Fiddling the Devil's Tune, means preaching the Devil's Religion.

     The Devil's Religion teaches:

     That zero dimensionality does not exist and is not functional.

     That multi dimensionality is not a dream.

     That you can learn about cause by being an effect.

     That two different objects can learn about each other with perfect

     That God and Soul are two different objects.

     That a machine can care.

     That a machine can learn with perfect certainty that space and time
and itself exists.

     That we were created.

     That the damned can not be saved.

     That before you were created, you had no choice in being created,
and after you were created, you had no veto chioce in uncreating

     That you did not choose to be here.

     That you did not invite others in.

     That a being can not choose to forget that he has chosen to forget.

     That you have no ability to make yourself unable.

     That the desire to win is more important than the desire to play.

     That knowing the anatomy of heaven and hell will not give you
control over them for yourself and for others.

     That consciousness is made of meat.

     That time lasts forever.

     That each conscious unit is not bigger than the world.

     That justice does not reign at all times.

     That Eternality and Immortality are the same thing.

     That the only three options are death forever, hell forever or
heaven forever in time.

     That there is or can be separaton between God and Soul.

     That the Soul is not an instantiation of the Multi I AM God in

     That all of existence is not God in carnation.

     That the world is not the self luminous body of God glowing in the
dark of the void.

     That something exists which you can not be directly conscious of.

     That because you see and experience space and time, there must BE
space and time.

     That because things look like they are out there, means that they
ARE out there.

     That the conscious experience of space and time takes up space and

     That obedience takes precedence over conscience.

     That we should subsume our consciences under the conscience of
another or a moral code or a law written by man.

     That the law of the sky does not take precedence over the law of
the land.

     That we have a moral duty to obey the law first and do what is
right second.

     That we exist and live for someone else's plan.

     That we should disown the damned.

     That damnation does not result from disowning.

     That the effort to disown another, does not result in disowning
one's self.

     That our inability to help another does not result in our own
inability to be helped.

     That it is not true that hells and heavens can last as long as we
want them to, but never forever.

     That never and forever do not make the warp and woof of hell.

     That people deserve to go to hell forever for the sins of one life.

     That people deserve to go to hell for any reason whatsoever.

     That 'deserve' is not a sarcasm.

     That the loving fatherly thing to do is to let people run amuck
with no discipline, guidance, correction or interference, and then
torture the bad one's forever when they die.

     That letting the guilty violate the innocent until the innocent
break and become guilty is divine wisdom in operation.

     That we exist in order to be tested.

     That we are judged by another.

     That punishment is sane.

     That the parent is not responsible for the sins of the child.

     That the written word takes precedence over personal vision.

     That looking by knowing is the same thing as knowing by looking.

     That faith takes precedence over perfect certainty born of direct

     That doubt in what we can not directly perceive is a sin.

     That there is only one boat to cross the river.

     That the only way to happiness is not a true confession of sins
against one's OWN conscience.

     That every religion except yours is the Devil's Religion.

     That there is such a thing as an innocent chronic victim.

     That prayer to another works without damaging the flow of God power
through one's own self.

     That you have a soul, rather than you are a soul.

     That your self is not your conscious unit.

     That your self is not a God unit, one of an infinite number of
individual I-Am's that together make up the High Us and the AllThatIs.

     That the Soul is not Sovereign.

     That the Soul would not write a false religion to lead itself


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