Games do not have to be the liability that some make them out to

     Basically a being can do anything forever just as long as he
doesn't get stuck in forevers.

     Forever anything (in time) is bad.

     Forever anything (outside of time) is good.

     Anything for a while in time is good.

     The primary forevers involved with games, is having to play games
forever and not being able to play games forever.

      The forevers distort the view of the while in which these things
actually live.  
     It's always finite.

     Whiles are never forever in time.
     When ever a game becomes something about forever, good vanquishing
evil forever for example, when one side refuses responsibility for the
invitation to the other side, then the one side goes down the tubes
fighting something it never created, while the side that is fought wins
by default.

     Good won't invite evil in, but evil sure as hell will invite good
in, yum.

     Since the way in is the way out, and since making anything exactly
as it was originally made creates an as-isness or vanishing truth and
thus vanishing any created condition of existence, the only real way to
fight something is to make it, put it there, HAVE it for a while, then
it will vanish and you win as the last one still standing, unless you
vanish yourself with it.

     But if instead you complain that you wouldn't have created it,
couldn't have created it, shouldn't have created it, and thus wouldn't
couldn't, shouldn't make it again, well then you can never as-is it.

     That's about the entirety of persistent decline into hell.

     Thus once good men become bent on destroying evil men FOREVER,
because no one should ever have created them in the first place, good
men sink quickly into their own hell forever for just as long as they
continue the fight to destroy evil forever.

     For one you can't destroy anything forever, you can get it out of
THIS time line, but someone will always create something worse in THAT
time line.  Get it?

     Secondly you wouldn't want to destroy something forever, although
games of doing so are meant to be played, and thirdly the whole thing is
a denial of authorship and of inviting the other side in and the
aesthetics of creating good AND evil.

     So we have to ask what is the nature of God?  Is God good?

     What good in their right mind would create evil just so good could
have something to fight?

     Is that Human/Soul/Character/Creature goodness?

     No but it might be SuperHuman/God/Author/Creator goodness.

     A rip roaring good game, all this fighting evil, eh?

     Even if none of the players want to be there after they jump in.

     These rules of persistence are not arbitrary, they are the very
warp and woof of Sovereignty.

      You can't stop what you deny starting, because there is nothing in
the universe you didn't start in whole or in part one way or another even 
if by just AGREEING to it when you came into ongoing games.

     Games are made of aesthetic and invite, reoperation of both
vanishes anything in the game once you let go of putting it there.  Thus
while in the game, persistence DEPENDS upon lack of awareness of both
aesthetic and invite.  One has to put that lack of awareness there too
to make it persist, and reoperate that lack of awareness again to let it
go to get rid of it.

     Things don't persist just because you put them there, they persist
because you put them there and then immediately alter-is your relation
to them to shouldn't, wouldn't, couldn't put them there.  The question
"Where the HELL did THAT come from?" and "What should I DO about it?"
keeps the charade going on.

     So by reoperation of that charade, maintaining awareness that one
is doing this at the moment of creation, the things that are being put
there WON'T persist if and when you stop putting them there.

     Thus by putting things there again and the charade that one didn't
put them there, one can change one's mind just before one gets serious
about denial of responsibility for them, and in letting go they don't
persist.  That's how you get rid of something, you start it again but
don't continue it with ferverous hatred for what you just put there.

      Even if you didn't start it personally, you started that you didn't
start it and that others could, that's invite you see, and so in the end
the buck stops with you.

      And even if you didn't put it there originally, if you put it there
NOW, its yours.  Scary, isn't it?

     A sovereign being just can't have 'something he had nothing to do
with' in his dream unless he conceived it into existence or someone else
conceiving it into existence, for his own entertainment.

      He can end it in a moment if he doesn't like it, merely by
reoccupying the persisting moment of it's conception and the alter-is
that followed, until the persisting moment vanishes, after which
everything that followed from that moment will vanish.

      We are not talking about car polish here, we are talking

      You haven't as-ised anything recently?

      How do you know?  It would be *GONE*.

      A sovereign being can not fight what it had no hand in creating,
because a sovereign being had a hand in everything he is experiencing.

      A sovereign being can exit from any situation at any time without 
permission, help or co intent from others.  But he has to be willing to, 
and not so scared of his own sovereignty and what it might create next 
that he refuses to sit in his own throne.

      If you make something FROM YOUR THRONE, you can stop making it but 

     Sovereignty is scary, who knows what it might create next, being a
victim is safe, at least its not worse!

     If a sovereign being is still in a condition he wants to get out
of, he still has a strong intent to be there or not to be out of there.

      You have to decide if its a matter of inability or unwillingness to 

      Is it can't or won't?

     The creature mode thinks in terms of can'ts, the creator mode
thinks in terms of won'ts.

      A sovereign being is, in the last analysis, only affected by his own
intent, if only the intent to be an effect of something!

     Auditing is in the direction of getting the sovereign being to
recognize he was, is and always will be a sovereign being, it has never
been any other way, nor could it ever be any other way.

