A person who has inserted time between desire and havingness has
three choices.

     He can wait until his desire is fullfilled.

     He can dance his way to fulfillment.

     He can play his way to fulfillment.

     Only the last opens the possibility that he might not get there.


     Being able to lose a game does not make it a serious game.

     Games become serious when the consequences of losing or winning a
game lead to consequences about whether there are more games to play.

     Betting EVERYTHING on a single game is a bit nuts.

     For example, if losing a particular game, means there will be no
more games to play forever and ever, then that's a serious consequence.
One then adds pain into earlier or nearer losses to remind one of the
seriousness of losing the finals.

     Chances are that a being finding himself playing such a game,
doesn't actually want to be playing that game, because he doesn't want
to risk losing the ability to play games forever more.

     Thus he plays, but resents playing.

     This leads him to wanting to win the game more than to play it.

     This leads him through corruption and temptation to seduction, into
treason, slavery and deceit, namely getting others to play the game for
him, take the risks, and guarantee his own winning at any cost.

     Cheating in other words.  Out-Ethics.

     He wants to win, but doesn't want to play, so he gets others to
play for him, take the losses, and give him the winnings.

     This is your criminal or garden variety meatball.

     A being who can't enjoy losing as much as he enjoys winning is in a
problem.  He is playing a game he doesn't want to play, and thus he
plays because 'he has to', but only under protest.

     Disengaging the having of future games to play from winning earlier
games, and rehabbing the ability to enjoy playing more than winning or
losing, goes a long ways towards making a well and happy Homo Novis.

     From there, being able to operate the OT game creator powers
becomes within reach.

     You can't play a game well if you are not willing to have created
it, and you can't create a game if you are not willing to play it.

     No being will be willing or able to tune a game he considers he
didn't create, doesn't want to play, and needs to win in order to
continue playing.

     OT powers are not available to the victim.

     (OT = Operating Thetan, a games creator).

     Being a victim inside a game, doesn't mean you are a victim outside
the game as game creator.

     It's a win to the game creator to be able to lose inside a game as
a game player.

     Imagine the first guy to write a computer program to play chess and
the program won.

     Now there is thrill, surprise and delight, not as a chess player,
but as a computer programmer.

     Thus losses and sorrow inside the games of life as a game player,
must be balanced by wins and joy outside the games of life as a game
     Do you dare to admire, nay ADORE, as a game creator, the game that
is killing you and all your loved ones, as game player?

     That's an astounding statement.

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     The best games, from the games creator point of view, are those
where he doesn't know if he is going to win or lose, but he wins just
enough to keep playing new games for ever and ever amen.

     The worst games from the games creator point of view are those
where he knows he is going to lose and once he does he will die as a
games creator never to create or play a game again.


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