The outcrys over copyrights are similar to the outcries of the
oil and gas companies when we finally find a free and unexhaustable
source of energy.  They will complain how bad this is for business,
and right they are, its going to be terrible for them.  And they will
do their best to squelch free energy just as the copyright holders
will do their best to squelch free communication, just as anyone
addicted to limitation will try to squelch empowerment.

     One might argue that there is a difference between artists and
oil barrons trying to make a living, the oil barrons are being
replaced by another source of energy, but who will replace the
     A world without *OIL* energy is a better world as long as there
is *OTHER* energy, but a world with out art?  What will replace the
art and inventions and discoveries that have been fed by the royalty
hours and protected by the police state?
     Nothing of course, people will have to produce for the mere joy
of it, and get their reward by counter production on the part of

     Fame will become payment enough, the final coin of the realm.

     You can't eat fame you say?  Think about it.

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