practices", a
"great and threatening danger".  Yet Scientology SHOULD be combined with
EVERYTHING and if an expert in a field improves his field through
Scientology and teaches that to non-Scientologist in the field, that is
GOOD, not squirrel.  It is no dangerous, there is no terrible thing that
will happen to others.  If such a person had a principle inadequately
commed, then he would be HAPPY to be crammed, as it would improve his
product.  But the idea that the ACTIVITY ITSELF is squirrel demonstrates
a total MU on the concept of mixing practices or altering Scientology.
The ability to match realities, to duplicate, is of prime importance in
Scientology.  We are condemning those who do it.  We have made it a
crime to teach anyone anything to do with Scientology.  The verbal tech
HCOB ((Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin)) was never intended to be
used in this way. If we are so terribly afraid that our smallest
communication of a Scientology datum or idea will constitute the demise
of some fellow, we would have no self ability to judge or evaluate--both
abilities which must be gradiently acquired if one intends to be free.
We have become so fearful of the terrible consequences of "out tech"
that the tech is going off the lines of communication and mutual
interchange.  The lie is that it ever would have been that terrible,
provided the ORGS kept their standards in.  The wrong handling behind
that is that squirrelling is a major problem that needed handling, when
it was actually a matter of administrative disagreements and power
struggles in management.
     To go deeper, MONEY is a very big issue here.  The Church now wants
to tax all persons who help others using all or part of Scientology for
profit.  If Scientology was being allowed the freedom it actually needs
to ever be a force in the culture, this taxation would be impossible to
regulate because EVERYBODY would end up making profits through the use
of Scientology and through teaching it to others.  Any professional
would feel DESIRE to impart it to others in his profession and would
disseminate it or give it to others.  Eventually all such contacted
persons would go to orgs, but first they would learn Scientology within
their own activities.
     But such a vision could never take place with a Church paranoid
about being "ripped off", attempting to tax all such use.  Someone in
our Church is very very concerned about money.  Someone has spread the
idea that the Church's members are rampant with financial overts and
outright criminality.  And that someone is demanding funds.  In trying
to get money, that someone has handed down policies, orders and declares
in a Tone 40 aesthetic package that has wreaked havoc on us.
     Only medical doctors are seen as immune of this other-practices
idea, as Ron has sanctioned them as useful on the bridge.  When others
ARCX with the idea that they have "mixed practices" by using
Scientology, it is seen as proof of their overts so sec checks
((security checks on the E-meter)) are demanded.  Cramming cycles for MU
cleanups are not the rule; sec checks are in.
     Apple School has recently been attacked by an actual raid by Church
officials on its premises.  Once again the issue turned out to be money.
A portion of the Apple School income was demanded for the "right" to use
LRH tech.  When one of the school heads asked to see this in writing, it
was called a noncompliance and a sec check was demanded of the school's
     Persons are blowing because the policy on ethics gradients is not
applied.  Persons are blowing because ethics are being applied when not
called for.  Then they ARCX.  Then they are accused of missed withholds.
Then they are told to come up with thousands of dollars to clean up
their own overts and MW/Hs.  Then they leave.
     Because a wary Scientologist secretly taped the blatant off P/L
((Policy Letter)) actions of a member of the FP and sent that tape to
many people and because on top of that a SO member from the LA area went
personally to the CS Int ((Case Supervisor, International)) and spent
HOURS talking to him about the rabble caused in LA by this particular
member of the FP, the management has been forced to recall and take
action with that person (Don Larson).  However, such a reprimand will
not correct the situations in this letter.  Don Larson is not an SP any
more than the others who share the beingness that has been taught to
them as the way to make Scientology work.  He is only being recalled
because his actions were secretly taped so could not be denied (although
before knowing about the tape a report was written that denied the very
things on that tape).
     Ten years ago, when the prices were lower, the field did not use
credit and barter as a rule.  When the prices were raised the field
resorted to more and more credit and barter, not having training to fall
back on as the orgs did.  Using credit and barter some field practice
(not all by a long shot) stayed in existence no matter what happened to
the prices.  Missions too, resorted to hidden financial means in order
to make it possible to continue to service a broad public.  As so many
thousands of Scientologists were dead stopped on the bridge when the
price raising practice came about, these persons were more than happy to
take advantage of some other way to pay besides money up front.  An
example of hidden financial methods in missions is Carl Barney's phony
loans for PCs setup.  Across the world persons who desired to audit
resorted to off-line practices in order to stay active.  These practices
were withholds from the orgs "justified" by the field as necessary to
stay in business.  The orgs and field got very stingy about anyone who
might have enough money to pay as such were the minority of the public.
