We have written that quality of product is guaranteed only
by competition.  Without competition you get
    1.) Shoddy products
    2.) High prices
    3.) No after market support
    4.) No or negative warranties (you bring it back we won't sell to
        you again.)

    Only competition, the desire to take away market share from the other
producers, brings about better products, lower prices, more customer
support, and excellent no questions asked warranties.

    Historically trade secrets have been an ace up the sleeve to help
people compete with each other.  Someone gets an idea, and starts to
produce it, but doesn't want the others to know lest they up stage them,
and they hope to be better able to compete because they keep the
ingredients of their special sauce a secret.
    This is the American Way, no one would think to do it any other way.
    Coke, McDonald's, you name it, all have their secret ingredients that
prevent others from making the same or even a better product.

    So what's going to happen in the group mind when there are no more
secrets?  Will competition amongst members go away, will the group mind
rot, go complacent, take up Hubbardian Orthodoxy?  Will group minds remain
in competition with other group minds to guarantee their own survival thus
guaranteeing separation also?
    In a group mind, someone makes something, and bang everyone has
it, they not only have the product they have the method to make the
product, so now everyone can potentially make it.  So where is there
room for competition?

    Well others can now stand on the work already done and add to it of
course and enhance it in a never ending game of leapfrog, seeing who can
out class who.
    But they will have to do it without secrets.  Fame and proper
attribution and an affluent life consisting of the best of the best will
of course be the results of everyone's hard work.  That isn't so bad is


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