> On the other hand, you gave that reality is zero
> dimension etc. Are you saying that there is an
> absolute source to things?
> Is there anything that is apart from self?
> Is there anything that can be equated with self?

  "The existence of a fundamental operating actuality is self evident."
   What the nature of the actuality is, is not necessarily self evident.
   "Do you doubt?"
   "Do you doubt that you doubt?"
   until you attain absolute certainty that you do in fact doubt,
and do not doubt that you doubt.
   Therefore something exists, as a nothing could not wonder
whether it was a something or a nothing.
   All that we are conscious of is part of the dream of The Dreamer.
   It shows a virtual world of space, time, form and event to our
conscious eye, things of dimension and compoundness.  However it is
generally conceeded that the source of all this does not itself
have these qualities, in other words source sources what source
is not.
    Truth projects lies.
    Whether we can ultimately know about the absolute "What IS" that
projects all this relative projection is different from whether
there is such an absolute.  The dream is actual, even if it is
a dream of lies, and the source of the dream must therefore be
    Above all that, questioning is the primary dramatization, because
truth, knowledge and answers are the closest to home.
     The trick to enlightenment is to operate the question without
trying to get the answer.  DO the efforts of the question, but not to
attain the answer.  This runs out the question, and what is left is
the original Truth before the question which will appear when the
question is run out.
     This is what Hubbard means when he says that the exact answer to
the question is the question.  When you find the question you have
been asking in all seriousness these many millions of years, you will
spot that the effort to get the answer BY asking a question is silly
and let it go.  At that point you can run the question AS a question
not as an effort to get an answer, and the masses enmired in the
question will blow off, leaving the original pristine state of
     That original state may not be of the answer you sought in the
question, but it will be an earlier Truth that makes the answer you
sought irrelevant.

     Adore says "The exact attitude with which you approach asking a
question determines whether or not you get an answer.
     The correct attitude is Omni Sovereignty."

     Omni Sovereignty is not "I don't know and therefore I must find