So animosity and competition festered between the two.  Org reges would
fume at losing a prospect to a field auditor who gave a better deal and
this brought on the enforcement of the 2 year rule.  But the problem was
actually too few prospects with enough money.  Eventually, thousands of
Scientologists became inactive due to price increases and are still so.
The running record that reges grew sick of was "But to make that much
money I'd already have to be OT.  It's a vicious circle".  A ten year
examination of statistics show that although at some times GI ((Gross
Income)) has temporarily gone up from price increases, the numbers of
persons being delivered to, proportionate to staff has decreased.
     Those who were around, remember the once crowded course rooms of
the LA orgs, the BC on Temple St., and the Class 8 Course with Sylvester
running it.  In 1970 the LA org was so full that they burst their seams,
having to be packed back to back in the CS room and Qual
((Qualifications Division)). The amount of course room space the LA org
uses in its complex headquarters is actually less footage than it was in
the old LA org and the student flow by comparison is a mere dribble.
The bridge cost about $5000 back then.
     It is interesting that "Financial Overts" is one of the big whys
being given us for all the declares.  The original financial overt was
to raise the prices, and cause ((create)) inactive Scientologists, and
turn off the public.  The "crimes" that person have committed to try to
get their own bridges or continue to deliver it to others may or may not
have actually been harmful, depending on the individual circumstances in
each case.  But one thing is obvious: such "crimes" occurred in an
attempt to handle pricing policy that not-ised the natural economic laws
for maintaining solvency.
     And try as we did, not a one of us ever was able to find out WHAT
PERSON made the decisions on pricing; there was never a Who.  Although
widespread disagreement with pricing has existed a long time, the demand
for money has especially stepped up in the last year ever since the
release of the Financial Irregularities PL.
     In one of the former 3rd dynamic engrams of our Church, HCO sec
checks and enforced disconnections brought outrage to Scientologists.
It was not nearly as severely enforced as today and sec checks were not
charged for, but there was still huge outrage and protest.  In 1968 the
Church was reformed and it promised through Ron that these two actions
would NEVER be done again by the Church.  Even Weber, today's President
of the Church, went on the public media to state this promise.  Today
the Church is breaking Ron's promise to us.  And charging you for it to
     Furthermore, if a sec check is to be done, it is supposed to be
done in the HGC (Hubbard Guidance Center, where auditing takes place)),
not the HCO ((Hubbard Communications Office, Div 1)).  And it is Tech
((Technical Division 4)) and Qual ((Qualifications Divsion, Certs and
Awards, Division 5)) that decide on the advisability of sec checks after
case folder study--HCO is not qualified to make that decision.  See HCOB
30 Nov 78, No. 22.  Today, tech and qual are not even consulted and sec
checks are automatic for whole groups of people.  Persons are being
ordered to have them for voicing disagreements and no one has even
looked at the fellow's folder.  Standard tech is being driven out of
tech and qual and arbitrary decisions are taking precedence over the
C/Ses in the orgs.
     Unfortunately, I cannot mail this to all the key SO and org staff
members as it would not be delivered to them by the Comm Dept.  The
staff is well shielded from the facts and are well insulated by false
pictures of what's happening in Scientology.  Because of that well
ingrained false picture, ridges develop.  Only continued comm can dispel
those ridges.  They are not there because someone doesn't care, but
because of mis-information.  Therefore it must be up to each of us to
communicate, to find out the truth and exchange data any way we can.  It
is up to us to refuse to cut our comm lines with one another and to find
out ourselves if what we've heard and been told about others is true.
