Games have an anatomy.

     There is play, win and lose.

     Play is more important than win or lose, because winning or losing
the item in the game leads to loss OF the game.

     The saddest day of a champion's life is the day he wins the gold

     There is nothing worse than having no game to play.

     It's like an orgasm, when its over it feels like hell.

     People become aberrated on the subject of games to the degree that
losing the game results in serious consequences.

     The most serious consequence of losing a game, is losing the right
or ability to ever play a game again, either through death forever or
hell forever.

     When the EXISTENCE of games depends on the winning of a game, then
the being is not only playing that particular game, he is also playing
the game of games.

     Losing the game of games means no more games period.

     And that IS death forever or hell forever.

     A common form of playing the game of games is playing the game of
MORTAL body survival.

     People didn't come here to solely and only make a body survive,
although to look at some, one could wonder.

     One can get so involved in body survival, that they lose sight of
the bigger games they wanted to play, but they feel that if they lose
the body survival game they won't be able to play at all ever again.

     Now a sane being will understand that once a car gets old, you go
get a new car.

     Same with a body, there is no need to cry about never being able to
play games again once the body is in the grave.  You can and should cry
about the loss of a one and only fragile, precious unique body that you
loved, but your eternal future is still there with a billion more of
them, if you want such a thing.

     It's like cats, they lean out for love and will lean that way for
ever.  - Leonard Cohen.
     You lose one cat, and there are a billion more little kittens
screaming for it.

     The guy who loses a cat and goes 'No more cats, I am done with
cats!' is actually setting up his own future for eternal lonliness.

     Yes cats are hard on the heart but that's what it says on the
warning lable, so who is responsible for your condition now?

     Better to love and cry forever over and over again, than to be
alone with your one and only silence forever.
     But things are more complicated than a car, you lose a body, you
lose a lot more than a body.  Some of that is aberration, but some of it
is just how things work in this joint.

     You work your whole life to be a Dallas Cowboy, and you die in mid
season, it will take you years to get back to playing football again,
and by that time all your friends will be gone, you probably won't make
the Dallas Cowboys again, and if you do it won't be the same.  Besides
in your next life you are bound to come back as a doctor or balloonist
who hates football, you see?

     So loss of a body is not disasterous to the long term welfare of
the being, but it is ruinous to the local games he is playing at the
time that depend on that particular body.

      Ruin is at -7.0 on the awarenesss characteristic chart,
disaster is at -12.0.  They left off catastrophe.


     It is particularly worse if a guy dies unexpectedly.  If you have
an old car that is headed for the junk yard, its almost a relief if
someone totals it for you, but if its a new car in the prime of its
life, this can really piss you off.

     But some people are in an even worse state, they believe this is
their one and only car FOREVER, their one and only body FOREVER, and so
at the end of it's life, its the end of games FOREVER.

     Many will tell you this is a good thing, they have had time enough
for love.

     They are lying.

     And they aren't loving.

     They have fallen out of love with their car, their kitten and their

     They have fallen out of love with sorrow and laughter.

     Keeping the body alive for them isn't a fun game any more, its
SERIOUS by which we mean he no longer wants to be playing the game, but
has to, and will start to do anything to win at all costs.

     He can no longer afford to lose (even though in the end he will
lose anyhow.)

     Thus enters corruption, temptation and seduction to cheat, and
enslave others to play the game for you, take the risks, and give you
the rewards.

     Every enslaver who ever was, was far more worried about his own
future than the enslaved was worried about his.

     So how do games become aberrated?

     Well it starts with the consideration that one didn't choose to
play the game, and therefore one doesn't want to play it.

     It is quite impossible to feel comfortable playing a game one
didn't choose to play, so the moment the being is no longer in contact
with the desire to play, the desire for the trophy, the invitation to
self to play, THE ACCEPTANCE OF THAT INVITE, or with the DECISION to
enter the playing field and pick up the ball, he is no longer in contact
with his POWER of coming into the game, and worse the power of the
author who wrote the game and can change it.

     It doesn't matter who wrote the game, all games come with author
rights, just as they come with player rights.

     You wouldn't have it any other way.

     It's the only guarantee that you will like the game, the ability to
tune it to your play level.

     The power of the desire to have the game whether you created it or
another did, and power of the decision to enter and pick up the ball PUT
THE GAME THERE and you in it.

     As soon as the being loses contact with that power, something
starts to put the game there for him, and him in it, and he has no
choice about it, and he becomes less than the game.

     If you do something, and you claim you didn't do it, you become
smaller than what you did.

     No being can stand this.

     At that moment the being will start to NOT play the game, and
failing that he will try to WIN the game AT ALL COSTS, and failing that,
he will try to LOSE the game, anything to get rid of the game, anything
but PLAY the game!

     Now trying to win a game that you created and want to play, and
trying to win a game you wish didn't exist just to get out of it, are
two completely different orders of things.

     The being who is playing a fair chosen game would NEVER think of
cheating or getting others to play for him.

