If you assume that the games of life have basic purposes, it would
be useful to make sure your preclear knows what those purposes are and
is actually following them.

     That is called 'BEING ON PURPOSE': knows what his purposes are and
is persuing them.

     Further if one assumes that a game is pretty much defined by its
basic purposes, then it would follow that a being that was NOT on
purpose would not be doing well in life.

     Not on purpose means not knowing what his basic purposes are or not
following them.

     Since a being is always doing something, if he is not on purpose,
he has to be following some substitute course of action or even

     Inaction can happen from indecisions.  Indecisions tend to be a
stop in the action while the decision process takes place, and thus they
tend to be timeless, and as such those postulates made during an
indecision tend to have great force.

     For example your preclear may have come to a fork in the road and,
being unable to determine which way to go, ended up going nowhere.  He
still intends to figure it out one day, but in the meanwhile he builds
his house AT the fork in the road and 'lives' there for the rest of

     Its a beautiful house, but the preclear is very unhappy because he
turned Q&A into a fine art.  He has forgotten about the original
indecision he PROMISED himself to continue working on, and will resist
remembering it lest he never live down having forgotten and thus
betrayed it.

     (Q&A means Question and Answer in Scientology, it means changing
the auditing question every time the preclear changes his answer.  This
is death to a process and to the preclear.

     Q&A also came to mean trying to get from A to B, failing to get to
B, and going to C, D, E, F instead.

     One has Q&Aed from the original goal.

     "How do I get to B?  Well getting to B is hard.  OK, so how do I
get to C?  Well getting to C is hard.  OK, how do I get to D.  etc.)

     While living in his new found home at the fork in the road, his
'action' level will be relgated to tending his garden.

     Or helping others who come to his fork in the road build their
houses there too lest he be reminded he used to be going somewhere.

     He can't have anyone else making a decision he couldn't make
himself.  He's down in NO INDECISION, and thus can't tolerate anyone
showing SOME INDECISION and making headway on it.

     When purposes go out, so do ethics.

     One can imagine then a preclear who, failing to make way with his
basic purposes, falls down to a substitute, and failing with that, falls
down to another, and then another and another etc.

     Assess on the meter how many.

     Eventually he can't even build a house at the fork in the road, so
he lives in an abandoned shack over in the local grave yard.

     Later you find him homeless, living on the streets in trash cans or
boxes of cardboard, reading "Bums Today" or "Better Crates and Cartons."

     (George Carlin.)

     One might well ask how many levels of substitute a being can endure
before sinking into the moss.

     If you are an orthodoggy, you can assess on a meter for how many
levels of substitute the being is in.  It should blowdown on the right
number with good VGI's.

     This is a non trivial proceedure, kind of like a Drug Rundown, you
gotta do it right and you gotta know what you are doing and what you are

     You can not expect any significant case gain as long as your
preclear is off purpose, walking the wrong direction in life, and
banging his head against false goals, false freedoms and false barriers.

     In session if he is talking about his present time problems with
weeds taking over his flowers, roll your eyes, then your sleeves and
start counting levels of substitution on the meter until he regathers
his vision of his original vector in full 3D surround sound.

     THEN he will start making real case gain, and you will be worth the
money he is paying you for auditing.

     The above process is not available in the Church of Scientology,
but it derives directly from the works of LRH.

     GAMES V

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