The idea that it is dangerous to communicate because out tech may occur
has become so prevalent that Scientologists are actually VOLUNTEERING to
cut comm lines so this won't happen.  This fear became so instilled in
the Matlocks that they shut down the Who What Where, the survival comm
line and connection line of LA, providing theta connection and exchange
between Scientologists, and better survival for us all.  This way of
thinking is utterly un-Scientology, but because it is being done in the
name of saving Scientology, people are convinced, and are agreeing to
cut comm lines and communication lines so that bad things don't have a
line to flow on.  Scientology--its very ESSENCE, its most BASIC
FUNDAMENTALS, its very REASON for working, is being tampered with here.
A monumental misunderstood is being transferred to Scientologists and it
is so large it has overwhelmed the connection to Ron.
     RON would NEVER NEVER give LESS communication and NO communication
as solutions for the problems we are handling.  RON would tell you to
INCREASE communication and INCREASE ARC.  RON would NEVER tell us to
handle entheta by STOPPING our theta activities.  He would say to
INCREASE the theta activities and put your attention on creating that
which you wish to be there.
     I have deliberated a long time before deciding to include the
following information but have decided that only by truth is there a
chance.  You can verify this story if you take the time to do so.
Twenty-two year old David Miscavige is the VISIBLE head of the Church at
this time.  There is also Pat and Ann Broker who are never mentioned and
are more hidden.  Others who APPEAR to be running the Church are also
EXTREMELY young and often not trained in red on white ((Tech bulletins,
policy was green on white)).  Yet these people are making the decisions
about the technical expertise of long standing tech terminals, with
decades of stats behind them showing their worth.  The same goes for the
top admin figures, i.e. the youngsters are the apparent ones with the
authority to have the admin and tech persons of long standing declared.
     David is likely to be comm ev'd as the obvious scapegoat.  ((As of
10/15/93 David is still going strong.)) However, simply removing the
youngsters would not give us necessarily the SOURCE of their actions
against the leaders of Scientology, as they could just be replaced by
whoever it is who is giving them their orders.  These youngsters have
been convinced their actions are "saving" Scientology.
     Before the RTC was formed, David Miscavige had a mysterious
authority over the CMO ((Commodore's Messengers Org)), the Watchdog
Committee, Flag and all other orgs.  He had no known post on the org
board and there was no command channel line.  David implemented the
joint "Comm Ev" of David Mayo, Gleeson, Horwitz (father of Ron's
grandchild), Peter Warren (Diana's right hand man before she left the SO
and stopped appearing at events), Buchanan etc.--the 16 top execs and
tech terminals.  See RTC Conditions order I.  9 Oct. 82.  This coup was
accomplished by removing these persons from the Flag Land Base to the
secret headquarters in Gilman Hot Springs, Riverside County, CA.  These
execs, David Mayo included, were locked up and held under physical
restraint from leaving.  They were awoken in the middle of the night and
interrogated many times.  Brainwashing techniques of getting each to
confess to the crimes of the other were employed until there was little
drive left to go back and take up their posts.  After months of being
held, these persons are now in various places around the country,
destimulating.  This is not the only incident of its kind.  Ron predicts
this would be done in Scientology in PDC no. 20.
     The Church has already started legal proceedings against Don Will,
the CO ((Commanding Officer) of one of the seceding orgs.  It is the
contention of the splinter groups that the C of S cannot win rights to a
monopoly over a religious practice due to the US Constitution guarantee
of religious freedom.  Whether the C of S "wins" over its dissatisfied
ex-members or not, we will all lose.  We will lose because no one here
is contesting the validity of STANDARD TECH or of the bridge; only the
rights and freedoms of those delivering it.  ((???I don't follow this
last sentence.))  In other words the argument is not over alteration of
LRH tech, but over NON-LRH written orders, policies, procedure and
controls.  Thus we have groups of dedicated Scientologists who will be
going to court against one another over who has the right to promote and
deliver standard tech.  Also, even if the C of S wins, it will only
cause more splinter groups who will simply avoid the trademark usage.