     The conscious unit, the intent viewport into the universe, is the
sovereign being.  Nothing can happen in his dream that doesn't flow
through the portal of his intent.  It may be subconscious, it may be
forgotten, it may be invited creativity from other similar portals, but
the intent is active in present time keeping the intended condition
active in present time.

     A sovereign being will however create the illusion of fighting
something it had no hand in creating, but only for while, until he gets
the joke or loses 'forever' to it.

     Until then however the being will fight the illusion with protest,
upset, failed withdraw, resentment, resistance followed by the
inevitable persistence and persistence of non persistence that must
arise from sovereignty pretending to be victim.

     One must as-is the INTENT to have a condition, before one can as-is
the condition, because the intent comes first.

     The intent includes aesthetic motivation, there was beauty to the
created art of ludicrous demise, so it is not enough to simply try to
withdraw a detested intent, you see?

     One must be able to RECREATE IT FULLY and with cosmic zest, and
thus be in contact again with the being's own fountainhead of source and
the beauty of which it is made, and the beauty with which he originally
created the intent.

     That beauty however is not a human beauty, it is a divine beauty,
which is why 'they saw the light and comprehended it not'.

     It is the beauty of something that WOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE, and
SHOULD HAVE created the present game which is killing you in cold blood,
and making your life and those of your loved ones, feel like the bottom
of an ashtray.


     Every 'joke' is created as a mystery and surprise.

     You can't have a mystery without a later surprise, and you can't
have a surprise without a prior mystery.

     Neither one can exist in the absence of the other one.

     That may sound absurd to those of us stuck in the middle of the
universe with mysteries galore and no surprises in sight.  But in the
end you will find that every mystery is resolved through surprise into
laughter and delight followed by peace.

     Peace is the absence of mystery/surprise pairs.

     (ARCX means ARC break, which means a break in or sudden sundering
of Affinity, Reality, Communication, and Understanding).

     The mystery creates an ARCX with SELF from violation of
sovereignty, and the surprise resolves the being back to sovereignty
with laughter and delight followed by peace again.

     Sovereignty restored through recognition of Sovereignty never lost.

     Delight is "Man, you really fooled me!".

     "You really had me going there for a moment."

     "You got me!"

     That is laughter and relief.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire APPEAR to not be
sovereign for a while.  Majesty is the joke factory.

     The joke was fair chosen and *MAJESTIC* like purple mountain's
majesty at sunset, golden glow and all.

     It was fair chosen of "ExCaliper and Grand Design." - Adore

     ExCaliper means without measure, worth without measure.

     It's the valley of the *SHADOW* of death.  You see?

     Not pre designed necessarily, a creative being doesn't consider
before he considers, he simply considers and considers more.  And if he
doesn't like what he has considered, he stops considering and it

     This is creation in the mere conception of things, with absolute
veto power over what is created in the very fabric of its creation.

     A being has to go WAY out of is way to NOT veto something.
as basic un adorned creation is self vetoing.

     How much safer can you get?

     Thus if there is danger one worked hard for it, to get it and to
keep it around.

     Thus the being is always totally repsonsibile for his own condition
even if he hasn't a single clue about what he is doing or is going to
create next.  
     He can always end anything he doesn't like.

     Until he forgets how to do so, but that too was fair chosen and
well designed.

     This is spontaneous design we are talking about.

     Apparently the creative imp soul issues jokes as it's fundamental
operation of emanation.

     Classy humor is the FABRIC of emmanation of manifestation.

     The very fabric of consiousness is High Halcyon on the verge of

     That's a big statement, dig it and don't leave it.

     Now I can hear someone say "This place sure doesn't look like a
joke to me!"

     And it will remain that way until he restores his willingness to
PUT THERE what he is fighting because "it should never have been there
in the first place."

     The joke is not necessarily in WHAT is created, but in how he got
the joke.

     There is nothing more ludicrous than the pretense of existence and
self persistence in the things we are conscious of.

     The human considers that what he is conscious of is something, and
his consciousness and its considerations are nothing.

     The God considers his consciousness is something, and what he is
conscious of to be nothing, just polarizations of color form in his
dream of space and time.

     The God understands that his sense of existence that he feels
towards things he is conscious of is casted onto them from the FACT of
the existence of his own consciousness.

     The guy thinks the mountain exists, but it is his consciousness of
the mountain that exists.

     The mountain can be wiped away in the single breath of waking up,
but he and his consciousness can never be wiped away.

     In this way the God function of the GodSoul casts his own existence
onto the glow in the dark illusions of existence he creates around him

     The tree doesn't exist, the glow in the dark rendition of the tree
in the substrate of GodSoul does exist, a GodSoul itself is glowing in
the dark of the void for his own perceptual edification.

     Thus good is not happy fighting ultimate evil, but good can't win
until good becomes facile at creating ultimate evil, putting it there,
forever for free, and scattering it all over the playing field.

     Then good graduates up to become divine, and unvanquishable.

      You can only vanquish what you are willing to put there, including
your unwillingness to put it there.


      Spot NO   fear of Divinity.
      Spot SOME fear of Divinity.


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