Enlightenment is basically about finding truth.  In that most of the
higher level truths are ineffable, it is more germane to locate and blow
the lies.  Once the mind is free from lies, it can be open enough and
still enough to enter into a vision of truth. 
    Suffering comes from lies, not from involvement in the world.
    Souls that have descended into lies and suffering too much get
the idea that happiness would come from getting out of the world.
    This is called 'elsewhereness'.
    One can get out of a body, one can get out of a universe, but
ultimately one can not get out of 'the world', because one is the world.
    God is not a being who made the world, God IS the world, the world
consists of a conscious living universe that contains the One and the Many
as two parts of its fundamental aspects.
    Source (God) is the One, and Sourcers (Souls) are the Many.  Conscious
Units are like the eyes of God, the lens through which the universe is
projected. Source is not a conscious unit, Source is the ground of
conscious units.
    Creation takes place through a knowing willing cooperation between
Source and Sourcer.
    Source sources only when Will casts.
    The primary lie then is that we are in the world rather than
the world itself.  We look out from inside our bodies, and we feel
we want to get out of here.  This is born of an unwillingness to have
be what is, in particular an unwillingness to be in a body in a universe
and to suffer as we are.  If we had infinite power we would do away
with it all ASAP!
    Enlightenment allows the being to ooze out from his body to become
what he sees.  He becomes both the body and the tree that falls on
the body crushing it.  Rather than get involved in protecting
the body, he becomes involved in protecting the SCENE of tree falling
on body, taking sides with neither side, but taking sides with both
    Those who wish to end the universe, who are trying to get out,
are denying responsibility for coming in.  Responsibility means
knowing willing cause with full awareness of the consequences.
     Amnesia in this life or of past lives is just that, forgetfulness. 


     It results from an effort to make not be what is.  It is an effort to
protect A from B, the body from the tree, the self from not self. 

     The solution to fair chosen forgetfulness is to practice making more
of it until one remembers having chosen to forget.

     One primary moment of forgetfulness is the moment of entering the
body at birth and the between lives period.  In particular what is
forgotten is the DECISIONS that were made to so enter a body, and the
QUESTIONS that one had as one did so. 
     When one can remember having chosen to forget, one is free to forget
or remember at will.
     Just so with coming in.  A God is a creator and as such it creates
virtual realities to come into.  When the God molts into a creature,
he can have a game of fighting or playing with the virtual realities
called existence.  

     When the game gets too serious, the Creature can either molt back
into a God and change the game, or he can descend into victimhood and want
to get out.  But trying to get out, in particular after denying that one
chose to come in, acts like a Chinese finger trap, because only a God can
undo what he created.  If the creature denies he was ever creator, he can
never become creator again and thus never remove the nails in his own
cross.  Your tormentors have to be invited into your dream in order to
play with you.
     To a victim, happiness looks like a fast way out of here forever,
and never having to remember that one was in.
     To a God happiness is an optimum game, where attachment is to
PLAYING the game and not to winning or loosing.

     Winners like to play, losers like to win.

     Spirits descend from building a game and wanting to play the game, to
wanting to win the game, to wanting to lose the game.
     In general the desire to win a game comes from the desire to destroy
the game BY winning it, they hate the game, they don't want to play, they
don't want to loose, so they get bent on winning at all costs.  They often
consider that if they don't win this game, they won't be able to play any
more games ever again.  If they don't make a living, they will starve to
death, and that's it bud, no more games forever. 

     Ethics goes to hell in this environment, because for a game player,
ethics is basically playing by the rules.  When the being no longer
wants to play, he takes up wanting to win at all costs, and of course
game rules merely get in the way.

     Wanting to win more than to play is a form of elsewhereness.  It's a
trying to get OUT of the game. 

     A good process to run to get at the core of a person's elsewhereness
    "Spot a reason to be here."
    "Spot a reason to not be here."
    Run this repetitively over many days, months, years, until
Sovereignty is contacted again.
    A lot of non sovereignty and preposterousness will blow off,
"Who me?  Choose?  Hah!" 
    This is a good sign, but the adept must be willing and able
to continue the process until the underlying god truth shows up.
     We create our own realities, virtual realities in the present
computer lingo, the world is a dream amongst many who are not quite
lucid in present time, and if we run from our realities or resist them
with seriousness absent of all sense of humor and personal agency
(cause) in their creation, then the reality will turn solid and consume
us as a block of concrete consumes an ant.

    We are like the writers of an arcade game who have jumped into the
game and forgotten who wrote the game and who is God. 

    "You are a Sourcer.
     Sourcer's like to Source Sourcery.
     Usually on Apprehentices.
     Apprehentices are apprehensive about apprehending Sourcery.
     Source sources only when Will casts."

     Those who count how many lives they have left before they are
'outta here' will be here longer than they think for they have lost
sight of the reason they wanted lives in the first place.
     Once they recover that with the above process, the sadness then
becomes that there are not enough lives left in all of eternity to


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