As the splinter groups will force the C of S into higher and higher
courts on the grounds that an American may freely practice his own
religion, the case could conceivably go to the highest court of the
land.  There, the issue would be forced--does religious freedom exist
or, when religion is highly priced, can a monopoly exist?  Just suppose,
due to the tenor of the times (Reagan Fundamentalist Christianity), the
highly unlikely ruling occurred that limited the US constitutional
rights of complete religious freedom to all Americans through some
technicality such as a "trademark" or other?  Our Church as a whole
would then have "succeeded" in establishing a constitutional compromise
that would end religious freedom in our country!  When we have failed to
use our own technology of communication and duplication to such a degree
that we have to publicly air our difficulties in the courts we have
failed indeed.  When trained Scientologists do not use the tech of as-
is-ness with one another, how can we possibly expect to use it on the
psychotics and true SP's of the world or even on the average Joe with
his widely diverging realities and practices?  We will never clear the
planet when we cannot even settle things amongst ourselves without the
use of an non-Scientologist arbitrator and enforcer.  As such an action
further discredits us in the eyes of the public, it makes laughable our
claims to possession of the full communication tech as the 'universal
solvent'.  The differences of realities amongst most of us are barely
different at all compared to what's out there in the world, yet we have
not been able to duplicate one another.  Duplication produces an AS-IS-
NESS of the problem.  Non-duplication produces persistence and
worsening.  It takes time and willingness to trace a fellow's opinions
back down to source.  We are not doing that for each other.
     A major sit ((situation, furthest departure from an ideal scene))
--possibly a major WHY for the sits in Scientology--is CUT COMM.  If
comm lines were open and all data could be traced down, an as-is-ness
WOULD occur.  Instead, comm is stopped or severely regulated.
Unacceptable comm is met with instant sec checks or other investigation.
Antagonism which stems from BPC (see Auditors Rights HCOB) is being mis-
identified as natter.  Comm lines are cut.  There is widespread fear of
open comm.  Freedom of speech does not exist in Scientology even though
it is the Creed of the Church.  If comm lines were REALLY open, as-is-
ness WOULD result.  In other words we have the power to handle all our
problems if all the warring factions WENT INTO COMM and got the data on
the lines and got it duplicated.
     Ron says the major way a group is destroyed is by cut comm lines
and destruction of ARC amongst members.  Please read "Essay on
Management" Tech Vol I.  It points out just exactly what is happening
step by step to the Church and what will happen if it continues.
     At events we are constantly told we are growing in numbers.  This
is not true.  The numbers of missions has decreased to almost but not
more than half.  In LA there are 48,000 inactive Scientologists and
3,000 active.  This is the figure of the Financial Police.
     A word about MW/H ((Missed Withholds)).  The manner in which this
tech is being used is CREATING MW/Hs, natter, and upset.  An undisclosed
contrasurvival act is only ONE definition of a MW/H.  Look up "session"
MW/H and listen to the tape.  Listen to the tape also on the MW/H of
nothing.  The tape on session MW/H explains that if comm is not allowed
or duplicated, an inadvertent MW/H develops.  The MW/H of nothing tape
explains how much MORE charge there is on a person who is told he has
W/Hs when he doesn't.
     Also the MW/H has been repeatedly indicated to the public as their
charge.  If this were true, i.e. the correct BPC, the indication would
make the person better--not worse and more upset.  Scientologists are
HAPPY to tell their withholds when it is a necessary case action and
standard tech is used in getting them.  HAPPY is not the look on the
faces of the audience who are told of the grievousness of their crimes,
and the crimes of their declared friends.  Announcing to groups that
they are guilty is not a part of Scientology.  Have we given up the
standard tech?  SCIENTOLOGY recognizes first and foremost the BASIC
GOODNESS of all beings and by doing so, a practicing Scientologist
brings those around him into that goodness.  A person who addresses
another as an entheta person is bound to get just that back, for that is
what will be keyed in by his VIEW of you.
     None of the various factions are duplicating the other sides and
being a terminal ((terminal = someone you can talk to)).  If the entheta
were duplicated and acked, it would dissipate.  Of course this letter
will cause some restim; the data is not always pleasant.  But is that a
reason to back away?  Instead, GO INTO COMM and don't stop until as-is-
ness occurs.  Be a good terminal and find good terminals.  Be a producer
of the most essential tool and result of all Scientology--that of
duplication and as-is-ness.  Communication and live postulates change
MEST ((Matter, Energy, Space and Time)) and YOU CAN change MEST right
now by doing that.  Refuse to have your comm cut.  Don't desert from
fear when you KNOW friends have been mis-declared.  On the other hand,
do not communicate in order to restimulate as that is not communication.
