Well, ahem yes, I was not in a good mood that day... :)


RDucharme ( wrote:

> Tech finders can't stand alone.  For instance, without PCs and auditors,
> they would have no reason to be; their researches would be only an exercise
> in mental masturbation. In the same way, audiences are as valuable as the
> speaker, lowly laborers are as valuable as company presidents; linemen are
> as valuable as quarterbacks; vegetation is as valuable as human life.  All
> because of interdependence.

      Yes, clearly.  However historically I have benefited more from my
own work solo than from other's, with few exceptions, namely you,
Enid, Filbert etc, and my reality is that a world full of pc's isn't
going to help me at all.

      When I was in the Church, even though I didn't get to audit very long on 
Dianetics, my one pc was a pure joy to behold, ran track like greased butter, 
ruds flew swiftly and everything was exactly according to the book.  Ruds would 
get the needle floating, drug assessments would find the reading item, running 
it R3R would drive the needle up, TA 5.0, pc looking like death, E/S, E/S, 
finally needle would start cascading down, pc would have cognitions, needle 
would go into a dial wide float at Ta 2.5, and pc would be beaming, laughing, 

      Yet when they ran this stuff on me, over 300 hours and almost $100,000 
worth, at the Org and at Flag, I got *NOTHING* but grind and heartache and loss 
after loss after loss.

      Last day at Flag, when I was out of money, being sent home, I was reading 
the wins on the writeup boards, and I was crying tears because everyone else 
was winning but me.

      So I haven't forgotten that, what people already know about tech isn't 
worth shit, no matter how pumped up they pretend to be.

      It's *EASY* to help a noodle, but the end result is a more powerful and 
more suppressive noodle.

      Tech Finding is *MY* salvation and that is all I care about, because you 
know, those other standard pc's, those that did well being obedient "track 
obeys the auditor" types, they turned me into ethics for asking questions, for 
not clapping, for bringing up the subject of total responsibility and Tech 

      THEY can all go to hell forever for free, and I will gladly kick them into 
the abyss and pay for the right to do so.

      *THESE* people will not come onto this list and usurp it for their own 
ends, and I will make *SURE* over my dead body that they don't, I don't care 
what anyone else says.

      And I will NOT tolerate professional auditors recruiting professional pcs 
on this list either.

      Either the person wants to become a Tech Finder or die trying, or he has 
earned my personal enmity for the rest of time.

      If there is a market for noodles, it ain't here.

      I don't actually wish to know how to help a noodle and I would in fact 
suppress that tech completely out of existence, as they don't deserve help and 
should not be helped.

      Because a well helped noodle just takes to harming tech finders with more 
zest, particularly if the Tech Finder isn't THEIR tech finder.

      How's that for an enemy formula.


Wed Jul 22 16:13:31 EDT 2015