The Devil's Tune refers to the great lies of religion.

      1.) The lie of Separation, that God and Soul are not One.

      2.) The lie of Creation, that God made the Soul.

      3.) The lie of Immortality and Mortality in time, that the Soul is 
not Eternal.

      4.) The lie of Irresponsibility, that the Soul did not choose
to incarnate and forget.

      5.) The lie of Reconciliation, that anyone can die for your

      6.) The lie of Prayer, that the Soul is not all the cause
that it needs to be.

      7.) The lie of Forevers and Nevers, that the soul will go
to heaven or hell forever in time.

      8.) The lie of Judgement, that we are judged by another.

      9.) The lie of Injustice, that Justice does not reign at all
times.  Justice means you get what you postulate.

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