Communicate to those capable of duplication and be a terminal to those
who are not able to duplicate.  Don't buy that you can't perceive a mis-
declare.  YOU CAN!  Do not riot or make anyone wrong for the things you
have learned about, including David Miscavige, the RTC, I HELP or the
Financial Police.  Make wrong does NOT produce as-is-ness.  If someone
is making you wrong, duplicate it and ack it while staying in ARC.  If
you are confronting someone who has committed overts, duplicate that,
and stay in ARC.  Communicate your charge to someone CAPABLE of
duplication YOU; don't just blow it in the face of someone who is on a
ridge.  Keep communicating.  Everything in this letter may not be
perfect and I welcome corrections of data.  But is is MY comm and you
have the RIGHT to yours.  Increased and continued comm by everyone
ferrets out the incorrect data and only communication does it.  Demand
communication and receive it.  Realize there is a WHO above it all that
others are PTS to and that you may also be PTS too.  Grant beingness to
it all.  Those on heavy ridges and make-wrongs need MORE duplication to
get off their ridge than you do.
     The C of S has been unmocked by (1) removing the key persons in the
orgs and field, (2) by instilling the idea in each faction that the
other faction is at fault, (3) BY STANDING BACK AND LETTING THE MEMBERS
     The protection of whoever is running our Church is INVISIBILITY.
WHO wrote and failed to sign their name to the original drafts of the
Information Letters put out by the RTC?  Who sanctioned that person?
Who is responsible for such utterly non-LRH viewpoints?  The threat of
losing our own bridge makes us NUMB so we NOT-IS what is happening
around us.  We cut comm lines with our declared friends so that WE won't
be declared.  We don't speak up so that we won't be dealt a similar
injustice.  Do you know Trey Lotz for example?  Does anyone who knows
him honestly believe he is a two-percenter ((SP's are 2 percent of the
population)), needing expellation?  How about David Mayo, handpicked and
trained personally by LRH for the senior tech post on the planet?  Did
Ron pick a two-percenter for this post?  Have all the Flag results until
last year thus been delivered to us by a Suppressive Person?  There are
hundreds of hundreds of equally inaccurate declares.  How many of you
know in your heart that the only reason you don't speak up is you are
frightened about your own bridge being taken away if you say what you
think in full?  FEAR is running you.
     Your leaders have been removed.  Your staff and fields have been
unmocked.  There are many groups springing up delivering the bridge
standardly from bottom to top.  The reason splinters were not a problem
before was there was an INTENTION to stay in one group--it was never
because of threats, force and lawsuits.  That intention is being killed
and only that intention would keep us together.  Threats have only
CREATED splinter groups.
     If you did a good enough job reforming your Church, everyone would
come back gladly, more persons than could possibly be imagined.  You can
write to me if you wish.  I cannot be traced and the legal setup is
there to report anyone tampering with your mail to the federal
authorities.  But send a stamped envelope.  Staff wages are low.
     You on staff, you in management, you in the public, the field, the
missions, you who are mis-declared and assigned incorrect conditions,
and you in splinter groups ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN ON THE SAME TEAM.
Someone ELSE has caused this, NOT YOURSELVES.
     We have the power to as-is.  We have THETA can this can produce as-
is-ness and truth where we direct our attention.  Don't expect Ron to
save us.  The SO 1 ((write to Ron)) line does not exist.  For over ten
years teams of person have been answering your mail to Ron.  The
"signature" is a rubber stamp.  He is not running the Church of
Scientology.  He is not running to our rescue any longer.  It is in OUR
hands.  LOOK!  COMMUNICATE!  Find out WHO is running the Church of
SCientology. What is the name of the person responsible?  Find out WHY
we periodically destroy ourselves.  It used to be blamed on the GO.  Now
Mary Sue is in jail, and the mistakes are blamed on the RTC or the FP.
     But WHY have we done these things to ourselves?  And Who?
     Use the tech.
     USE COMMUNICATION TECH!  Take CARE of yourselves. I love you.
                             AS-IS THE RIDGE
     Your friend,
     a Scientologist
     Dane Tops
     525 North Laurel Ave
     Los Angeles, CA 90048