     That's like an arcade game writer who is so pissed off at the game
he wrote that he tries to cheat on his own game, to covertly VIOLATE the
rules while INSIDE the game.

     It never works, can't be done, and no self respecting game
writer/player would ever do such a thing anyhow.

     If he doesn't like the game, he rewrites the game from the outside
not the inside, then he jumps back into the fury.

     There is a difference between the author rewriting the rules of a
game, and a player covertly trying to violate them.

     And that is a sense of Authorship.

     The first makes you divine, the second makes you a sinner.

     The first is the source of self respect, the second is the source
of self contempt.

     But the player who thinks he had nothing to do with being in the
game, and didn't source or agree to the invite, and had nothing to do
with the creation of the game or choosing up sides, will start to cheat
at first opportunity.

     Godless mortals always like to claim how ethical they are, but they
are constantly up against the corrupting forces of overwhelming fear
which lead to temptation and seduction.

     Those that know they chose the game, aren't.

     It starts with corruption, a crack, in their sense of

     Corruption is a lack of perfect integrity of responsibility.

     Integrity is knowing what you are and are not responsible for.

     If you chose and then pretend you didn't choose, that's fair chosen
out integrity, disintegrity.

     Temptation to cheat shines through the cracks in the being's
integrity, offering him a better time if he cheats, enslaves, steals,
and generally acts like a criminal, etc, and seduction is going for it.

     How long is a mortal going to last on his high pillar of purity,
with those odds?

     You will find most mortals BEGGING for the devil to hand them his
tail dripping with blood so they can get on with signing the damn
paperwork already.

     So you get a mortal meatball in session, and the first thing you
clear up is corruption, temptation and seduction and then have at it,
until he sees it is hopeless remaining pure without a change of view
about himself.

     "No man will maintain a level of nobility higher than the nobility
of the universe he conceives created him." - Adore

     He WANTS to remain pure, but he knows he can't survive without
being preemptively dirty in a world where everyone else is doing the
same thing.

     "Code of Honor?  What's a Code of Honor?"

     If he doesn't do it to them, they will do it to him first, and his
family depends on him to help them survive too, so he HAS to do what he
has to do, or he will never be able to live with himself, particularly
his wife, if his family dies because he was unwilling to be just a
little rotten.

     Joke is, living rotten, even for the sake of one's family, he won't
be able to live with himself or his family anyhow.

     After a while you will find your average mortal in the valence OF
the universe, doing to others what the universe does to him:

     "This universe treats love like the ocean treats castles in the
sand." - Adore.

     He has become what he feared most because he lost to it.  To be a
winner then, he needs to become what defeated him.

     Most of your marching armies are in the valence of the physical

     But really the issue is desire to play, and above that, having
chosen to play and WHAT to play.

     It is almost enough to simply want to play, but without that sense
of responsibility for being in the game, either as writer or buyer of
the game, if there is no CHOICE powering being in the game, his ability
and willingness to play will dwindle no matter how much he desires to
play it.

     No matter how much he enjoys playing the game, his ASKING where
this game came from and what is he doing in it, will forever taint and
throw off course his motion through it.

     It is one thing to simply be in life and scramble as you can, it is
quite another to HAVE CHOSEN.

     You see the power differential there?

     Now NO ONE wants to play a game where the penalty of loss is to
never play again.

     Worse if your actions can cause team mates to lose too.

     People like to scare themselves with such a game for a while, but
it's never forever.

     So as you are auditing this guy, he has to change his mind about
the consequences of losing.

     Then he has to recover his desire to play, because if the
consequences of losing are not that bad, he can AFFORD to play honestly
'full head, damn the torpedos!', which is where the joy and glory come

     There is no glory in cheating and being a conniving scoundrel or
underhanded weasel.

     There may be joy in winning but there is no glory in cheating, even
if others "don't know."

     The taint to the win will always be there.

     And trust me, if one mortal is cheating so are all the other
mortals walking around, so thinking that others don't know is silly,
even if each one thinks they are the only cad in town.

      That's why auditors have the advantage, when the preclear goes
'What withhold?' the auditor *KNOWS* the preclear is lying, even if
     Withholds can only stay withheld if they think they can get away
with it.  
     Once they know the jig is up, confess or die, they just fold up and
the overt comes spilling out on the table.

     It is the AUDITOR'S CERTAINTY that makes it happen.

     Then the last hop is recovering full responsibility for choosing
the games that call you in to be played.

     And for falling out of grace while playing them.

     One came here for a reason after all, and if the power of that call
can drag you all the way across the universe, to this God forsaken
place, that power can help you play once its thrust OF COMING IN is
integrated into your forward motion in the game.

      The desire to be here powers the PUTTING IT HERE.

      You can't win a game if you don't want to play.

      And you can't want to play, if you didn't chose to play it.

      And them's inexorable words.


      GAMES II
      GAMES IV
      GAMES V
      GAMES VI
      GAMES IX

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